Sings Censorship There may be sex Wow !!! Why paint ears? Censorship You are so handsome Censorship Sasha, where do you think I am? Sasha, we are waiting for you My underpants will be like this Can you take off your shorts? Take off your shorts I have to go to the dining room. I lost my bet on gambling He walks in yuk What should he do if he loses a bet? He will walk in a skirt Only in a skirt? Yes In underpants? They gamble, play cards and he lost I will avenge him today. Now I will avenge What will you do? I’ll take off his pants Do not disgrace him Wow !!! Smile Can I go to the dining room? Let’s play cards I will no longer play games of chance You play with me Censorship I have a black stretch skirt No, I will not wear a stretch skirt Are you in underpants Yes He is well done You’re doing fine Is it a skirt or shorts? Why is the skirt so high? My underpants will be like this Smile Oh my God You forgot to shave your legs Can I go to the dining room? Of course I will never gamble again Play with me You go I have a black tight skirt No, I will not wear a tight skirt I just got smeared with toothpaste I’m in the bathroom Fully spread with pasta We have a royal night She will come soon God, I thought he would paw her All close the balcony