Through the first phase of the agreement, we saw an exhausted Trump. The return of the market because of its dependence on China. Because of China, it is possible to cause losses. May continues to expand to the upper reaches of the supply chain, So, we see a first phase of the agreement. I know that there are many people who have regrets! More people are suppressing their resentment! It is not fully expressed! As a matter of fact, we all know that fundamentally. In the past few decades, China and the United States have been tied up too tightly. So, can the first phase of the agreement, which comes into force 30 days later, last for 300 days? I believe that no one will give an answer! Even, in these 30 days, will there be a change? No one knows. Because the confidence of the whole market in dealing with this agreement is very delicate. Even, it is very likely that there is no confidence! It’s just for everyone to see. Well, because of this agreement, Can the problems between China and the United States be completely solved? In fact, there are two things behind it. First, The reform of China’s economic structure demanded by the United States, It’s impossible to reach! The Chinese side started with Li Keqiang, including economists. All began to express the reform of the economic structure to explain the term. In fact, we know that it is completely different from what the United States requires! Then, the second question is even more ridiculous! What happened to China today, In fact, it is because the Communist Party of China wants to take care of everything. If the Chinese Communists want to dominate the economy, can they, do it? You can see the shadow of the Party at every moment. However, no matter which party, it is impossible for it to take care of everything. We even saw that in the process of impeaching Trump, Some members of the Democratic Party left the scope of the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. In fact, there is no exception. Trump has done it himself. Before he joined the Republican Party and became a presidential candidate, He has also changed his political position several times and changed his court. So, so what we’ve seen, It’s just a political game! In order to get more resources, to get more support, What politicians say, including the agreements they sign, In fact, not all of them are so effective. They will, because of political needs, Even simply because of the need to appease the domestic economy. They will make some phased decisions, In fact, it does not have much to do with the development of the whole situation. So, if you really want to sum it up. The agreement reached between China and the United States, What did the first phase of the agreement change? You can call it a placebo. First, the US economy is paralyzed. At the very least, it will not cause bigger problems. Christmas is coming, followed by New Year’s Day. Next year, there will be Trump’s re-election campaign. The agreement in the first phase is very vague. The second phase of the agreement has not yet begun. As for the purchase of some agricultural products by the Chinese side, To the domestic moribund economy, At the very least, we can give a little boost in publicity. So that not only in the process of celebrating New Year’s Day and celebrating the Spring Festival, Be able to paralyze yourself, At the same time, it can also be publicized that the Americans have lost. In trade disputes and trade wars, China has a strategic determination. So? It can have more chips. Let the whole world gradually submit to it, At the very least, it will not be explicitly opposed to it. We all know that no matter what China and the United States need to achieve, it is very difficult to achieve. Because the United States will no longer connive at a self-raised opponent. Americans, who have clearly known, The original approach did not get the right return. In the process of helping China move towards modernization, They made mistakes in their experience. They believe that in the process of economic liberalization and more and more marketization, It can bring about political democratization. But today, both Americans and more and more countries have clearly seen one thing. After the Chinese side has obtained more monopoly economic resources, When they have more money, What they want to export is their own ideology. They are looking for more old friends of the Chinese people. They will not evolve peacefully in the direction expected by the international community. Well, as far as China is concerned, its most important task is to feed its own people. If the CPC does not get enough foreign exchange in international economic and trade exchanges, It does not have the money to buy grain. In that case, no matter how advanced the idea is, It is impossible for the people of our own country to continue to obey. Therefore, the current short-term goal of both sides is stability! China wants to achieve internal stability, we know it is already very difficult! However, they are still trying to do it! What if it can’t be done? They will threaten all their own people, Once something goes wrong in China, if there is unrest, it will split into countless countries. China will be mired in a long period of unrest. So, in troubled times, people are not as good as dogs.
No one wants to experience it! By deterring, they have caused deep fear among their own people. Even because of economic interests. Up to now, there are still some companies, even those in the United States. In violation of the ban by the U.S. Department of Commerce, It sells world-class monitoring equipment, especially chips, to China. Some enterprises even deliberately blurred their own marks. Don’t even type the trademark, just sell it. We can see that the whole world is very sad! Because in the process of economic cycle, capital is profit-seeking. They won’t talk to you about justice, they won’t talk to you about freedom. They know full well that they are accomplices to the dictatorship, However, companies that are too profit-seeking have been doing so until now. You don’t have any chance of changing it in a short period of time. In that case, complete economic decoupling between China and the United States cannot be achieved in the short term. But you can see one thing. China’s current economy has been very difficult to maintain. Even if you are open to buying food, how many years can you buy it? Therefore, when the central government lacks the ability to earn foreign exchange, Only some urgent policies can be carried out. They are trying to use more and more policies, Even, they adopt the kind of universal casting net and focus on training. They hope that in the newly issued policy, Let Western countries, let international capital find a bright spot, They want foreign capital to come in and renew its life. It is already very difficult to maintain China’s current economic operation. Because we know that more and more companies are defaulting. In 2019, the amount of debt defaulted exceeded $20 billion. This has reached a peak in recent years, or in the process of people’s expectations. China has been saying that its foreign exchange reserves are the largest in the world. But they did not say that their foreign debt was also on the largest scale in the world. In other words, no one in an insolvent country can match it. Because it has long been claimed to be the second largest economy. They think they are ahead of all countries, only under the United States. In the real situation, we see that this does not seem to be the case! But no one wants to believe it! Because it will do more harm. The real world is always cruel. To this day, even the United States is reluctant to announce these figures. The real data we can find today is very difficult. But you live in China, As long as you have friends, classmates and relatives in China In fact, you can feel the back of the economy. For a long time, behind China’s expansion is a huge amount of debt. These debts are within the scope of the country. It can be exempted or extended by administrative means. Even invented perpetual debt. However, in the international community, You can’t get all countries to believe a liar. You are using national credit to swindle the temporary trust of the international community. Well, now retribution has come! How to solve these problems? Defaulting debts are no longer just private companies. Even central enterprises have been affected! Today’s world, in fact, has seen through this point. It’s just a matter of self-interest, No one, no enterprise, is willing to give up their own capital to stir up this matter! The only way to cover this up is for China to return to double-digit economic growth. Even if you have more confidence in China Do you think China can, in the short term, within half a year? It must be less than a year, you don’t have so much time!
Right? Can the Chinese Communist Party reverse China’s economy and return to double-digit growth within half a year? If you think about it, you should know! The whole trade issue between China and the United States Or a trade war that lasted more than 20 months. What has it brought to China? Its change, in fact, is very profound! It has made China, the second largest economy, which is fat and false, unfolded in front of the people, and the truth behind it! Even the cruelty of the tip of the iceberg! In fact, it has already been shown in front of the international community! No one has the power to cover it up anymore. So, in the future, what we will encounter will really be rough seas. The first thing to encounter should be the financial crisis. No one is extravagantly hoping that China can avoid it! So, in this crisis, Does the Communist Party of China still have enough ways to deal with it? Now, basically can’t see it! Well, it also means that the future economy, especially in terms of finance, It may surprise the whole world. Thank you!