( Introduction Music followed by the sound
of a cling of silver coin ) Hello, this is Scott and this is the Hyper
Report. Here are quotes for various items. First…
How Obama Contained ISIS The Islamic terror attacks in Paris only demonstrates
what happens when armed so-called migrants, with AK-47’s, are allowed enter a country. Europe has claimed that they would
sit out the next World War; however, ironically it may once again start on their soil. On
the other side of the pond, Obama will likely
never utter the words “Islamic terrorist” because of his close relations to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. Next…
100 Yuan Note As the IMF is poised to recommend the Yuan
be included in the IMF fund’s Special Drawing Rights reserve-currency basket, the new Chinese Yuan was introduced by the People’s Bank
of China. One of the main differences is that the printed number 100 has gone from red to
gold. Now, gee… With China buying more gold annually
than the world produces and being the number one gold producer, why would they do a silly thing like that? Next…
Retirement Insolvency With Social Security desperately unfunded
and Federal retirement trust and many private pension funds similarly approaching insolvency, what is the solution? Obama’s MyRA savings
plan which will be just as financially irresponsible as Obamawreck is? Is it any wonder, at 400,000 gold eagles sold in one quarter, that
Americans are buying tons of gold? Next…
Illegal Stingray Federal officials deceived courts about the
nature of the Stingray technology in order to get the authority to use it. Now, the ACLU
has obtained documents, after a two-year legal
battle, showing that the IRS, and other federal agencies, have been using Stingray technology to record mobile phone calls and hijacking
selected phones to be used as listening bugs. Next…
Expanding Probe Hillary has another problem to deal with in
the ongoing email scandal. Not being upfront and causing federal agents to expend additional resources and time is punishable up to five
years in prison. Just ask Martha Stewart. (Sound of prison door shutting) So, if the Department of Injustice did its job, Hillary
should be indicted for wiping the email server before turning it over to the FBI. Next…
Autism Rate Doubles A report from the criminal CDC states that
autism affects one in 45 children in the U.S., almost twice the rate from a few years ago. Gee, the CDC’s vaccination campaign must
really be working since the vaccinations have been linked to autism. Finally, please prepare now for the escalating
economic and social unrest. Good Day!