So for the past couple years there have been
some crazy videos coming from Linus Tech Tips and TLD about really expensive storage solutions. And as fun as the videos are to watch they’re
just not feasible for the regular content creator like myself or anyone else who can’t
afford 30 to 50 thousand dollars. I wanted to figure out if I could find something
that was just off the shelf that would work for my needs and i came upon the Synology
DS-1819+. This is a $900 NAS solution. Now the good thing about this is that it doesn’t
cost a lot of money to start off with. You can fill up all eight drives with 14 terabyte
hard drives like I did or if you’re on a tighter budget you can start off with something smaller. Now, my unit has eight bays, but I can also
connect two more of these together to give you a potential of 24 bays to work with. Right now, they’re all filled up with 14 terabytes. Seagate IronWolf drives. It gives me about 85 terabytes after raid
5 kicks in but the most important reason to buy a NAS is not so much for like the back
up solution but is the ability to work off of it. Because this is using Raid 5 and because I
have a 10 gigabyte NIC inside of here, I can edit my videos directly off this NAS now. Right now when I run a speed test I’m getting
about 1,000 megabytes read at about 5 to 600, write. That is perfect for a two editor solution. Pulling drives in and out is super easy! Just press the button in and as you can see
here, like I mentioned before I have that 14 terabyte drive, these drives are meant
for backup solutions. These are not drives you by for the regular
consumer computer. These are meant to be read and written on
consistently over a long period of time. Getting inside is also really easy just a
couple of screws on the back and all you have to do is. Shhh Pull up the top of the case, and once you’re
in you can see where you have that PCIe lane. So as I mentioned, I have the 10 gigabyte
NIC installed right here. So two computers can hook up to the back,
but if down the road I find that I’m the only one person editing off of it I can pull this
out put the cache drive in and get faster read and write speeds on the back. On the back I also have tons of IO, I have
three USB ports to hook up external drives. I have two ESATA ports if I want to connect
directly to my computer or daisy chain another one of these I can. You have four one gigabyte ports so you can
hook up different computers to it. It’s good to like push files to save on this
but I wouldn’t edit off of a one gigabyte port. Now, obviously, this is not as expensive or
flexible as a $50,000 solution that’s not meant to be but for two to four people it
is perfect. This completely eliminates the need to pass
hard drives back and forth between eachotherl. If you need to access this anywhere in the
world it’s also really helpfulm so if I’m in the studio and I need to upload something
into my footage I can do it from my phone. I can do it from another computer. I don’t have to send it to Google Drive first
then re-download on to my computer. But one of the most important features is
noise this thing is ridiculously silent. There’s a 250 watt power supply in here and
you pair that with an Intel atom 4 core processor. It’s not going to get that loud. So anyways, I know this solution is not as
vibrant or extravagant compared to some of the bigger creators showcasing their $80,000
setups, but I think for a lot of people this is a lot more feasible. Like $900 for the enclosure itself, plus the
cost of hard drives, you have something that’s going to basically take care of your storage
solutions. You can grow with this so if your business
grows you can grow this as well. Like the video if you liked it subscribe,
if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video.