(bright music) – Hey guys, it’s Dana, and
it’s time to talk about money. And in this video I
wanted to share with you some ways that you can earn
money or have a side hustle if you are an introvert like me. (cash register sounds) Okay guys, so I am an introvert. I’m an introvert and I have hated it. For many years of my life it
has been really difficult. I don’t feel as if this
country, the United States, we do not celebrate introverts,
so many of us who are introverts spend our
time trying to sort of play the part of being an
extrovert so that we can move ahead, or dance, or be social. I think introverts have so
many wonderful qualities about them, and they are
important, and I think that we are a lot of times
great thinkers, we come up with some really good
ideas, we work really well independently, but it’s
not always celebrated. But if you are an introvert
like me and you are looking to earn money on the side,
you’re looking to have a side hustle, to reach a
financial goal, to get out of debt, or to hit a savings
goal, maybe you want to go on a vacation you
want to save money for, whatever it is, you’re
looking for a side hustle. And a side hustle is a
side job, in addition to your main job, that earns money. So if you’re not earning
money at it, then it’s not a side hustle, it’s just a hobby. Alright, so we want to have a
side hustle that makes money. So what are some things that
you can do that are really going to help you if you
are more of a quiet person or introverted, like I said,
like I am, even though I do these videos, these videos
are with me, myself, and I in my home and I’m talking to
a camera and you guys watch it but it’s not overwhelming
for me because it’s kind of as if I’m just talking to one
person, which is the camera. Which is why I’m able to do this. If I had to talk in
front of a large crowd, that would be very hard for me, very hard. Alright I’m not, it’s not my jam, alright? So number one on the list
if you want to earn money is to do blogging, or YouTube. Okay and I have to mention
this, and I’m mentioning it first since this is what
I do, this is my side hustle and I love it, although
I wouldn’t recommend it as a way really to make money immediately. It definitely takes time
to build up you audience and to perfect your craft,
so to speak, whether you’re a blogger or YouTuber,
it’s not something that you immediately start doing, even
if you’re fantastic at it. Some celebrities even go
to make a YouTube channel and they have trouble building an audience and getting people to
actually watch their videos. So, it’s definitely
something that isn’t gonna be immediate, but it is something
that you can make money doing and you can do it relatively easily if you’re an introvert, right? It’s not something that
really requires you to be outgoing to blog or to
talk to your camera. Because it’s like one person
that you’re talking to, or no people, really it’s
just me in the room right now. Okay number two is Etsy, right? If you can make stuff, if
you’re good at knitting, sewing, crocheting, crafts,
then you can do that alone and you can sell stuff on Etsy and
you can make money doing it. So it’s a fantastic way to earn
extra cash as a side hustle. Freelance writing, if you
are a writer or you are good at writing, then you can
write a book and you can self publish it on Amazon,
which I think is so awesome. Really, anybody can
publish a book nowadays with Amazon, which is
fantastic, so you can do that or you can write for other bloggers. A lot of bloggers are
looking for content writers to help them with their
blog, so they will pay you to write things for them, so there’s lots of ways that you can earn money
if you are good at writing. You can be a translator. I have captions on my videos,
and a lot of people need people to just listen to the
videos and spend the time to just type out the words,
even if it’s your native language, say you’re translating
that, english to english. I use rev.com and so you
can go on to rev.com and you can apply and then you
can become one of their translators to do captions
and that’s a way that you can earn some money if you’re good at it. Pet sitting, I, back in the day, many years ago, was a pet sitter. I used to walk dogs and stay
over people’s homes over night, feed their cats, so pet
sitting or dog walking is wonderful because you’re
not dealing with people, you’re dealing with
animals, and again it’s just you and the pet and you
can listen to headphones while you’re walking
the dog if you want to and listen to things, and
depending on where you live, a huge, huge market for
this because so many people have pets, they work, and they
need people to help them out just by walking their dogs
everyday, and they’re going away on vacation, who’s
gonna stay with the animal? And it’s a lot better for
the pet to have someone staying in the home, if
you’re willing to do that and able to do that, then
you can make a lot of money just spending the night at
someone’s house with their pet. Be a virtual assistant. So there are a lot of people
who need help with their emails, they need help with
their social media, putting content out there or managing
it, so you can be a virtual assistant from the comforts
of your home and help people anywhere with all of that
stuff, and make money doing it. Online surveys, if you
like to fill out surveys. I have an old neighbor, a
friend of mine, who does this. She does it and makes money
doing it, so you just kind of fill out what your opinion
on certain products, you can go to Swag Bucks and
I think also Survey Monkey or Survey Junky, there’s lots
of websites you can go to where you can just basically
like I said, just fill out what your opinion is of certain products and they will pay you for that. If you are good with graphics then you can be a graphic artist. I know in one of my Facebook
groups a lot of YouTubers are often asking people,
hey is there anybody who can create my artwork for my
YouTube channel, or my intro, so if you’re good at that
you can definitely find work just on Facebook, people are
asking, asking, for people to help them out with
that and willing to pay. So if you are into that, then you can make it work, and you can make money. Thrifting and consignment. If you like to go to thrift
stores and sort of shop and find things, you can
locate stuff, or even in your own home, you can take
your clothes or old things around your house and you can sell them. There’s lots of websites
where you can sell gently worn clothes, and if it sells than
you can get money for it, or consignment shops, we have
one near us, if you bring in furniture, and then if
they sell it then you get a percentage of that sale, so you can find things also and then just flip them. If you can locate things,
I heard of somebody who was finding cell phones off
of Ebay and repairing them and then reselling them
back on Craigslist or Ebay. So if you can flip products,
find things, clean it up, and resell it you can definitely
make money doing that. If you are good at taking
pictures with your phone, which most people are,
because most phones nowadays take amazing pictures, not
mine because I have a really old iPhone, but if you
have one of the newer ones and you’re just really
good at taking pictures, you can sell your phone
photos and people will pay you money to license the picture. Again with social media being
so big, people need pictures for Instagram or for
their blogs and so they’re willing to pay for certain photos. So if you take a lot of pictures
and you take good quality pictures, then you can go
and post them on, there’s a certain website, what is it called? Folk.com I think it is, or
just do a Google search. This video is not sponsored,
I don’t know anything about that website, but there’s
certain websites that you can go on to that you can, I
know, post your photos, put them in the marketplace,
and then if somebody decides to pick them up you’ll get paid. So Google it and try to
sell your phone photos. And the sun is like getting
really bright and then going behind a cloud, really
bright, going behind a cloud. That’s the trouble when you film in front of a window like I do, I need a light. Okay guys so those are some
ideas if you are an introvert and you’re looking for
ways to make, if you’re an extrovert, you can still use
these ideas to make money. Other things people do is like
Lyft and driving for Uber, people say sometimes to
do that, but I feel like if you are an introvert,
that’s actually hard to do that because a lot of it I
think is conversation with who’s in your car and
who you’re driving around. Extroverts a lot of times
too can find other work interacting with people much
easier and better at networking I think, when you’re an
extrovert you’re a lot better at networking and finding
other opportunities with that. And you just enjoy it, right? Because it energizes you. When I’m with a big crowd
of people I feel really exhausted, really tired
afterward, it exhausts me and I might get a headache
sometimes, it’s just too much. But I prefer, my preference
is always one, groups of two or three, and
then that’s totally fine, that’s what I enjoy because
I feel like I can really talk and interact, but
when the group gets too big I just sort of, no, sort of shut down. And I’ve just always been that
way, I really used to think it was something I needed to
overcome and get better at, and now I just realize that’s
sort of how, especially with the children, my kids,
I can see some of them, they’re just naturally like
that, even with a really outgoing father, because
my husband is outgoing. I can tell it’s just something that, we’re just born that way, okay? Right, big speech there on introverts. Well if you’re an introvert, or extrovert, I appreciate you watching. If it’s your first time
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and that’s a good job for introverts, I think,
so I recommend it. Alright, okay guys, thank you so much and I’ll talk to you
in the next video, bye.