Hey guys, it’s Andy with ELOA and I am super excited to show you our
newest eBook that we have coming out today. This eBook is called “A Guide to Obtaining
5-Star Reviews For Your Law Firm.” One of the things
I’m always helping my clients with is getting reviews. Reviews are the one part of
internet marketing that I can’t control. I can get you website traffic, I can write content for you, I can build a website, I can come to your office and film videos. But I can’t call your clients and
actually make them leave you reviews. So if you struggle getting reviews
for your law firm, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of clients that I know and
a lot of lawyers all across the country that have a hard time getting
reviews for their clients. That doesn’t mean reviews
aren’t really important. Actually, reviews can be a
game changer for your law firm. We had a client a few years ago,
a bankruptcy attorney in Chicago, and they were on the maps,
they were on the first page of Google, for some really competitive terms like
Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney and chapter 11, chapter 13, chapter 7 bankruptcy. All these different bankruptcy key words, and they were on the first page,
they were in the maps, but they weren’t getting phone calls. So, we started looking at their listing and realized that the listing
above them had 15 reviews and they only had four reviews. So I had a meeting with my client. I said “This guy has more reviews than you,
and you need to get more reviews than him.” So what they actually did, was went out
and got 25 reviews within the next week. The following week, they had the busiest week
in the history of their law firm. The power of reviews is ridiculous. This social proof really
makes a big difference. A couple weeks ago I had a client who called me and he said his phone stopped ringing
about a month before that. I checked his website,
I checked his rankings. Everything looked fine,
but I started looking at his reviews. I noticed that he got a negative review
about four weeks before he emailed me, and he told me that his phones
had been slow for about four weeks. This one negative review
caused his phone to stop ringing. That’s why it’s so important that you have as many high quality
5-star reviews as possible. However, if you don’t have any reviews
and somebody leaves you a 1-star rating, that can kill your online intake. The problem is, it’s hard to get
your clients to give you reviews. Everyone says they’ll give you a review
and they just don’t do it. It’s something that I hear all the time. My clients are always telling me
how they get great results for their clients, and their clients promise
to leave them reviews and to leave them great 5-star reviews. But the problem is, is when it comes down to it they just don’t do it, and the reason is is because actually leaving a review is
kind of a pain in the neck. There’s a lot of steps that go into it and if the person isn’t tech savvy,
they might get lost. That doesn’t mean that
reviews are less important and that you can stop trying to get them. This free eBook is 22 page guide
that’s going to show you how to get your clients
to give you 5-star reviews. It’s also going to teach you how to protect
your law firm from negative reviews, to make it so that people won’t even want
to leave you a negative review should they not be happy with your service. The last thing this book is going
to show you how to do is how to answer negative reviews
should you get one. The way you handle a negative review is just as important as
how you handle a positive review. And how you handle negative reviews
makes a big difference in how much that review
actually affects your firm. Again, this guy is 100% free. All you have to do is click the link below,
enter your email address, and we’ll email a copy right to your inbox.