procrastination stops productivity and
when it does it usually leads to you having bad health bad relationships and
and it even messes with your finances it causes immeasurable frustration intense
anxiety and stress and usually it keeps you from achieving your goals often
times not allowing you to live up to your full potential to achieving your
dreams now in this video I want to share with you three and procrastination
life hacks that you can use to be more productive stay tuned if it’s your first
time here I’m Kadrian Thomas and this is where I help you simplify your life by
hacking your health your wealth and your relationships in three simple steps in
the past many people have tried different tricks in order to be more
productive people have stripped themselves naked and allowing somebody
to hide their clothes so that they wouldn’t go outside the house until they
were super productive others still have tried chaining themselves to their desks
so that they could be productive by clunking of that full length novel over
a six-month period but I’m not here to share that with you I want to help you
simplify your life so the first step in being more productive is that you need
to stop overthinking it ironically your intelligence is getting in your way
oftentimes you are thinking about the consequences that will follow your
decision or your actions you’re thinking about will it work is hard it’s
difficult what if I make the wrong decision and that you never take any
action you are there planning two three four five years how to have a perfect
landing yet you have not even gotten up off the ground but one of the things I
have learned through life is that the universe will not provide or open the
parachute for you until you have first after you have jumped then a
parachute will open so that you can have a safe landing I’ve met many people in
this little life that I’ve lived people who are talented gifted intelligent
people who could be the next best-selling author the next best artist
but again they overthink stuff they’re always thinking about the perfect
landing instead of really taking the jump and so they close themselves off
from what the universe has provided and so money is on the other side of tone in
somebody’s pocketbook or bank account just waiting for them to finish that one
project or to start writing that one of or that one book or to create that piece
of music that is going to take them to the next level step number two is to
develop your next action plan Mark Twain puts it beautifully he said the secret
to getting ahead is getting started the secret to getting started is breaking
your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and start on the
first one that could mean that you search for the images on Google for your
next blog post or write the first five lines it could mean that you edit or
create the first four bars of that piece of music or draw the first two or three
strokes on that piece of canvas for the next artwork that you have are simply a
respond to that email that has been sitting there for weeks and months just
for you to take that opportunity point is to shift your focus from the
overwhelming immensity of the forest that is the project to a single tree the
smallest task which means it’s doable it’s achievable and this is effective
because your brain instead of you feeling overwhelmed and down cast your
brain will interpret them I can do this this is easy this is achievable and
instead of feeling anxious and burdened with frustration you
become so enthusiastic about what it is that you are going to do remember that
the achievement of a thousand steps begin with the first one step number
three build momentum one of the attributes of productive people is that
they remain productive and as they say nothing succeeds like success productive
people focus on one task and then another and another and another and as Isaac Newton in his first law of motion says an object in motion tends to remain
in motion along a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force productive
people tend to focus on doing one thing then another then another then another
and when they have built momentum the momentum is what pushes them along so in
order to be more productive and to beat procrastination stop overthinking it
develop your next action plan and build momentum before you go smash that like
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simplify your life