♪ Hello welcome to This Week in
South Carolina, I’m Gavin Jackson. I’m joining you from
Galivants Ferry. It’s a small Horry community on the banks of the little Pee
Dee river. Where for a hundred forty three years democratic
candidates have been coming here to stump,
eat chicken bog and listen to some
bluegrass. ♪ Family history about the stump
is that my great grandfather was the first that owned the old
country store here. And that we had our first stump
here. And then after my great grandfather, my grandfather
and then my father and then me. I’m
the fourth generation. We’ve got the fifth generation
that’s learning and stepping in now. Doing a lot of the media.
and we got the sixth in trying. So I’m the fourth generation.
Because this is something that people
don’t get by just watch TV. It’s eyeball to
eyeball politics. You know somebody can go up to
somebody in the crowd and say, “Hey you know I have been
worried about blankit e blank.” And they can look you in the eye
and find out. You know did they divert
there eyes or how genuinely did they feel. My fondest memory was
always “Fritz” Hollings. I was a little child don’t
remember, but in nineteen I was a child.
But in nineteen fifty four he announced
his first state ride run for Lieutenant Governor.
Right here on the steps of the Pee Dee farms store. I mean so
and then in two thousand and four we
celebrated fifty years of stumping with
him. So my memories over the years
was that voice of Fritz Hollings, which was
unmistakable. Welcoming the crowd. and telling them how
important this event was. And It is a sense of nostalgia and a sense of community
spirit and working together. That has made South Carolina
great. I had that feeling just
last week in returning from Normandy. Where we visited Omaha
and Normandy beach.
I remembered the greatest of all great South
Carolinians John C. Calhoun.
Who said that those who would enjoy the blessings of liberty
have got to be willing to undergo the hardships of
sustaining it. An we saw many many who gave the
Supreme ultimate hardships suffered that ultimate
hardship of sustaining your freedom and mine so that we
could meet in public here and campaign each other
and talk to the voters and see them eye to eye and really work
as politics is meant to be. I have
always been interested in the stumps since I have been in South Carolina .I just never had
the opportunity. I was either working or whatever. So this is
the one I definitely knew I wanted to come to. And I am not
disappointed. With the twenty twenty primary approaching in February the
Galivants Ferry stump had a different role this year. It
actually had a democratic presidential candidates giving
their stump speech for the first time in its hundred forty
year history. Now we caught up with
some of these candidates and also
heard from them from the stump. And I’m joined with Mayor Bill
De Blasio of New York. Mayor thanks for making time. My pleasure
Gavin. So you’ve been bounced around the states so far. You
kind of came back in town. we haven’t seen you for awhile, couple
months since the democratic weekend, that you know the big
state convention, some other events. I’m wondering how you
see South Carolina as part of your overall strategy for
twenty twenty and where it fits in for you. I’ve always felt
South Carolina is a key. I mean South Carolina as a state to me
is a wide open right now in terms of my ability as a
candidate to reach people with a message that I think
resonates here. I’m talking about working people and what
they need nowadays. An the fact our government in Washington is
not representing working people. I’m talking about the kinds of
things I’ve done in New York that really matter to working
people like pre K. for every child for free, like a
higher minimum wage, making sure people have access to
healthcare, and I talk about this all over South Carolina.
Every place I go doesn’t matter in Charleston or Columbia or
today I was in Andrew’s response is the same. People
like the idea of putting working
people first and they like to know if
someone can prove they know how to do it. Cause I’ve been doing
in the nation’s largest city. So we going to be putting some real
focus here. One of your new policy initiative is talking
about that robot tax. I’m guessing
that’s a way you want to try to get
people back to work is how is that playing with your thoughts
on on the importance of something like that to help.
I’ll tell ya. I was this morning at the port of Charleston where
automation has threatened the jobs of hundreds and hundreds
of port workers. Were seeing this
all over the country. we see the
obvious in the automobile industry. We see it with
trucking. Now I’m very heartened to say the port workers here the
longshoreman in Charleston, defended their rights and
protected their jobs but not just millions, Gavin. Tens of
millions of jobs are threatened all over this country by
automation. There’s no federal strategy to deal with it. So I
proposed a couple things. Stopping the tax breaks. There
are federal tax breaks right now for companies to automate jobs
and put American workers out of work. That makes no sense and we
should actually require that when a company automates and a
workers not to have a livelihood anymore for the
family. That there be a robot tax. It’s an idea that Bill Gates actually originated. An
It’s pretty straightforward. It says
we are going to need resources to retrain and re employ
American workers who lose their jobs because of automation.
There’s got to be a source of that
money. Those companies that are now
unfortunately choosing to save money putting their bottom line
ahead of working people. Well they bear some responsibility
here. And another thing Gavin, it’s
very striking is common sense by
striking robot a machine does not pay income tax. So you go
ahead ten years twenty years in the future we have a lot fewer
workers potentially. If we don’t do something. also have a lot
less revenue to take care of everything we need in our
society. But if your taxing certain
companies like advance manufacturers, people
like you know there’s so many of them in South Carolina. Are
you worried that could lead to off
shoring of these jobs then if they’re
going to pay another fee. First of all it should be done all
over the country. So this should be a national
strategy. Like I said there is no national strategy deal with
automation. You know it’s one of the biggest issues affecting
Americans and particularly working people in America and
yet it’s very rarely talked about. I give Andrew Yang credit
he’s talked about his solution to me is the wrong solution. Its
to have the government send a check. Universal basic income,
have a government send a check once a month and you don’t have
a career you don’t have a livelihood you don’t have a
future. I believe in work. I believe the future based on
work. To do that we’re gonna have to demand these companies
pay their fair share. So we can re employee American workers but
no I don’t think it’s going to create a disadvantage because
in the end America is still the greatest market in the world.
The greatest innovator in the world. So long as as a national
policy and you don’t pit one state against another. I
actually think it’s going to help us because millions of people will
be re employed, have a livelihood, be contributing, be
paying those income taxes and a much better chance of having a
country that people feel actually belongs to them. Not a
country it left them by the side of the road. And I know we
only have a moments but I want to try to cover a little bit of
everything. One of the defining moments your campaign and you
mentioned was having this discussion with your son, who’s
bi racial about police brutality. How do we get to a
point as a nation you don’t have to have that conversation,
other parents don’t have to have that conversation with their
children. Gavin I I tell you it is it is
very moving when you have to have that conversation. Its sad,
it’s contradictory, to have to tell a good young man you have to
be careful out there. But I do aspire to the day when my son
will not have to have that conversation with his kids. And
and I say this it’s re training our police in de
escalation, it’s implicit bias training, its body cameras, its
things we’re doing right now in New York and some other places
in the country. That actually work that create a dynamic where
we don’t ever have to have another one of these tragedies.
But I mean do you see that across the country not only in
the office you’re talk about things that happen in New
York but like in South Carolina I mean are you hearing
from people that that they’re worried about that. Having to have that conversation with
their children. Unquestionably, all
over South Carolina, all over the country. I hear from parents
who worry all time. As a parent you care most about
the safety of your child. so worried about these horrible
school shootings but they’re also worried about tragedies if
there’s incident between a young man and a police officer.
And the answer to that is a national strategy again
that says the federal government will support,
encourage, fund all police forces to retrain in a
different approach. Because you can deescalate conflict and
still keep people safe. We’ve proven it in New York. for years
now with these new strategies we’re seeing a very different
much better relationship between police and community.
Still kind of keeping with the theme of race unfortunately.
Looking at the rising tide of white nationalism, how do you
how do you plan to attack that? We’ve seen even here in
Charleston years ago with Mother Emmanuel shooting. You’ve
heard from other candidates kinda trying to address this.
What is your plan to help try and and stem this tide?
Gavin I think it begins with a unifying message and a unifying
approach. You know as I’ve gone around the country and I’ve gone
around South Carolina, people do not want this division. They do
not want that tension, anxiety in our society. I think it
begins with literally reversing what President Trump has done.
President Trump has sent a message that has encouraged
white supremacists. It’s encouraged folks
who engage in hate speech and even violence. I would send a message of unity mutual
respect. Again an example from New York we’ve made it a point
to tell all communities they matter and they’re included.
People pick up on that and they hear that. I think some real
healing can happen in this country.
But it really comes down to calling out of people’s better
angels and showing that this can be a country that really
works for everyone. Because in the end we know a lot of this
is related to economic anxiety. When we’re talking about mass
shootings in some situations we’re talking about assault
weapons and discussion of having a ban for that, or we saw former
congressman Beto O’Rourke say we’re coming for AR fifteens. Is
that the right message that should be being put out there
right now? No I don’t think so I think the right message is to
have an assault weapons ban. I agree with having the buy back
but to make clear to people at the same time, look the second
amendment is part of our Constitution. I understand
why a lot of gun owners feel it’s a very important right
for them. I think at the same time a gun owners and the
vast majority American people want to see better
background checks and and waiting periods for purchase, and don’t want
to see assault rifles out there in the general
population. So I
think part of how you move the country is you know meet
that majority where it is. Yes to a ban. Yes to buy backs. But we should
not sense give people a sense it’s going to be
punitive or invasive. Thank very much Mayor De Blasio.
Thank you. A pleasure Gavin. Not all of the candidates
were able to sit down with us. Out of the stump the Wilson
High School Marching Band helped Joe Biden make a splash as he took the stage,
as he had previously before in two thousand
six, giving him the ability to say something the other
candidates couldn’t. It’s good to be back. Fritz from South
Carolina through and through. And he always
made it a point to come to this great event. And encouraged
me to do it. And I did it very early on and for the Holiday family
I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Because
they have kept this tradition, which
should never die. (applause) We also have to acknowledge
that there could be no realization of the American
dream without grappling continuing to grapple with the
original sentence slavery brought to these shores over
four hundred years ago, a century long campaign of violence,
four centuries worth, that in fact, fear and trauma
brought upon black people in this country. Domestic terrorism and
white supremacy have been the antagonists of our
highest ideals from our very beginning. Lynch mobs, arsonist,
bomb makers, lone gunman and we’ve all now realized
that violence, violence does not live in the past. If you give it oxygen,
it comes back. The same poisons ideology that
lit the fuse in the sixteenth street, pulled the
trigger at Mother Emmanuel. You know, a
president’s words matter. They matter. They can move
markets. They can send our brave women and men to war. They can bring peace they can They can appeal to the better angels of our
nature. But they can also unleash the deepest darkest
forces in this nation. When he said after
Charlottesville, the President Trump said and that’s what he’s
done. unleashed those
darkest forces. When he said after
Charlottesville there were quote very fine
people on both sides.
He gave license and safe harbor to hate the white
supremacists, neo nazis and the KKK. In doing so he has
signed a moral equivalence between those spewing hate and
those with the courage like all
of you to stand against it. We have to let the
American people know everybody knows who Donald Trump
is. Everybody, even the
people who support him. But here’s the deal. (laughter) We got to let to know
who we are who we are. We stand for hope over fear. We
stand for unity over division. We stand for
truth over lies. (applause) We stand for science over
fiction. Look folks. We’re better prepared than any
nation in the world to
lead the world. We have the largest economy. Our workers are three times as
productive as workers in Asia. There are more great research
universities in this state and in America than all
the rest of the world combined. We’re the greatest
scientists in the world. Why in god’s name don’t we pick our heads up
and remember that this is the United States of America.
There’s not a single thing we can’t do. I mean
it. So let’s get up, take it back,
and lead the world again. God bless you all. And thank
thanks for letting me come back to the stump. Thank
you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it.
Thank you. South Bend Indiana
Mayor Pete Buttigieg opened by reminding
people his first time in South Carolina was years ago,
when he was in the Navy and underwent Army training at Fort
Jackson in Colombia In other words, the first
time I came here, it was in order to prepare to serve. And
now I’m here once again prepared to serve and asking for your
help in making that happen. Friends I’m running
for President because I believe that our country is running out
of time. Our country is in a crisis. The American people are divided, discouraged and doubtful
at the very moment. We need we need to be rising to meet some of
the toughest challenges we’ve ever known. And every day
we got a President tweeting out a
new outrage in order to distract us from the fact that he’s not capable
of doing the job. Within a decade we’re
going to reach a point of no return on our climate. And yet the
President thinks you can change the
weather by taking out a sharpie and re- writing a map. (applause and laughter) Our economy is so
out of whack that the stock market and the
gross domestic product is going up at the same time that
life expectancy is going down in this country. That
shouldn’t even be possible. And yet when we first got
news that we might have a recession coming, we spent the
whole week talking about whether we were going to keep upsetting
Denmark over a proposal to buy Greenland. We ought to be more
worried about how to buy groceries at
a time like this. You got a chance to be part of
an American majority that’ll come together to deal
with our challenges, not just Die
Hard Democrats. but people coming across the
aisle. I see one right
there. Independents, people who were under
no illusions about this president but may have voted just to do anything
for a change. Now we got to actually make sure
the change is in the American interests. And that’s not
going to happen if we act like Donald
Trump is just an aberration that just happened out of the
blue. It’s not gonna happen if we try
to hard to play it safe. Or pretend that we can
go back to normal. It’s also not
going to happen if we watered down our
values or papered over our differences so you got a squint
hard just to tell the difference between a Democrat or
Republican. Nor will it happen if we get so trapped in the purity test
that we turn off half the country before we even get to
next November. This is the time to unify the
American people. This is a time for ideas that
are bold enough to get the job done and capable of
bringing us together. (applause) And if you think about it
that’s how Democrats win. from John F. Kennedy to Jimmy
Carter to Bill Clinton to Barack Obama we
win when we offer leadership from a new generation, with new
ideas calling America to be better than it’s been. So here at an event
that traces its roots to just a little while
after the Civil War We got to remember that some
of our dark moments sometimes bring out the best in us. What
is good in America. Dare I say what is great in America.
And I can’t wait to tell our future children what we did now
to give them a better world to tell em, we set up an economy
where we protect workers as well as jobs and see to it
that a rising tide really does lift our boats, starting in
twenty twenty. Running for office
is an act of hope And so is helping
somebody run for office, not naive hope. It is the hope of those who
cannot afford to go back. It is the hope of those who
insist on something better than trying to be great again.
Because there is no again in the real world. It is
the hope of those who realize that the
future is where we are going to spend every minute of the rest of our
lives so we had better make sure that it is
better than the present. (applause) Senator Amy Klobuchar is
a third term senator from Minnesota. She typically
visits South Carolina when a big multi candidate event is
happening. Her stump speech featured her classic humor, a few stories and
her moderate stances. And there’s a funny Minnesota
South Carolina connection. And that is that my mentor Paul
Wellstone who sadly died in a plane crash. He used to tell the story of
his very first speech on the Senate floor. He was so proud of
themselves and Senator Hollings comes over and approaches him.
He was there. And Senator Hollings in his inimitable way
says to Paul Wellstone, ‘Young man you remind me of Hubert
Humphrey.’ Paul is overjoyed . He’s so
honored. And he says, ‘Oh! Senator
Hollings. Thank you so much. And he says Hollings says let me
finish, young man (laughter) You talk too much. You have a former governor
who hiked the Appalachian Trail. We don’t have a governor that
hiked that trail. Oh that’s right you don’t either.
We have a President who literally said there were two
sides after Charlottesville. Well, there are not two sides
when one side is the Klu Klux Klan. There is only one side and
that is the American side. We have a President
that has let all these tax cuts go to the wealthy, right?
Think what he’s done. Built up this debt. Make that
argument to your friends, independent, moderate,
Republican friends that he has added to the debt daily.
But he gave us a tax bill that those Republicans voted for
that added a trillion dollars to the debt. So you ask what party have been fiscally
responsible when you look back through time. When you look at
President Clinton and President Obama. It is not the Republican
Party and it is not it is not Donald Trump.
He is literally right now treating our farmers and
we’re in a big rural community here, treating our farmers and
treating our workers like they are poker chips in one of his
bankrupt casinos. And if we’re not careful he is going to
bankrupt the country. And one thing that I think we need to
emphasize more. And we haven’t even been asked the question
about world issues in a big way in the debates. I think we have
to be the party this time of rural America. You know why? It
is the Democratic Party that is worried about your rural
hospitals that are closing in South Carolina, right? It is the
Democratic Party that is standing up for education. It’s
the Democratic Party that standing up for no lead in your
water. And yes it is the Democratic Party that’s standing
up when it comes to climate change. That’s what we
need to do. You go to
the spring, where after that tragedy in Parkland, people
joined with the people of Charleston. They joined with the
people all over this country. And those kids they stood up
there in Florida. They became icons and kids all across the
country talked to their dads and their grandpas and said we
love hunting too in our family. But we can have universal
background checks. We can do something about magazine limits.
And those kids didn’t just talk they marched and then they
voted in record levels in the mid term. And then comes the mid
term with the election of Joe Cunningham when we make the
House of Representatives the people’s house again. That is
the March that we are on. That is a March it’s going to lead us
right into November of twenty twenty. And South Carolina
Democrats I want to lead this my march because I know how
important it is to win in states like yours. Because I
have the track record to do it. And because you at my side are
the people that have made this arc of justice even shorter. You
are the welders that got us through this. Let’s go ahead
let’s win this race. And let’s send Donald Trump back to where
he came from. Thank you South Carolina. The Galivants Ferry stump
crowd skewed older and wider but the people had a variety of
perspectives on a large democratic field and how they
see a path to the White House for Democrats in twenty twenty. I believe the Democratic Party needs nominated central is to
get Republicans like myself and military men and police
officers to vote for Democrats which is not the best option we
had the last time. And that’s what happened we had
Donald Trump as our President. I really believe that if we
elect a centralist, not me
because I’m a Republican but if the Democratic Party elects a
centralist, as their nominee I think we have the best chances
to beat Donald Trump in the election. is this Mayor Pete will set
policies in effect that he’s going be around to live to
see what happens. No disrespect to Joe Biden our vice President.
He’s not gonna be around to see what happens when you put
something in effect. I want a President that’s gonna be around
for the next thirty years to say okay this works or
didn’t work. Out of most of the nominees he’s
pretty much the one that’s gonna be there. I consider myself a moderate
Democrat. You know I want to show
flexibility. Yes I do I think some of the
other candidates are for me, just a little to far left. With Joe I think his plans make
a little more sense to me. I’m not thoroughly convinced
that taxing the rich is the way to go. To me I look
at that like saying, oh I’m gonna build this great big
house and I’m gonna build it now with the hope that I’m gonna get a raise in two years, you know.
And that’s just the way I look at it. I think that doing away
with private insurance. I think people should have an
option. My age group of people, we want those
options. Yes. I just think it’s time to
change because I’m just afraid if
things continue the way they are in the White House.
We really are going to be in much more trouble than we’re
already in. I’ve always been a fan of Joe
Biden and I think he’s gotta a lot of experience and
has a wonderful heart. But of you want Donald Trump out
of the White House, it’s up to us. It’s not up
to a particular candidate. It’s up to us to get out and
vote. And get our neighbors to get out and vote, This is the first time I’ve been
really involved in something like this. So, I’m planning on
keeping an open mind. I think Amy and Pete were all
great. Yes. And I liked everything that
they had to say. For more videos from this year’s stump, check out
YouTube.com/South Carolina ETV and you can watch the
entire video from the stump, as well as on SCETV.org. Also
check out the South Carolina Lede. It’s a political podcast
that I host each week with the reporters who cover the stories
affecting. You can find that on any mobile device. From
Galivant’s Ferry, I’m Gavin Jackson