Hey there, I’m Michelle Chou. And I’m
Nicholas Hamzea and we are student trustees for the 2019-2020 school year. If I had to sum up this role in two words,
that would be student voice. Now with 127,000 students in York Region District School Board,
there is no doubt that students are the root of our education. As a student trustee, we provide an avenue
from the student body to people at the board or even provincial level so that we can amplify
their voices and make sure that the voices that normally aren’t heard are heard by
the people who can make those decisions and who can help us and support our education. If you notice something in your school environment
surrounding you that could use maybe some improvement or there’s something you want
to do, well, as a student trustee, you really have the power to do that because you are
at the board table with everyone else when the decisions are being made. You’re not
just someone who’s being considered, you are there in the process. This really brings
an excellent opportunity to truly magnify the voice of the students and to connect with
your student population and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone can voice
their concerns. Now, as a student trustee, you aren’t alone.
You have a co-student trustee. In this case, it’s Nick and over the past few months,
I have to say Nick has gone from a friend to one of my best friends and we work very
closely together and see each other all the time. On top of that, we also have the amazing relationships
you build not just with your co-trustee but also with the incredible staff at our board
– so the fellow trustees, the director of education and just everyone else that works
to support us and ensure that we really succeed in our role and that we can best fulfill our
duty to serve the students and represent the students. And along with this, you also meet so many
other trustees from all across Ontario and you get to create lifelong friendships and
really meet so many incredible people whose passions are aligned with yours. So if you ever want to reach out to one of
us please don’t hesitate. You can contact us by our emails at [email protected]
or at [email protected] or you can reach out to us at our twitter and Instagram
at yrdsbstudents and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. That being said we hope to see you guys soon.
Bye. bye.