Village Shakhove Frankly speaking, it was somewhat scary we have united 3 village councils. All of them had different budgets and a different number of constituent villages. If to look back at old data and and historical facts you will learn that there was only one village council with the center in Shakhove and a while ago it was split into three village councils. So nowadays, we are returning to the initial state of things, to our roots. I have worked as the head of the Council since 1992, so I stayed and the Hromada entrusted me with the position further on and we keep working together. The school is repaired and has been put into service this year. We conducted a capital repair of the building. The school is completely equipped with up-to-date equipment. This is our canteen, we have a water filtering system here of reverse osmosis so the children are getting clean water. All this equipment is brand new both for the dining hall and for the kitchen, all kind of cooking utensils. We completed this project within one year. Within one year we realized a capital repair of our hub school. There was a regional program on hub schools “Optimization in Education” and we were one of the first four Hromadas that were selected for implementation of this project. Schoolchildren are brought here from 14 villages by buses. As part of this program, we purchased two school buses and the children are brought both to the school and the kindergarten. This playing field we have built this year. We won a grant and built a field with artificial turf for mini soccer. If everything goes as planned this fenced area will be a full-scale artificial turf soccer field. This is our emergency unit, the fire department. It is an all-equipped unit. The building is a modular structure that got assembled right here. The unit employs 17 people, it is the permanently manned fire station just like any other paramilitary unit, though it is community property of the Hromada. That’s why the salary fund and maintenance come from the Hromada budget. Besides, we have a hybrid power station. We ventured to experiment and build it so that we could figure out what power efficiency is about. As of today, I can tell you that it was worth it. And if to rely on the information from our projecting engineers the cost price of this project should pay off in three years. In three years we will have our own free electrical power. Today the station produces nine kilowatts. It is remotely controlled from the town Pokrovsk. Two streets and an administrative building are connected to the station as well as our emergency unit. So in case of unfavorable weather conditions or natural disasters when the power goes off we have an opportunity to switch to our own autonomous station and to have power. The fenced area is outsized in case the station proves to be effective we will add solar panels so that the whole village will have independent street lighting. This building used to host a clinic. There was an ambulant clinic. The building you can see behind it is our next project. It is going to be renovated and used as the primary health care unit. This building was redesigned and now it is used as the Administrative Service Center. The Center was created using the funding of the state budget as part of the government grant for infrastructure development of Hromadas. Today, the Center offers 86 services, in fact, we deal with 50 of them on a regular basis. We are in the administrative hall right now. We accommodate mobile offices that provide services of the pension fund, employment center and social insurance fund. This is our community center of Shakhove. Three years ago it completely burnt down. The walls only remained. We took a decision to restore it. As of today, we have finished the repair works inside. There are a library and a gym. We purchased musical equipment and soon we will try to use it. I think that not everyone is ready to accept the idea that it’s going to be better like this. At this point, I can be confident that two years after unifying we can talk about positive changes and we wouldn’t be able to do these things in the old format. Slowly we are shaping the village and don’t let it decay. In 2014 we were the first community to become military actions area. We had a checkpoint over there. The incendiary shells would come up to here. It was dangerous everywhere and then the Ukrainian forces pushed them back and it became quieter. Some people tell me: What are you doing it all for? They say that tomorrow it all can lie in ruin. I tell them that we have to hope for better, we shouldn’t stop and keep doing what is right. It will not disappear anywhere but will remain here. Author: Bogdan Logvynenko
Editor: Liza Litvinenko, Vasyl Hoshovskyi
Cameramen: Pavlo Pashko, Oleh Salohub, Mykyta Zavilinskyi
Producer: Olha Shor
Film editor: Yuliia Rublevska Ukrainer. The Expedition.