Come On Friends!!! Today in this video… I’ll show you if someone park their car on anyone’s property like shop’s parking lot… then what he can do to the car if owner is missing. Only customers ans employees of store is allowed to park on the store’s parking lot. If the car owner don’t tell the property’s owner why he parked his car there and how much time time is he going to take to remove the car then… Property’s owner can get their car towed. For that purpose there are many companies with towing trucks. They just come and tow the unknown car with them. And car’s owner need to pay the towing company. Before I complete this story… Let me first show you around. This red box you see is called “redbox” only. Many of you may have idea what it is. And I’ll explain for those who don’t know about it. It contains latest movies and video games. Just like by using card you withdraw cash from ATMs, you can get movie from this box. You’ve renting option too. and… You’ll be charged according to your renting period. So, you need to take care of this thing that you return the movies as soon as you watched it. You can this type of Notice everywhere at 7-Eleven Store. So you need to take care of these things. You can always ask anyone to leave your property if he is neither your employee nor customer. And they will have to leave your property. They usually stand there to ask for money from customers who come in the store. Customers complains us about them and we need to action against them. We say them just once to leave and they leave. They know police can come if they don’t leave. Daily when I come to the store. I take a good look around parking lot. And check for vehicles which don’t belong to our customers or employees. Today I found this blue Ford car on our parking lot. And… There was a Fanta’s can on its roof. So, I thought the owner must be around. And I looked around but din’t find anyone. Car appeared like someone has abandoned it. This is a very common incident here. I have no clue where they go. When I looked carefully, I found that the windows were open… there were cigarettes, lighter and keys. And some eatables too. May be this was someone’s house. So I went inside the Store and asked if someone knew about this car. And everyone denied. So we decided to wait for sometime and… the next day I found that car was still there. Then we decided to get it towed. The can is still on the roof. We needed to get it towed. because it was on our parking lot unattained. So we called the towing company but by mistake called another city’s towing company. As I told you we called Portland’s towing company at first. They told us to call our city’s towing company. That is Vancouver. Some towing company tow abandoned vehicles… and some only tow vehicles that break down on road. Then we called another company. We don’t want to annoy anyone by getting their car towed. It’s our responsibility to keep our property and customers safe. So we did that. For Privacy Protection I’ve muted sound from some parts. I hope you will understand this. She said 30 minutes. And he was right on time. Now you’ll see how he tows the car. Other than towing these kind for cars they also tow vehicles that break downs on road. You can just search on Google and find the towing companies near you. And they will tow your car. So this is very common thing here. To get vehicles towed. Only one guys comes for this job. And he on his own will tow this car. And then different companies charge different amount for towing. It varies from $100 – $200. It varies with different companies. One charge is for towing and… then they charge hourly for keeping your car safely at their place. This is why whenever someone leaves their car on someone’s parking lot they request them not to get it towed for sometime. Here in the America machinery is of top class. So a single man can do almost everything by their help. They carry machines or have machinery attached to their vehicle that they don’t require anyone’s help. This one guy alone did everything he needed to do for towing that car with him. Your responsibility gets over once you get the vehicle towed. They on their own will find owner and collect all the expenses. Whenever I find anything interesting to make video of it and capture it all to show you. He kept that Fanta’s can in his car only. Because that is his property. Owner of the car can ask for Fanta’s can. All the system is automatic. He tied the car. And pulling it. And if you liked the video… then please press the LIKE Button… SHARE the video & SUBSCRIBE our Channel. I’ve uploaded this video again because… there were some law violation on the first upload of this video. So I removed the original video and voice-over it again. Forgive me for this. and as I always say… No one gets smaller if he ask for forgiveness… but the one who forgives, earns respect. You can see what he is doing with the car. How he’s tying it. He tied all four wheels of the car. And get it fixed on the truck. And then he’ll take it with him. Let’s see how he does this. Car’s owner can’t say anything to you. That why got his car towed. Here everyone knows if you leave your car on someone’s property without informing them. They can get your car towed. You’ll find Notice regarding this everywhere. Everyone knows this. What’s the law. So no-one comes to argue with you. Maybe they come and ask you about the towing company. Then you can tell them towing company’s name. He’ll not argue with you. And… They them-self find the owner. Since they need the owner to pay for towing. Its very rare that someone come and ask about the towing company. So, you can see how he is tying the wheels. There its written on the truck… “DRIVERS WANTED” It means they need drivers for their towing company. Usually you can find these Notices everywhere all round the year. People leave job here for many reasons. Since they need drivers. So, they are advertising it on their truck. You can apply on this phone number if you are a driver. Car is tied. Now, he’ll leave our parking lot with that car. We’ll meet in any other video. I’ve made one video on nature. I’ll try to make videos on different topics. Let’s see how it goes. Video making is just my hobby. So, see you in another video, on another topic. Before ending this video… I will say what I say always.. My Friend -GOODBYE-