– All right, as you’re getting out of debt, it can be a long process, so you have to stay motivated. Here are 10 ways for you to stay motivated while you’re paying off debt. Number one, track your progress. Seriously, it’s so important
to see your progress visually, so I’ve created some free
goal trackers you can download for each of the debts that you have. Just click the link in the show notes so you can download those. Number two, remember your why. Why are you doing this? Is it for your kids? Is it for your future? Is it because you want to go
on great vacations every year after you’re out of debt? What is it? What is your why that keeps you motivated? Number three, dream about
retirement and the future. Because just think, if you’re not making the sacrifices now, 65-year-old you does not want to
make those sacrifices, no. Sacrifice now, so dream about the future. Number four, set small rewards. This is really true, especially
with student loan debt. Student loan debt there’s
always, it’s a ton, so maybe you break it up, and you say okay, every $15,000 I pay off, I do something kind of
fun in the middle of it. Sometimes you have to
have those small rewards throughout this process. Number five, remember how far you’ve come. The trackers are going to help with this. But look back and just remember, okay, if we’ve done it, if we’ve made it this far, we can keep going. We can keep doing this. Number six, make sure you
have someone in your life who loves you enough to hurt your feelings and keep you on track. If you have all yes people around you, and you’re like, “I really
want to buy this new sweater,” and they’re like, “Yeah, do it!” No, no, no. Get that girlfriend out of here. You need the girlfriend you call and you’re like, “I really
want to buy that J. Crew sweater,” and is like, “Listen,
you can buy it next year. Just hold off.” That’s who you need. Number seven, check your budgets. I love this. I’ve gotten in the habit of doing this. I check EveryDollar almost every day, just to look at the progress and just to see how we’re
doing monthly with our money. And the same is true when
you’re getting out of debt. Number eight, plan for one fun, cheap or free thing that you can do once a week. This is big. Because in this process
of getting out of debt, there’s a lot of things you can’t do, so find something that you can do. Number nine, quit the comparisons and do a social media purge. Yes. We love our fashion bloggers and our lifestyle bloggers, but sometimes you may
need to unfollow them, because they may have stuff that you just simply are not going to buy. So why tempt yourself? Do a little purge if you need to. And number 10, surround yourself with people who are encouraging or who are also on the
same journey as you. And a great way to do this is to join a Financial
Peace University class. This is our nine-week class. It walks you through the whole Baby Steps in getting out of debt, budgeting, insurance. Everything
you need to know is there, and you’re actually
with a group of people. Click the link in the show
notes to sign up for a class.