Hey guys, welcome to my channel This is lyn from easy and fun English today I have 17 words for you in English to replace saying very okay, so first very hungry instead of saying very hungry you can say Ravenous, I’m ravenous. Give me some food. Okay, that’s it. Next one is very rich instead of saying very rich you can say wealthy Example Bill Gates is a wealthy man. Alright, that’s it. Instead of saying very use single words. The opposite is very poor Instead of saying very poor you can use single words Destitute. Mm-hmm. The next one is very tired especially if you’re working all day long like 12 hours for 14 hours a day So you can say oh, I’m totally exhausted That’s it okay, so next one is very Smart instead of saying very smart you can use single words intelligent He is intelligent man. Next one is very bad Especially if you have a very bad job you can use single words. I Have a terrible job. I have a lousy job. Okay, use single words Next one is very careful, especially if you are Driving a car at night it’s very You have to be very careful so you can use single words Be cautious when you are driving a car at night Next one is very funny Instead of saying very funny you can use single words Hilarious. Yes the movie I saw last night was Hilarious that’s it. Next one is very angry when the things not going well You can use ah I’m furious Okay, instead of saying very angry use single words Furious. Alright next one is very clean Okay, very clean. My house is very clean. My place is very clean instead of saying very clean you can use Spotless. My place is spotless totally clean the opposite is very dirty Oh My house my place is so dirty. Very dirty Instead of saying very dirty you can use single word squalid Oh His house is quality. I don’t like it. Okay, so next one is very Hot oh the weather is very hot. I’m so hot especially Nowadays is summer. So instead of saying very hot, you can use single words scalding or Scorching. Okay. Next one is I Am very happy. Okay. So instead of saying very happy in your single words Jubilant, okay. That’s it. Totally happy. I’m juggling next one is very scared Oh, I’m scared to speak English and very scared to speak to the native speaker okay, so instead of saying very scared you can say I’m petrified so Avoid very scared you have to study hard. Okay, so Petrified very scared next one is Very clear. Oh she speaks Very clear. Oh you can say Instead of saying very clear you can use single words obvious Next one is very dangerous Yeah driving at night is very dangerous, so instead of saying very dangerous you can say hazardous or Perilous, so you have to be cautious. Okay, very dangerous hazardous Perilous use single words. Last one is very Fast okay. Oh She speaks English very fast Instead of saying very fast you can use single words Rapid she speaks English Rapidly that means totally very fast Okay, guys, that’s it for now. Don’t forget to subscribe my channel hit the button below to For…uhhh Next coming videos. Okay. See you soon. Bye