[music] Kathleen McFadden: Well, I teach
OMIS 442, which is Process and Quality Improvement, and I’m really
passionate about quality and I try to instill in my students the importance of
embracing quality as a personal value. I’m also very passionate about
experiential learning, and so I provide opportunities for my students to engage
with alumni and business partners. Charles Downing: She never slows down. She continually
hits A publications, even recently. The students love her. They keep coming back
for advice, they talk to her in the halls, after class, outside a class. Balaji Rajagopalan: She has the
curiosity after almost three decades of conducting research. She still does
research like somebody that is beginning his or her careers. Chang Liu: Beside teaching
research, she’s also an excellent colleague in the department. She also serves as a mentor
for junior faculty. Kathleen McFadden really a role model in the department and
the college. Denise Schoenbachler: I gotta say Kathy does really important research. So, the work
that she does contributes to hospital safety, and quality of hospitals today.
The work that she does contributes to airline safety, and those are important
issues. Kathleen McFadden: I was the first to find a link between drunk driving convictions and
pilot flying performance, and I published my findings in top-tier journals. I was
interviewed by Geraldo Rivera back in 2002 There was America West
incidents where pilots were flying under the influence of alcohol, and the news
media picked up the fact that I had been the one to do the study that linked
aren’t driving convictions with pilot flying performance, and so they wanted to
interview me about the linkage. Jason Kaye: She genuinely cares about students. She wants to engage us in the classroom and make sure that what we take away
from her course is actually applied in the real life. Eduardo Rodriquez: She actually cares for the
students and she takes the time to develop her lectures in a way that she
will actually teach the students something. Her class is on quality and
her classes actually quality. Kathleen McFadden: Yes, I’m just really proud of the students when they’re able to see their dreams. I mean that is the most rewarding, thing that’s
why I do this is hopefully to instill in them the passion. Well, they obviously
have their own passion, but to give them the confidence that they know that they
can do it. Jennifer Gates: She really encouraged myself and my classmates to pursue a field that
we are really passionate about. Just from her teaching we can see how excited and
passionate and caring she is about her students too. Casey Walters: There are a lot of concepts in the class relating to quality and I think having it related, she kind of
makes it into a history lesson and I find that really effective. Pierre Sanders-Jackson: She’s really
opened my eyes to see the full picture of what OMIS is. It’s not just sitting
behind the computer, but it’s really going out and trying to make a change
and what’s going on so that your customers can really benefit and that
the company can continue to move forward in whichever the goal is. Kathleen McFadden: receiving a Board of Trustees
Professorship will free me up in terms of my time and energy to focus more on
my research, rather than trying to focus on gaining funding. Denise Schoenbachler: So maybe something
that not everybody knows about Kathy is how important her family is to
her. She’s got two beautiful daughters and in about a month she’s going to be a
grandma for the very first time. Not sure she wants everyone to know that she’s a
grandma already but that’s really important to her. Eduardo Rodriguez: Thank You professor
McFadden for everything you’ve done. That’s it. [music]