good morning so today I’m getting ready
to go into the Richard Russell Federal Building here in Atlanta Georgia to
assist one of my clients in a 2004 examination and this is something that
doesn’t come up too often in bankruptcy cases but in some cases where the debtor
may have a higher income businesses or other issues it could come up where a
creditor or a trustee wants to get some additional information and what they’ll
do is they’ll make some requests but if they still have follow-up questions
they’re gonna schedule a 2004 examination which is basically like a
deposition in bankruptcy any for any person or company that is party to the
bankruptcy can request it and we often see this with our higher income clients
who are still trying to file for chapter 7 make sure if you’re thinking about
bankruptcy that your attorney goes over this with you that could be a
possibility and it’s not really that big of a deal other than you need to be
prepared and you need to make sure that you’re perfectly honest with the trustee
and that their questions are answered