My project was called Walk for a Well
and I organize a Walk-a-thon at my local high school track
that raised money for water wells to be put
in in Niger, Africa. Well I’ll went some like museums
of natural disasters and things. I started feeling bad about it and then I started
doing a school project and I was doing on the
crisis of unsanitary water. And then I’ll came
across some facts that was like half the world’s
hospital beds are filled with patients
who are suffering from water-related disease. I just like oh my gosh. Like, here I am you know, I have rivers rushing by
me and I have clean water. I don’t even have to think about when I’m gonna have water and these people don’t even know like when they wake up they
even have water that day. So it was kinda like
weighing on my chest for a while it took
me about 5 months. And then once I
started I can’t stop and I am so passionate about it Volunteering makes me feel I would say you know really it
kinda way of life for me like. That’s I think that’s what
you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to be here to like take resources
and everything You are here to love
everybody you know. That’s, It just
makes me feel great like I am living a good life.