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once again in front of us is the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Sedan/Saloon and as you may know the A-Class sedan actually
replaces the CLA as the cheapest four door car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup here in Singapore
so for that reason alone it’s likely to be pretty popular as you know the old CLA
launched in 2013 was a big hit here, was cheaper than the C-Class and smaller, and that’s
why it flew off the shelves when it debuted back then
So now the problem is we have the new A-Class seda, A-Class hatch, and the CLA four-door
coupe and all launched in Singapore as of September 2019. So if you’re looking for
a nice-looking small Mercedes, which one do you choose? Obviously if you like hatches, your decision
is made, the A-Class hatch, we have the review up on CarBuyer.com.sg. But obviously this
is Singapore so one of the main draws of a Mercedes-Benz is to have a sedan, it’s just
this way, don’t ask me why. People like this sort of thing here. So we’re going
to concentrate on the differences between the A-Class Saloon and the CLA and hopefully
help you make a choice. So this is the A 200 Progressive, only A 200
Progressive and AMG Lines are sold here, also there’s a 250 AMG Line, exactly the same
case with the CLA, there is no extra fierce body kit on the front here. Have the sloping
lights that look like the CLS, and the CLA, but the coupe CLA will look more like the
CLS, but this is the new Mercedes-Benz design language. There’s a boot, this car is 13cm longer
than the hatch, which is about 4.4-metres, this car is 4.55, the CLA 4.68 metres. So
the difference really is there. Of course you look at the rear end, it’s not as sloping
or coupe-like as the CLA, which is sportier, more elegant, and nicer to drive. Taillights
are different, we have trapezoidal tailpipes, an A 200 badge. let’s take a look inside. This is the interior of the A 200 sedan, let’s
start her up, nice and quiet. Now you’ll find that this a very familiar interior you’ve
seen everything from the A 200 hatch, we have our dual 10.25-inch displays driver instrument
display, infotainment display, trying not to get my reflections in the way, as usual
one side is controlled by the scroll pad here. The other side controlled by the scroller
on the left. This is the MBUX, Mercedes-Benz User Experience,
if you say ‘Hey Mercedes’, find me a Japanese restaurant. (she’s thinking) yeah so there
are a number of things you can do with the voice control on this car. We have our little
‘anemone’ vents, dunno if you can quite see the lights, it’s very bright outside.
Hey sod off I didn’t tell you to.. go away… Down here is the touchpad, haptic touchpad,
hear the little vibrations, go back, go front, and there’s also a touchscreen up here.
Scroll around. So the CLA gonna be pretty much the same,
we’ll look at that after this, so the big difference is not here, it’s in the rear
seat. Alright in the backseat of the A Sedan, and
as you can see I’m pretty comfortable, it’s not super roomy, but not terrible either.
I’m about 1.73-metres tall, not scratching my knees on the front. The headroom is not
bad, put about this much between my head and liner, so as you saw on the chart the CLA
has a bit more legroom, and the A-Class sedan has more headroom.S So we’ll go straight
to the CLA now Alright so this is the new CLA as you can
see quite a bit different on the front, although there is a definitely a familial resemblance,
the same arrow-shaped LED headlights, this is the AMG Line model which accounts for the
little dots here, diamond shaped grille things, the body kit at the front, side skirts body
kit at the back too. But overall, yknow, the CLA is longer, lower and wider, as it’s
suppsoed to be a coupe inverted commas. Those are the bigger wheels, AMG wheels, round the
side, the roofline obviously tapers a bit more at the back and you can see how the boot
is more elongated, because this car is 4.68-metres long, longer than the A-Class sedan is. Around
the back we have the different shaped taillights, a lot more resemblance to the CLS coupe, and
we have the tailpipes and the diffuser. Let’s look inside now. So this is the interior of the CLA and as
you can see, pretty much exactly the same. Also keep in mind that the A-Class we saw
had an optional carbonfibre-like trim, the actual trim itself is aluminium like this.
Otherwise, pretty much exactly the same: same lights, vents, 10.25-inch screens, same wheel
almost, yeah everything is the same. But does that mean the two cars actually drive the
same way? Well not really the CLA actually has a different rear suspension. Overall it
feels more refined, nicer to drive than the A-Class because it’s longer, lower, wider
and tuned differently, it really has more of that big Mercedes feeling to it. If you’re
carrying people in the back the CLA has less headroom and a bit more legroom, and quite
a bit more bootspace, so it’s actually a bit more practical in some respects than the
A-Class sedan. We have all the reviews out on CarBuyer.com.sg,
we have the A 200 Sedan and Hatch in Progressive, CLA 200 in Progressive trim review too, and
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