they work in the darkest depths the your unseen an unheard by the world above here with toxic and the walls could
collapse any moment the day after day children crawled into
these tunnels searching and digging for what they call the Black Diamond coal mining has grown into a
multi-million dollar business in India’s northeast staged Megan I am driven by the world hunger for energy but what is the human cost this
development and is the price to hi I’m kirsch month yeah and this week on 101 East wait till
being deep inside Meghalaya mining boom to investigate reports up thousands of
children working these deadly call malden state hola deal telling for I wake up at six in the
morning fresh minty have breakfast and go away i work for 6 or 7 hours my job is to cut and
equal I’ll also pull it out herman has been working as a coal mine
up for moving here after his family left their home in
Assam State in search of work he has just celebrated
his 16th birthday he spent it in here calling inside what
locals call a rational mind I’ll the tunnel is filled with sulfuric gases and Carmen needs to go deeper and deeper
inside to find call I’ll today he’s wearing one of our cameras to
film sections at the mine that is simply too small for us to 15 McKillop killing me in me damaged public MapQuest phone King I’m underground the rash whole opens up into
a network connecting burrows in hi home the two-mile in these man-made pillows are supposed
to prevent the tunnel through k begin but often they fail butts because the
workers here are given no training by these karma works with his older brother who
sings in the mind to fend off boredom and fear their father also worked here before he died
tuberculosis klom flagged up on June beetle treated
him like not kill when I first went into the reckless
muscles get but but the roof fall on me to I just followed my brother
insight bells really scare it was so hard to pull the card my knees were alt scratch after two
weeks not used to it new 10 move in tandem axle food and children ago about 800 feet inside going is not
too difficult but coming out again did the car really happen pulling it hard I pull the car our MTA and go back
inside and make %um at a just tried it a little more to neither
did the come not bold enough to do this work web
still doing it one else can I do lemme know Carmen lives in the James Beard Hills
District Meghalaya stays in India’s northeast which borders
Bangladesh the it’s a region blessed with breathtaking
beauty and bountiful natural resources but the State Department of mining and
geology estimates there almost $600 million
tonnes of coal reserves under these hills a the discovery wasiyu week moment for
tribal communities who have exclusive rights over this land
within a single generation some landlords went from being
impoverished farmers two million a mine barons love but not everyone is holding britches them rights activists say thousands of
children like irma are being exploited in these lucrative
mines they man you needed for cold because landowners don’t want to invest
in expensive machinery they work without safety equipment drinking water medical insurance
couldn’t picture into work your is because the way the mining is taking
place here is traditional in nature and it’s not
scientific to the required children to be working in these rat hole the 25th
the South China no films exactly how many children work
here near I’m but many suffer from
malnutrition chronic cough and skin diseases I’ve
called about 10 meters into this rash whole and the conditions
just horrific as you can see there’s literally no
space this is less than a meter that the children have to call through
and often sit in this position for seven hours a day picking call off the walls that you see
around me its pitch black and it’s incredibly
claustrophobic is Wes on the floor on the walls and you
can literally feel the way you said the mountains above you bearing down accidents in these tunnels are
incredibly common they’re often flooded and sometimes the
walls and the ceiling collapses onto the mine is
burying them alive I can’t imagine being a child and coming in here day in day out and
working for a living that Louis on a dare by Lee I am I Sadeq elicit been layin lani mining getting comers blood several his
uncles and cousins also do the job he and his older brother are a team
earning around a hundred and sixty dollars together a week a fortune compared to the average Indian
wage but for this family have seven the seasonal income is not enough to
save and leave this place panel I’m lot done I’ll was a butt dial your work and managed to
save a little money but then we end up spending it when
someone gets sick organized Wisconsin anything ago we work about six days but the money
we earn get spend at the market the the man the mine is built our been much shacks
to live in just a few hundred meters from the mine ok they have no running water electricity or toilet the have to pay
for the gum boots and torch they use in the mines Mike still at least karmas family is together
other children who work here aren’t so lucky the moon all day and night hundreds of trucks
carrying tons of coal make their way to India’s energy-hungry
industrial sector and to the ports a Bangladesh for export
but social activists say that often come back with cargo with their own illegal migrants from Nepal and
Bangladesh to work in the mines including children
the quota by Lacombe got back a samich hey has seen a car B is a prominent
campaigner for child rights she says Jane the hills is a hot spot
for traffic child labor agents for mine owners often convince desperate families that their children
can and high salaries by coming here what they don’t talk about are the
appalling conditions they have been blockaded to middlemen
especially children from Nepal children from Obama Danish comes here to
tracks that has gone to bond is to export Co no
deposit because there’s a lot of Nexus of coordination among middle men MindManager she as a to kids you know
who has been harleys NGO in polls has been rescuing children and enrolling them in school for several
key is but a campaign against trafficking and child labor hazard her enemies it all started with
phone call different people calling me up calling
at the office before I think they would say that are
don’t take up what you doing don’t intervene in what you’re trying to
do stay away from it and be a Qantas said that you’re such a
small organization will be shut down very easily you a time that you know it came to pose
no threat thing about you know your family who are
there but carby has refused to back down even in the face of powerful forces majority on the mine owners up political
leaders themselves where did the order mine directly body
on the mind to the names on the white sand family but
the other owners definitely the power is with them
Motherwell like I’m gonna bang today carby is visiting a colony you’ve
nibble ease miners she comes across an 11-year-old boy who neighbors say works in the nearby
peers them come make it better okay there will be other boy like damn
good I would be do what I have become great britain need them Monday up me thank you my the boy is nervous but
his mother confirms can be suspicions or do not attack I’m Cup final comparable compass bank may be kept i
cum cut two-parter that mmm compass bank 0 carby tells the mother
it’s illegal for her child to be working and offers to help enroll him in school
yo %uh in India child labor has been
illegal for more than 60 years 0 ok 0 when it comes to hazardous work like
mining no child under 18 is allowed to take part according to several national laws and
the constitution good but in Meghalaya state these rules
don’t seem to apply I’ll childminders have worked here for
years yet no one has ever been prosecuted for
employing them activists say it’s because the mines our
own tribal property all the land you see around to me Colo
much is a bit is owned by tribal communities in fact under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian
Constitution tribal districts like Jane TA Hills a given limited autonomy so they can
protect their traditions and use their land the way they want now national laws and protocols still apply
here but landowners and mine operators are openly flouting child labor and
environmental laws because they say it doesn’t apply to
them mom the laws apply but the state government
has failed to enforce them in fact they don’t even know how many
mines all mine means they’re on any tribal landlord can start mining
without registering with the government meetings safety and labor standards is complete lack regulation has led it
to increasingly dangerous working conditions in the mines ok Nepalese migrant wrong Kumar Rai has
been working here for two years and says accidents are common in fact he
was almost buried alive in this rush Holt just a few weeks ago that knowledge to
learn when they started cutting the wrong without warning it just fell on me felt
like it weighed 400 kilograms our I would have been flattened if it
was any heavier but the the onions other miners dry dry out the tunnel unconscious he hasn’t worked
since suffering from severe pain in his back
and chest there was no compensation all money for
treatment there wasn’t even an investigation more
at the model murder them if we die we die they just
various here if we live we suffer on we can turn we’ve got here and I people who have
money friends or family here their body will be sent back to Nepal
and those who don’t have anyone no just throw their bodies here or there
do months any item only 1i when someone dies they hide the body so
no one will know that way the owner doesn’t need to pay
compensation to the family he doesn’t pay a single cent rice’s he
knows have children who have died in mining accidents after the rationals flooded all
collapsed but mine owners like hun Sen Lindo denied these allegations not know no cylinder we don’t allow we
do not allow only been two communion because it is you need is a
risky whether think become not Liam and they
don’t get tonsils lia’s use that the rule to you mickey Lindo
shows me pictures have his mind which is located several hours drive
from where karma and rum Kumar Rai work 15 feet in the tunnels look large enough for adults
and he says he compensates workers for injuries but Lindo admits the state desperately
needs an official mining policy that said industry standards and compels
mine owners to use machines instead of men as
children they are working in the mine I said no what who knows when that law
is there then when the policies that the law is
this him it’s not just young boys who are falling
victim to make alliances mining premium the unbridled low of coal money into changing Hills
has created a thriving sex trade involving local underage girls mom 23-year-old Army which is not her real
name has been a sex worker for four years
decline so mostly mine owners and managers you pay her up to two hundred dollars a
visit she says she can also make money by Pete being younger girls up didn’t know the return with their girls that are 17 they can get $300 to
$400 dollars even five hundred dollars if I can find
young girls I’ll send money I get a hundred and
sixty dollars as my feet the youngest girls around $16 to $18 dar units it too risky profession and young sex
workers are the most vulnerable clients often
insist on no protection leaving them exposed to std’s at HIV
infection safety is also a major problems when when Indian you did in the AP when a girls go drinking with the
customers very often women get wild yep it take them to the
forest have sex with them and just leave them
there we get calls from the girls in the
middle of the night and we have to go look for them in India’s capital New Delhi depict the
chip is a lawyer and former member the National Commission for the
protection of child rights despite damning reports from her team Dikshit says the Meghalaya government
has willfully ignored child abuse in favor the mining industry and the
profits it generates I think what is lacking is ok rooms we have so many double standard what is
not acceptable for our children is so very acceptable for a two-run all people who are less privilege the
mir mining has had at least you’re some
terribly negative impacts on children and you look at the the home priorities that the state lists when they’re dealing with mining to run
just don’t feel Dikshit says the state government must enforce swift punishments for mine owners who
are breaking national laws I do think that if you link mining
leases with the condition all communities I and their children and the fact that
you will cancel a license you their social requirements are not
met will go a long way in ensuring that children are taken care of ok but in Meghalaya capital schlong
government officials say they still haven’t seen concrete evidence a child miners I don’t know I went a
couple of times I went to my combine I went to number B Braun a good for you I haven’t been to the West Khasi Hills
region but I I didn’t find I didn’t find when i when now unless if
I decide to gamble for days on end but when we ask the
Labour Minister about the footage we filmed she had this to say: you need to bury by
the aegis of these two so on children also we r a community
which are very small bill if you looked at my PC would know how
old I am I can challenge you on that so I might look sweet 16 but might lead to
something else that is another problem we are having
now every time we rescued the so-called children they come to a medical office
on the managed to get a certificate which says that they are above such
uncertainty mom still to better regulate the mining
industry link dole says the state government is
drafting its first-ever mining policy to specify
what minors should shouldn’t do ok it prohibits child labor what it doesn’t do is banned right or
mining which is why children are employed in
the first place the guidelines are awaiting final
approval and are expected to be introduced later
this year it is shameful for my state but I just
hope that the right message also goes I’ll you got one or two or three young kids
engaged in mining activities don’t tell the world
that everybody in our minds is actually a young person
but in jane kyu Hills we saw or maybe childminders in the a few my here 16-year-old karma doesn’t think
about how many other children work in these mines he only knows why he does dont lose
performed with us I would like to have the chance to study but then my brother will be the only one
with and can afford and if I try to do another job the
salary would be much less so do we eat where do I go to school carnahan PI wish to report on it wasn’t long ago that karma had a very
different plan for his life he wanted to be a pilot world-renowned filed my childhood dream from when I was little up as men we
determined the map in when I would look up in the sky I would
see a plane flight and I used to think how does this plane fly rat littman
cattle I would feel like sitting in that plane
and flying up a bomb by not bringing I use to always till mid and I want it to be apprised ok cameras streams like a dreams have so
many have been lost in sin B school pits ok they’ve long forgotten their childhood and the only thing the future hold is
this struggle to survive the ok