Hello and welcome everyone to the 2019 YRDSB
Student Trustee election debate and speeches, today we’re here at Bill Hogarth Secondary
School to listen in with our student trustee candidates. We’re also joined here with the YRPC student
outreach meeting members, who are student leaders from high schools around York Region. So today we’re here to listen to the speeches
and hear what they have to say in terms of the role of the student trustee, what they
hope to achieve and any other issues that they’re planning to address in their term. So to start off we’ll be having two minute
introduction speeches that have been chosen in a randomized order of who will go and to
start off we have Michelle Chou from Bayview Secondary School, grade 11 student. (Applause) So it was actually just a few months
ago when I held a conference at my elementary school about breaking stigma amongst marginalized
youth and I vividly remember the student who came up to me and he told me that he was in
this situation that I was talking about and he asked me how could I reach out to others
to help break this stigma so that others like me didn’t have to feel the pain. And that’s when I realized the importance
of speaking out to others who didn’t have the opportunity to do so. Now just being here at this event today I
want you to think about why you’re here attending this event, perhaps you’re a member of your
student council or you’re a part of YRPC, either way you’re still here at this amazing
student outreach event. But the unfortunate reality is, is that there
are thousands and thousands of students who don’t have this opportunity to attend events
like this or to have their voices heard. Now this is not just about providing students
with equal opportunities or resources to do well in school but it’s more about elevating
the importance of inclusivity and equity. If you’re able to recognize those who are
less included in the school environments and accommodate them their diverse and varying
needs then we’ll be able to strengthen the sense of belonging with others in the school
board. But we also have to think about what inclusivity
means as a whole when schools are involved in the bigger picture. Student Council presidents you probably realize
it’s very hard to get students to participate in events because there is a lack of communication
between teachers and students and there’s a lack of this attitude and mentality towards
inclusivity. Thus, if we’re able to invest in equity and
invest in inclusivity then we’ll be able to educate the students that underneath all of
our differences we all share one common identity and that is being a member of the community
that we call school. Thank you. (Applause)
So the next candidate that we’ll have present their two minute speech is Anish Agnihotri,
a grade 11 student from Bayview Secondary School. (Applause)
Good afternoon everyone, thanks for joining me, my name is Anish Agnihotri and I’m a grade
11 student from Bayview Secondary School. I’d just like to begin by getting a round
of applause for everyone here because you’re being leaders in your community right now. (Applause) Alright, I’m going to tell you
a little story about myself, so when I was a kid I moved a lot. In fact I moved so much that by the age of
10 I had gone to sixteen different elementary schools, in grade 5 I moved to the York Region
and I joined a school and I was expecting the same things that had always happened,
I would get bullied, I would fall behind on course work and then three months later would
you look at that I’d move to another school. Today I’m thankful that that didn’t happen
and I received the support that I needed from my classmates, from the teachers and from
the York Region community, and I’d like to give that back by being a student trustee. So six years later I’m in grade 11 and I’m
hear about student trustee elections, in fact just last week I took part in the march out
that we had, the walk out in protest of the Ontario government education changes and I
realized that the student voice does matter, we just organized, together, the largest ever
student run walk out ever in Ontario province wide, that’s something we should be proud
of. And I feel as a student trustee I’d like to
represent your voice by being the voice that can relay the events, relay the information
that you need to the Board and get information back. So I’d like to leave you with a quick thought,
student trustee has the word trust in it and the only vowel in the word trust is U, so
today I’d like to ask for your support, not just for myself but for every single one of
my fellow candidates here because what we need is a voice for the student body and not
only would I like to do that but I’d like each and every one of us and everyone in this
room and the hundred and twenty four thousand students to have a voice for themselves moving
forward in the next year. Thank you very much. (Applause)
Alright, thank you for that, our third candidate is now Harry
Cheung. Harry is a grade 11 student at Markville Secondary
School. (Applause)
To the student representatives currently with us at Bill Hogarth and all of our friends
at York Region joining us today, good afternoon and welcome to the 2019 YRPC student outreach
meeting. My name is Harry Cheung and I am running to
be one of your student trustees, however this opportunity is not mine alone, no this privilege
is built upon the many individuals such as yourselves who strive to create a better future
not just for themselves but our friends and classmates all over the province and that
spirit is why I am here today. One of the first opportunities I’d experienced
was when I was in my student council as the minister of social justice in grade 8, I was
able to meet all kinds of new people and help out anyone in need whether it was organizing
a fundraiser or giving back to the community. Since then humanitarianism has been woven
into my blood, from hosting a talent show to support the centre for dreams, a local
non-profit dedicated to helping empower those living with developmental disabilities, to
collaborating with EQAO to improve the quality of our education on a provincial level. Everywhere we look I am constantly reminded
of the countless yet unrecognized efforts to make our institutions and communities a
better place, all for the sake of empowering bright minds to make a difference and create
an even brighter future. Today I look forward to learning more about
how we can continue onward not as students but as change makers of our future. Thank you. (Applause)
Thank you, our last candidate is Nicholas Hamzea, a grade 11 student from Bayview Secondary
School. (Applause)
What do you see when you look around you, well I’ll tell you what I see, I see future
doctors, artists, skilled tradesmen and engineers, I see the very people that will shape tomorrow’s
society but in order to do that we need to have the resources available to us today. Hi everyone, my name is Nicholas Hamzea and
I’m a grade 11 student at Bayview Secondary School. Now some of you may know me from YRPC meetings
but to most of you I’m probably just another unfamiliar face but through these YRPC meetings
I have had the amazing opportunity to connect with so many incredible students and discuss
various issues from those pertaining to mental health and student well-being to effectively
incorporating technology within our education. As your student trustee my main focusses would
be to promote a safe and equitable environment to improve mental health of all students and
to ensure that I’m always approachable and open for any suggestions. It goes without saying that student life is
stressful, especially as we get into those older grades and we have the responsibilities
piled onto of our already increasing workload, this is why I believe that one of if not the
most important issue affecting us right now is that of mental health and I aim to advocate
for that by promoting positive coping mechanisms and launching a campaign to inform all students
about the presence of social support workers at our schools. On top of this we need the information and
tools to succeed right now, now I believe that we can greatly benefit from improved
support with university applications, post-secondary career options, course selections and even
just a general resources that we need in order to succeed and to have our education in a
way that fits for us. I’m also a strong believer in equity in our
school environment and to me that means that everybody has a fair opportunity to succeed,
no matter where we come from or where we want to go in life. Thank you. (Applause)
Alright, thank you candidates for all your speeches we will now be moving on to the prepared
questions of today’s livestream. That was perfectly timed. The way the questions will be structured is
that candidates will have 30 seconds to respond to a question, each question that will be
said will be given to two candidates randomly to answer. To start off we have a question that will
be applied to each of the candidates, it will be asked to all of you and to start off we
will begin with the order, we will begin with Nicholas Hamzea and the question is, we are
here today to talk about schools of the future, what two things do you see as key to the successes
of those schools? Thank you, so the two main things that I see
as crucial to the success of future schools is the health and well-being of the students
within those schools, as well as the resources that they are provided with. Health is by far the most important thing
and it trumps anything else so if students are not in a proper, if students do not have
good mental health than it becomes much harder to do anything else and in addition we need
to have the proper resources so that any student leaders, any student leaders such as yourselves
attending this student conference can be able to make change. Thank you that is all the time we have. The next candidate will be Harry Cheung. So the two main things that I see as part
of our student success is first technology, technology is playing an ever increasing role
in our lives, this interview would not be possible today without microphones, livestreaming,
students all across the province are able to connect with us and in utilizing technology
we can continue to utilize it to further improve our education while connecting with students
all around. Second of all, the mental well-being, the
health and of course, basically student involvement and engaging, continuing to increase those
opportunities. Next candidate is Anish Agnihotri. Thank you, the two things I think that will
be most important for the schools of the future are mental well-being and inclusivity. Mental well-being because it’s important that
each and every one of us understand the mental capacities that we have, and with increasing
burdens and workloads it’s important that we understand how to manage our time and to
effectively utilize it. The second one of course is inclusivity, with
increasing schools we have a greater number of students coming in, in fact in the YRDSB
we have a hundred and twenty four thousand students and I’d like us to be as inclusive
as possible in the future so that not one of those hundred and twenty four thousand
people felt left out. So first things first, inclusivity and equity,
this is because we need to speak for the people or the students whose voices aren’t heard
this way everybody is involved in the student community. With that the second thing is community, as
well we need to focus on the students who actually aren’t being involved and if we can
unite the students who are involved with those who aren’t being able to be heard as much
we will be able to create this more inclusive environments for schools for everybody, thank
you. (Applause)
Thank you so much candidates for the first question, so now we’ll be moving on to the
questions that will only be asked to two randomly selected candidates and again 30 seconds. Just to clarify I will raise up the 10 second
warning and I will say thank you after the time is up. Ok, so the first candidate who will be answering
the first question is Anish Agnihotri. Your question is, how will you as a student
trustee encourage students to be more involved in the community? Thanks. I’d love to have an increased community involvement,
not only through social media platforms, currently the Board trustees use Twitter through their
trustee handle to reach out to students and other community leaders. I’d love to expand this to things like Instagram
and Snapchat so that the socially future active students of our schooling are able to interact
with me as a trustee. In addition I’m always to contact and I’d
love to hear any opinions or concerns that you have so that I can better represent you,
thank you. (Applause)
The next candidate will be answering the question is Nicholas Hamzea. And again the question is, how will you as
the student trustee encourage students to be more involved in the community? Thank you, so the first major part is being
as open as possible and as transparent as possible with all the students so that anyone
would be able to reach out to me as a student trustee and voice their opinions for what
they want changed. In addition to this it is also incredibly
important that we are, that we become more inclusive so that those who may be struggling
for a variety of reasons have the opportunity to be involved and have the opportunity to
be engaged, whether this be in school clubs and activities or outside of school through
various extra-curricular commitments, thank you. (Applause)
We will now move on to the second question, this question is for Harry Cheung. What can the YRDSB Board and some schools
do to continue to improve student’s well-being? The YRDSB can continue to improve students
well-being through the active promotion of mental health, safe study habits, as well
as looking out for the needs of the students because ultimately we are the change leaders
of our future and in order to succeed we need the tools and equipment needed in order to
make an impact in our community and I believe mental well-being and health is an extremely
important one to our success in society. (Applause)
Thank you, the next candidate is Michelle Chou. And again the question is, what can the YRDSB
Board and schools do to continue to improve student’s well-being? So I think just putting a very big emphasis
on how students should balance their time and attend different extra-curricular’s
that help them become involved in the community. So we can get students to join YRPC, get involved
in the discussion and why our education matters and they can develop this understanding of
why they are learning in this education system and this will help them with their well-being
because they’ll be able to understand why they are doing everything for this purpose,
thank you. (Applause)
Thank you very much, the next candidate is Nicholas Hamzea. Your question is, there are three of you from
the same high school, how will you accurately represent student voice from all high schools
across the YRDSB? Thank you. So in order to accurately represent high schools
from all across YRDSB I have to connect with them, I have to find a way to reach out to
each of the individual high schools. One way I currently do this is through YRPC
where I get to meet so many amazing individuals from different student councils and from all
schools across York Region. In addition to this I would like to reach
out as best as possible through social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook,
etc. to as many different students as possible so that I’m as open and as reachable as possible,
thank you. (Applause)
The next candidate to answer is Anish Agnihotri. And again the question is, there are three
of you from the same high school, how will you accurately represent student voices from
all high schools across YRDSB? Thank you. We may be three students from Bayview but
that doesn’t mean we’re not the three students from the York Region and I’d like to emphasis
that as members of the York Region we are together as a community right now, right here. And it’s important to understand that I’d
like to listen to what you have to say no matter what high school I come from because
I’m not representing Bayview here today, I’m representing the voice of students across
the York Region, thank you. (Applause)
Alright, thank you candidates for that. The next candidate to answer is Michelle Chou. Your question is, equity and inclusivity are
one of the four focusses of the Board of Trustees Multi-Year Strategic Plan, what will you do
to support equity and inclusivity as it applies to students? So I think one of the most important things
to do with equity and inclusivity as a student trustee is just to promote the education among
students. A lot of students they mix up the definitions
of equity versus equality and they don’t understand why it is so important to not only include
students who aren’t being heard but also students in general. So just by encouraging this education of why
it’s so important to have equity and inclusivity within the school board is what I would do,
thank you. (Applause)
Thank you very much, and the next question goes to Harry Cheung. The question again is, equity and inclusivity
are one of the four focusses of the Board of Trustees Multi-Year Strategic Plan, what
will you do to support equity and inclusivity as it applies to students? Equity and inclusivity, is one of the most
important factors of student engagement, without this basically students from all across York
Region will not be able to participate but through the active promotion of equity and
inclusivity which is one of the main key notes of my platform we will continue to allow all
of the students across York Region to participate and have a greater, meaningful voice, not
just in their schools but in the communities, in the Boards and in the province as well,
thank you. (Applause)
Alright, thank you very much candidates, that concludes all the prepared questions that
we have for today. We now invite members of the student outreach
meeting to come to the sides of the stage to ask any questions that you may have for
the candidates. So if anyone has any questions just come to
the side, and again this is open to anyone to ask any sort of questions to one of the
four candidates. Alright, no worries, so we’ll be taking questions
on both sides of the stage and we’ll go back and forth. Hi my name is Mohammad, I’m from Vaughan Secondary
School. My question is for Anish, I know, I heard
your introductory speech and it was really good, you have a very collective way to gather
your thoughts and I’d heard a little bit about your background. Tell me how you would give back to your community,
not just Bayview Secondary School but back to your community, how your student trustee
would impact because it puts you in a great leadership role, how would you present that
impact, to give back to your community basically? Thank you for the question. So I always say I’m a student that lives in
Vaughan, goes to a high school in Richmond Hill and today I’m in Markham giving a speech
about community involvement. I really think that community involvement
is super important, in what I give back no matter which high school I come from. I’d like to give back in ways that include
things that impact the complete Board, equity and inclusivity programs, things like volunteering
opportunities for students and further education plans for individuals. Thank you for the question. (Applause)
I’m Alina, I go to Thornhill Secondary, my question actually goes to all of you, I noticed
a lot of you focused most of your speeches on equity and inclusivity as it is one of
the most important features of student development but that is something that is said amongst
many board meetings, many student council meetings, many outreach meetings, that’s a
common topic but what do you guys actually have planned on implementing like specific
goals that you will be able to accomplish, like realistic goals but that’s the only way
to make an impact. So for this question we will randomly give
it to two candidates. To answer this question we will have Michelle
Chou. So I know that inclusivity and equity are
two main topics that are spoken at every single meeting but the reason why things aren’t getting
done is because you’re trying to address this such a huge issue to a great audience, we
need to be able to start small, start with one, particular audience and make that change
there. So one thing I can do is that I can start
encouraging the participation of these different conferences, conferences like today, using
conferences like today and using them to target specific schools at a time, specific groups
of people that we can spread it to everyone else. (Applause)
Alright, the next candidate who will be asked to answer this question is Harry Cheung. So the question is, what tangible ideas do
you have to implement equity and inclusivity? Equity and inclusivity is obviously an extremely
important portion of student voice and what I intend or see to do is first allow the active
promotion of student inclusivity in schools such as the YRPC meetings, ways to get involved
in the community such as shad applications, being in your local Markham, your youth council
and the mayors because ultimately through giving, allowing these students that there
are opportunities out in the field we can give them the tools and the resources they
need in order to actively get involved and know that they can make a difference in their
community, thank you. So trustees we please ask that you cut your
answers short and respect the 30 second time limit. Thank you for the question. Hi my name is Frian, my question is addressed
to anybody who will be asked to answer the question. And the question is I’m happy that we’re all
focused on equity and inclusivity but for me personally it falls under a different category
which is character developments, at the end of the day are you a good person, like as
much education. So my question is, have you guys thought of
a plan on how to improve the character such as integrity, honesty in York Region and if
so what is that plan? So since we have a number of questions that
are left I’m going just going to ask the audience members that we close off the questions here,
so if you’re still standing in line you’re fine, but just in the interest of time we’re
going to have one trustee candidate answer the remaining questions. So this next question goes out to Nicholas
Hamzea. Thank you very much for the question. So I feel as if the most important part of
character development is being able to get out there and try various things to see what
you’re passionate about, to connect with various people and to see what, how everyone, how
you interact with everyone and that is the best way to develop character. So for my personally, my personal plan would
be to make sure that students have the ability and the opportunity to explore different possibilities,
whether that be through clubs and activities or outside of school as I feel that would
foster character development the best. (Applause)
For the next question. Hi my name is Aaron and I’m from Stephen Lewis
Secondary School and I have a question for whoever they pick to answer. The students in this room is only a very small
sample of everyone in the YRDSB and these are all students that are very involved and
active in their school community, how do you feel you’ll be able to reach out to everyone
and be able to accomplish a lot of things that a lot of students want, especially the
students that aren’t as involved but still have ideas or want schools to be run certain
ways or things to happen? And now this question will be for Anish Agnihotri. Thank you very much for the question. So I understand that this room is some of
the leaders of their own schools who have come out today and that we have a hundred
and twenty four thousand other students that I’d like to look out for as a student trustee
so to give you actionable items what I’d like to do is start a simple platform where users
can just message me or message the trustees things that they’d like to see, anonymously
and completely anonymous fashion and I will bring it up at the next Board meeting and
the trustees to have a Twitter page where I will post actionable things of how I acted
on the tips that we received through that helpline, simply because it’s the easiest
way to reach out the ever so increasing large York Region. I hope that answers your question, thank you. (Applause)
Thank you, next question. As a follow up to your response to that, what
we notice on social media when we try to reach out to people is that you physically cannot,
there are certain algorithms and certain people that are far out of the reach of one account
or one platform, the website does not get any visits, how do you solve this? So this is a follow up question for Anish
Agnihotri. So I greatly appreciate the input and as a
student trustee the first thing of course that I’d do is access my situation, with YRPC
members that is something I’d sit down and do, from a technical background I am a software
engineering intern which means that hopefully that experience would be useful somewhere
when we get to social media interaction and things like that but beyond that I will be
looking into other alternative platforms or in person meetings to schools that I can reach
out to. I appreciate the question. (Applause)
Thank you very much. So all four of you showed up here looking
extremely professional and able to present yourselves to both the student body and administration
and the adults that are in the room, when you’re at a Board Trustee meeting you’re about
to present the student voice to adults who have a higher position than you, how do you
make sure that you can still represent the student voice and truly fight for us while
you’re still trying to be professional, that’s for Michelle by the way. Alright, this is a question for Michelle Chou. I know this is question for me because my
one weakness is that I’m way to nice, it may appear like I won’t fight for an issue that
I care for but the thing is when there is an issue that I need to stand for I will make
sure that I maintain my professionality and back up everything I have with facts, back
it up with character and back it up with a passion I have to help the students out in
the York Region District School Board so we can get the issues that we want to get across
to the Board of Trustees, which are the adults. Thank you. (Applause)
Thank you very much and our last question for today. I just had a question for Nicholas Hamzea,
and so I was just wondering what do you think is the purpose of school? Thank you very much for the very interesting
question. So when we think of school we think of academics,
I gotta get 100 on the next test, I gotta get whatever on that next test, but school
is so much more, so much more than just academics, school is where we all develop our character
and it’s where we all develop the personalities that we carry forward with us for the rest
of our lives. So to me school is more than just the next
test or the next exam, it is an opportunity to develop yourself and to be able to reach
out to many people and grow as a character, thank you. (Applause)
Just in the interest of having an equal amount of questions for all candidates we’ll be asking
one more question to Harry Cheung. And your question is as follows, what would
be your number one priority as a student trustee? My number one priority as student trustee
would be first and foremost the engagement and the courage to continue involvement of
students all across York Region, in addition to giving the tools and resources needed to
be involved in the community, we will continue to give those opportunities to the leaders
of our community as well as continuing to allow them to get involved and learn more
about the process to continue to be the change leaders and become passionate in shaping not
only our future but our province and our country. (Applause)
Alright, that concludes the question period for today, thank you candidates for the wonderfully
articulated answers and we will now move on to the concluding two minute speeches. Once again I will be timing the two minutes
and at 10 seconds to the time I will raise up the piece of paper to give you guys a warning
and I will cut you off at 2 minutes. We will go in the reverse order of the introduction
speeches, so first up we have Nicholas Hamzea. (Applause)
Thank you very much. I wanted to take this time to emphasis the
importance of student success and well-being within our community. Given how stressful student life is we as
a community should be doing more to ensure that all of us have positive mental health. Moreover just take a look around the room,
there are dozens of individuals right here, right now, students leaders such as yourselves,
each with their own unique stories and needs. Now if you think that’s a large number try
looking at our Board with over a hundred and twenty four thousand students, that’s a hundred
and twenty four thousand unique voices that all deserve to be heard and that I am to represent. As a student trustee my door would always
be open to anyone, as much as I would love to stand up here and tell you about everything
that I will do if elected as student trustee, the truth is our world is dynamic and there
are certain new issues that come up during the term and new opportunities for improvement. This is why I will do everything in my power
to fight for you at the Board level and to ensure that we have a say in what is going
on, and the most important thing in this is being open to the students. No matter who you choose to vote for it’s
important to get out there and vote, with so many students in YRDSB alone you need someone
who can represent all aspects of the student voice and who can represent you. Now the student trustee role is a really large
one and it’s certainly more than I can discuss in 2 minutes so if you have any questions
for me at all, about me, literally anything else included my campaign please feel free
to reach out to me through any means. Now join me and together we can build a more
positive environment for everybody so that we all have the tools to make change for tomorrow. Thank you. (Applause)
The next candidate is Harry Cheung. (Applause)
In this day and age where technology and politics are revolutionizing the way students approach
education, it is perhaps well to ask what kind of community we are and what direction
we want to move in. As someone who has been told that I can’t
make an impact in my community, let alone the world I know how frustrating it can be,
yet it does not have to be this way. Although we are students of the York Region
District School Board we are so much, we are the change makers of our generation and our
determination will continue to inspire us, to pursue our passions and create a brighter
future for all. I may not be a perfect leader but I care about
all of your opinions and values, every leader needs help sometimes and now I ask for your
help, a leader is someone who can inspire a group of people, act selflessly in times
of need and take responsibility when something is wrong and to make things right. My name is Harry Cheung and vote for me as
one of your student trustees, thank you. (Applause)
Thank you very much Harry and next up we have, Anish Agnihotri. Thank you everyone. They give us 2 minutes to make a closing speech
about why we should be elected, that’s a hundred and twenty seconds or a little under a second
for every thousand students in the York Region District School Board, which I don’t think
is very fair if you think about it right. I’m not going to tell you here to vote for
me today because at this point of time you’ve made your mind as to who you think is most
deserving, you know what you want done and you know the action that needs to be taken. So I’m going to give you an open question,
pick from any one of us four because I firmly believe that all of us are the leaders of
tomorrow, everyone in this room, everyone one hundred and twenty four thousand students
in the Board are leaders so it doesn’t matter who you pick as the pinnacle to lead your
society forward what matters are the people that back them every step of the way and I’d
like you to be the people that back me every step of the way. Thank you very much. (Applause)
Thank you very much Anish, and last but not least we have Michelle Chou with her concluding
speech. So looking back on that day with that student
who asked me for help I realized that if he didn’t take the courage and initiative to
actually come to me then I wouldn’t have known that the issue was present. Now the thing is inclusion shouldn’t need
to be a privilege amongst students and maintaining the standard of equity should not need to
be a concern, however it is and that’s why I challenge each one of you leaders in this
room today that when you go home you pay more attention to others and reach out to those
who are less included. If we can build a community that is strong
and tight knit then we can also encourage people in schools to participate and work
towards building this all inclusive environments that we all want to achieve. Now just before I end off I know that all
of you still may feel like you may not know who I am but I will promise that I will listen
to all hundred and twenty four thousand student voices because I care about the well-being
of their education. Now to those of you who are watching the livestream
or those who are watching the debate today please feel free to come talk to me any time
because if I’m going to represent your voice then we need to have that communication between
each other and we need to trust each other. So to end on a positive note, Nelson Mandela
once said that education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world but imagine
how powerful that we can be if we had every single student in York Region District School
Board to use education as a means to change our world. Thank you. (Applause)
Thank you very much trustee candidates, that concludes all the speeches and questions we
have here for today and now before we end the livestream I would just like to briefly
go over the election process so that all students know how to participate in the upcoming election. So just for key dates and the timeline, advance
voting period opens on Wednesday, April 24th and closes on Sunday, April 28th. In that period you may vote for the trustee
candidates of your choice through your Google, your YRDSB Google apps email. A link will be sent out and posted on the
student trustee website where it can be accessed. Finally, the voting day will be on Monday,
April 29th, 2019 with the announcement of the results on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019. After the end of today we hope that all of
you can return back to your schools, student leaders here at the student outreach meeting
and encourage the students of your schools, make them aware of the amazing and wonderful
candidates that we have running for this position and inspire them to participate and lend their
voices to these wonderful candidates so that they can represent the students. I hope that all of you when you are voting
on, whether it’s during the advance voting period or on the voting day that you vote
not just because of somebody that you know or your friends with but vote for the candidate
who aligns with your priorities and the beliefs and values that you hold dear to you. The livestream, again will be posted on the
student trustee website in the format of a YouTube video for all students to revisit
and re-watch. Once again student leaders we hope that you
can bring this message back to your student bodies and encourage all students to participate
in this election. Thank you all for your time and at the end
we encourage all students leaders here in the room today or online as well to reach
out to our candidates through the YRDSB page on the YRDSB school website and we encourage
you to reach out ask any questions that you may have and for those that didn’t get to
ask questions feel free to reach out after this session today to ask your questions. Thank you again for your time and your interest
in the student trustee elections. (Applause)