before we begin we want to ask you a
simple question have you ever bought a loan thought
about buying or have bought the latest iPhone on credit thinking that you will
pay your mortgage in time if the answer is yes then we dare you to watch this
video till the end we all have at least once in our lives taken a loan to buy
our dream car house or education and have definitely used our credit cards to
buy things we don’t need or can’t afford believing the fact that we will easily
pay off our mortgages in time but have you ever wondered what might happen to
you if you are someday unable to pay your mortgages and even default on your
debt you could lose everything it is estimated that more than 10,000 people
and their lives every year because of credit defaults feeling scared it’s just
the beginning now think about big multinational
corporations which provide us with products for our daily needs what will
happen if they are unable to pay their debt it’s very common for corporations
to take up huge debts but if that debt is used to grow their business and thus
increase their earnings then it’s a good thing but this is not what is happening
these days now such desperate times have arrived that corporations take loans to
pay their promised dividends and in some cases even to pay for the salaries for
their employees now you think for yourself how long can this continue to
go on someday in the not so distant future
many such corporations will find themselves buried under so much debt
that it will become impossible for them to pay it off in such a situation from
where will you buy your favorite products if the companies which made
them shut down what will happen to the banks who lended these corporations
money just imagine a day when humble people like you and me who work hard
every day and sacrifice their desires to increase their savings and deposit it in
their bank accounts go to their banks and ask for their
savings and the bank says it doesn’t have it anymore what will you do next
for the people who never knew this but your bank is using the exact same money
your hard-earned savings to give loans to everyone and anyone who asks for it
what catastrophic day it will be when all the ATMs will run dry as the bank’s
lost all your money in bad loans we are talking about total economic collapse
but wait when the situations become so dire then it can lead to a total
economic collapse the government is left with no other choice but to jump in and
take control as government’s are the only entity with the authority to print
money and how does the government do that it’s by bailing out banks in the
form of government bonds just recently the Indian government launched bank
recapitalization bonds worth 1.35 trillion rupees or nearly 20 billion
dollars to rub off the bad loans and save the banks in crisis other
international banks investors and even Federal Reserve’s of other countries buy
these bonds and earn interests from it this move is nothing more than taking
more loan to pay off the previous one but now with added interest it just
increases initial debt and moves it from the bank’s accounts to the government’s
account and now it becomes the government’s duty to pay off this debt
which the government does so by printing more money than ever before and everyone
knows what happens when government starts printing much more money than it
should yes you guessed it right it causes rapid rise in inflation rates
and when inflation rate rises everything becomes expensive as a result demand
Falls as no one is buying anymore in order to control inflation the
government is forced to increase interest rates when that happens it
becomes difficult for corporates to borrow loans and run their daily
business this in turn increases unemployment rate even worse the bond
yield falls and now no one wants to buy your previous debts
this whole scenario is termed as stagflation and is considered to be the
initial stages of an economic collapse and it seems that we have reached the
beginning of a global economic collapse as the total global debt has crossed a
staggering 164 trillion or 0.164 quadrillion dollars with countries like
Japan Greece Italy Portugal Singapore the United States and Belgium having a
debt of more than 100 percent of their GDP and rising by the minute this means
that these countries will not be able to pay off their debt even if they spent
their entire GDP in mortgages this is a seriously troubling fact especially for
countries like Japan which is having debt 2.27 times its GDP in terms of dollar
figures the country which should be most worried is none other than the United
States of America as it currently has world’s largest debt which is in tune of
20 trillion dollars which is in excess of $60,000 per American and instead of
easing the national debt by accelerating economic growth President Trump is
worsening the situation by starting a trade war with China or rather with all
of the world’s most powerful economies we have made an entire video on this
topic the link to which is in the description and also at the end of this
video but it seems that the only country serious about its debt is surprisingly
India India currently has a debt to GDP ratio of 70% which is 0.7 times its GDP
such a number is actually healthy for an emerging economy that has a whole lot of
economic growth still to achieve but still as soon as Prime Minister Narendra
Modi came to power he set a goal to reduce India’s debt to GDP ratio to
about 66 percent by 2022 this is very commendable and countries like China
Australia Sweden Hong Kong South Korea Canada and Norway must do something
similar and fast as they are next most vulnerable to a debt crisis
after Italy Greece Portugal Belgium and very recently Turkey so what do you
think will these nations be able to control their debt before it’s too late
or will global debt lead the world into the next great economic collapse share
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