[Music] Hi, I’m Brett Findlay from The Construction
Experts here at OneGroup Center in Syracuse,New York. Today we have Jim Blasting with us. He’s a Senior Consultant for Ambient Environmental
Incorporated. Jim it’s good to see you buddy, thanks for
coming in today. It’s good to be here Brett, thanks for the
invitation. Absolutely, any time, it’s our pleasure. So, today we’d like to talk a little bit
about Contractors Pollution Liability, or CPL. But first, if you could, Jim give us a little
bit about your background. Well I’m a geologist by degree, and I have
over 30 years of experience in site investigation, remediation, and environmental risk management. I work for Ambient Environmental, which is
an environmental consulting firm, headquartered here in New York. Yup, and that’s exactly why he’s sitting
here next to me. I love having guys in who are in the industry
who have that experience, and have seen it firsthand. Well, it’s important Brett, and my experience
tells me that there’s many contractors that really don’t really understand the potential
for environmental exposure I agree, and what CPL is it’s a pollution
policy providing third party coverage for bodily injury or property damage. Defense and clean-up cost for sudden, accidental,
or gradual pollution conditions that arise from the actions of a contractor. So Jim, what are some examples of pollutants? Well in the insurance world, there’s a very
broad definition of pollutants. It could be any solid, liquid, gas vapor. Anything really that exists in the environment
that’s not naturally occurring that could cause any environmental harm. So, that’s basically everything. What do you think the most common job sights
or types of contractors are that have an exposure for these conditions? Well, unfortunately Brett, I think the perception
is that only environmental contractors have this exposure, but really any type of contractor,
be it an electrical contractor or a site contractor could have an environmental exposure based
on their activities. So, do you think it’s fair to say, the most,
the majority of contractors have a serious exposure here? I think that contractors do have an unknown
exposure, and at a minimum they should become educated on what those potential exposures
are. Agreed. So, being around this issue in so many capacities,
I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty serious situations. Can you describe some spills or accident events
that resulted in a claim or clean-up for us? Sure Brett, there’s a wide variety of examples
that we could give. Everything from electrical contractors that
disturbed asbestos containing material during their work, to the site contractor that had
backfilled material delivered to the site that unbeknownst to them had a pollutant in
it that, such as, a petroleum or metals or PCB’s. Okay, so typically a small event or, or, a
small clean-up. What’s the typical cost associated with
something like that? You know Brett, that can be a very broad cost. You know, often times these things easily
run into six figures, and as you mentioned earlier, just the defense costs alone can
be very expensive. Which is certainly serious stuff, and something
I think all contractors should be paying some serious attention to. I agree Brett, and it’s just having that
level of understanding of how these exposures can affect your business is very important. Agreed, so if you would like more information,
you know where to find us. Please like and share, help us spread the
word. We think this is a serious topic that certainly
does not get as much attention as is warranted. And James, thank you for taking the time to
sit with us today, I appreciate it. Thanks for speaking with me Brett, appreciate
it. Okay, I’m Brett from OneGroup’s Construction
Experts and we’ll see you next time. [Music]