Hello everyone Today’s video is not about eating This is a video with heavy atmosphere You could see it from title That is my best friend who picked up net gambling He lost 200,000 RMB the whole morning Yes, you heard me Lost 200,000 RMB Make this video The first aim is to show my best friend Let him know that Lose money is not because bad luck Rather because he is greed and didn’t stop in time That is net gambling is surely a barathrum The second aim is hope to awaken Those who are irresistible in the abyss of net gambling Or to give those who not so realize the dangerous of net gambling A caution I have a phone call with my friend after he told me that Let’s listen How did this thing happen How did he rise to the bait step by step Hello? Yes Could you do this First, tell me how do you come into contact with this Don’t say what should you do First let’s know The specific circumstance, OK? How did you contact it? Ah I just download on the internet Did you search it on your own initiative? Yes, I could do nothing at home this time It’s very new It’s a live- broadcasting platform Oh Yes, it can play gamble in the platform And are you gamble while live streaming Or… It is… Those pornographic live platform? Oh, it’s hide behind the live platform A lottery applet, right? Yes, there are many playing methods How much did you take at begin? Just thousands at first And you win with them right? I lost at first And then Lost again Around tens of thousands Seems to be twenty thousands or thirty thousands Then I play it again and again I won back those money After won them back I stopped Then I was tired of doing nothing I played it again I lost. And won back again Oh, it is said that several times before You lost and won, won and lost, in a circle And you didn’t play too much You just won back your capital You never won money exceed capital I won twenty thousands, ten or twenty thousands Around twenty thousands Ten or twenty thousands? Yes And you didn’t hold them Throw them at it again? Yes You won from banker or players? Just with those on the platform Not same as play cards with players Not build a room That not is …you play with platform You are all controlled by the platform How could they Let you hand over the money and give back to you? Bro? I lost 17 or 18 recent days Then I could earned 20 Then I withdraw deposit We won’t say could you win back In case you lose now It will be so rotten, bro I’m already very rotten now I am I’m really respect myself How could I so fool Here I want to supplement a point When my company just founded, my friend Give me 200,000 when the money is needed most And I give him a part of stock rights The 200,000 was his all deposit at that time And before this gambling, he has lees than thirty thousands He took out many loans after being lost All together, he owe others 170,000 So he wants to let me lend him 200,000 RMB which he used to invest me He want to use this 200,000 to gambling one more time I rejected on the spot when I knew the situation Later he asked me to borrow him ten thousands is also OK The aim of this phone call is just this OK, let’s continue to listen the record You could repay a debt now If you lost again, you could not offer the debt I have no ways, I have to try That’s what this thing is Actually it is No, my only thought now Is to win my money back I really Unless I have no money I could only resign myself to desting I have no ways Generally speaking, I should Say I don’t have without hesitation You have to resign yourself No matter you admit But I want you to drop the idea forever If I let you admire forced You will never drop the idea You will always feel regret If you give me 100,000 yuan at that time I would win back I want you to drop the idea now The the price is to give you 100,000 yuan I think it is equivalently to spend 100,000 to buy your abandon And you will be more rotten when you spend this 100,000 Ah, you said how should I do? Just do like this There will payoff on 10th You play again use your payoff I can’t. The gambling is Do you know? The more you put in the more you get? Yes You could only win more with large principal You can’t win much money with little principal But you may use large principal to win back You may also lose at once Did you lose them today Or yesterday? Today when didi you lose them over? This morning Lose over this morning? Yes Or, you just resign yourself Anyhow you don’t debt Think about those who lose millions Who bankrupt Separated from one another You are better than them But I really want to gambling again Otherwise Look my situation How could I repay these In my experience, you must lose over in this mind You will lose how much you take Just look as if you have no money I don’t accept the account Your 200,000 yuan I Don’t have You have never gave me 200,000 yuan The main point is I won back before If I never won We don’t say it’s fake It’s real And you have 50% rate to win If you win You will come around You will be doubled if you lose Do you know? How rotten you are now If you won’t win This feeling will be doubled You should stop loss You are not glory yet If you really Put your last 200,000 yuan And you take the 50% of lose You are really glory I’m now… It’s almost now? It’s already glory Actually you are not to matter now It’s my difficulties to choose Because your life is in my hand now You will glory if I gave you You will live if I don’t give you All know better that If I give it to you, I’m also a big foolish Let it be I give you 50,000,if you lose it You still have 150,000 This 150,000 yuan could also repay your debt of 170,000 If you lose Though the 150,000 yuan is yours But I take care of it for you It’s impossible to let you gambling Do you know? OK All right Have a good luck Thank you How do I pay you? Alipay Alright That’s all Bye I know it’s wrong,but I think it is the most exactly way If I don’t give him, he might be mad and could do anything If he won’t try to get money, but will becomes his knot in his mind When a person is in a spiral, others could not help him Only let him awaken himself, he could be wake up really OK, there is a result OK, there is a result Lose over in 2 hours To be honest, it’s to be expected But what i really unexpectedly It’s too fast He feels wake up now We have a talk later Does he really wake up Only himself knows It is very clear look back this thing All those who infected to the net gambling and fall into deep hole They are all think they know something about net gambling They have a common ground That is I know all the truth But I still want to have a try Seeing all this, maybe you will think The best time of your friend He has won 20,000 yuan to 30,000 I can try it too I’m able to control myself I will stop when I win twenty or thirty thousands Let me tell you Those people who hold this mind is the most dangerous You are at the edge of deep hole You will fall down easily Remember, pennies from the heaven will not hit you No matter trouble you meet No matter how hard up you are, you should not have any crooked ways Someone may have online lender Someone may get cheated out of their money Even someone bay because his family member is ill They are really out of cash There are too many possibilities in the world But no matter what happens Do not touch net gambling You can’t do anything illegal These could only make your world more worse No matter you do work for others or move slabs In China, if you have hand and foot And you are industrious You could absolutely not starve Talk so much There must someone thinks I’m blather Who don’t know the truth? Need I say more? Let me tell you, everyone knows the truth But not many people really care Don’t think these things are far away from you Actually, they always by your side Maybe one day, when you are searching things You point it carelessly Try it while toilet The one who drowned were good at swimming I think there is a saying very classic That is the bankers are not afraid of you win They afraid you won’ t continue Why? Because, no matter you win how much As long as you are betting You are continue You could lose any time Lose nine times while bet ten Those who like betting If you let him stop while he is winning It’s more difficult than let him eat shit For example All friends who see here Close your eyes first Drag-in yourself and think If one day You meet a elder at kerbside He want you to play diced with him The odds is one to one The elder win when diced one You win the others Then you pay 5 yuan to have a try You win You come here the next day He is still here You play it again And win again Just like this, you play 7 times a week And just lose once What do you think 1.don’t play anymore 2.Since this win rate is such high, I can bet more next time OK, open eyes now Let your real thought 1 or 2 send to the bullet subtitles While you can win money stable sustain a week Even a month You will be numb in mind You will think the elder is to send money for you You will think it’s occasional first Yes, we can’t always win While lose three times or five times You will think you are unlucky these days But if you always lose You still believe firmly you could win back Why? Because you used to win You know it’s not cheat You surely won money But when you really realize the seriousness You have lost everything I have thought whether put out this video for so long Because I know those who really fall into this deep hole They are involuntarily They want to stop too But they think they can’t stop now Because they think only continue to bet Will they have the chance to turn over Wrong Continue There is a endless loop waiting you Is the endless deep hole No matter how much you debt No matter whether it is in time to stop Do not wrongheaded anymore Stop loss Only stop now Is the only way out for you Remember Only stop Is the only way out for you This is what I through data these days Looked many articles written by victims And conclude Only the way of stopping is right I have no experience while do this video But these are what I want to say I really hope I can help even one person Here I also hope all friends looking my video Could far away from bet Happy and healthy every day The video is end up here Thanks for looking I will update normally next Friday See you next time Bye