The Ministry of Economy has prepared a bill allowing citizens to redeem their overdue debts from credit organizations before transferring them to collectors. The planned innovation suggests that lenders should offer the borrower to buy the debt before selling the debt to the party. Otherwise, the debtor will have the right at any time to redeem the debt from the new owner for half the price. According to statistics on sales of overdue loans to individuals in the first quarter of this year, the average purchase price of a debt is 2.8% of its size. That is, now, for example, a citizen’s debt of 10,000 rubles. sold by the bank for less than three hundred rubles. Thus, the Government, in fact, offers financial institutions to forgive citizens credit debts. The question arises: “Why the Government did not like banks so much?” Perhaps, therefore, it decided to protect the country’s economy from collapse due to the borrowing of the population. Indeed, earlier, the Minister of Economy of Russia Maxim Oreshkin said that due to the receipt of heavy loans by many Russians, Russia will face an economic crisis in the near future. However, if the debt redemption initiative works as the Government plans, then people are unlikely to take less loans. If the debt is still forgiven, then the number of loans is likely to increase. In this case, banks will go bankrupt, and the country will definitely not be able to avoid the economic crisis. Although the banks would have already gone bankrupt a long time ago, if they had really sold the debt requirements for a penny. The main goal of selling debt to the collector is to maintain a reputation, plus optimizing the accounting of a credit institution. In other words, banks only formally transfer the right to collect loans to evil collectors ntil. in order to remain white and fluffy themselves. Therefore, there is no need to fear for the country’s economy due to bank ruin. Most likely, the latter will find a way for the innovation proposed by the Government to become ineffective for borrowers. Alternatively, they will simply offer borrowers to buy debts at real cost. Subscribe to the channel about everything with humor. Thanks for attention. Bye.