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In this video I’m going to share with you my 5 CRAZY Obvious tips on how to BE debt-Free!
The formula for financial freedom or a lifetime of debt has one common denominator: your decision.
My husband and I have been married for 17 years.  When we were young we had a lot of
love and not much of anything else.  Naturally like every young couple, we wanted to experience
and buy everything!  We felt that we were “fine” since we both had decent jobs and
our earnings were good.  One purchase became two and before we knew it the two week paychecks
were not coming in fast enough. You know the rest of the story.  Our story is likely similar
to yours.  We are all drawn into making a living and believing that from working hard
we can create a great life.  We’ve all been sold the idea that we can make more to
live better.  Guys, this is a mindfield that we should NOT walk through.  Making purchases
based on future earnings is dangerous!  But people do it all the time.  I am a firm believer
that behavior is learned.  We do, what we see.  Thank goodness that bad habits can
be broken when you decide it’s time to change. The first step to making a change that would
last is your decision. You must buy into whatever your goal is. So, Have you found a way to
SELL yourself on being Financially FREE yet?  If not, then this is the most important thing
you’ve gotta do today. You must do everything in your power to SELL yourself on why Financial
FREEDOM is way more important than whatever, you fill in the blank is… The tips I’m
going to share with you are going to come across very obvious. I know, ’cause we’ve
all heard them before, but the reason why I think many people are still in debt is because
we’ve heard the pitch but we never really bought into the idea. These 5 crazy obvious
tips on how to get out of debt is what everyone should use, but they do not!  So before you
continue watching, you’ve got to get the point where you CAN believe you can do this.  You
ARE smart enough, you ARE strong enough and you DO have enough character to work through
this!  The discipline required to get out of debt and into freedom IS worth it.  Once
you make the decision to take the debt noose off your neck, the following steps WILL work!
You CAN do this! It IS worth it! It WILL work! Here’s my disclaimer, I am not a financial
planner. I do not have formal education in wealth building. If that is what you are looking
for, then this is not the video. I’m just a mom, a wife and a business owner. I’ve
been dirt poor and now I’m not. I’d like to share with you how I did it. But I don’t
have any fancy charts, graphs or formulas for you. I’m just going to try to sell you
on one really simple idea. And that idea is that being financially boring is really exciting!
Here are my 5 crazy obvious tips to BE DEBT-FREE Tip 1.  Be grateful for your job  and show
your appreciation by working like crazy to prove to who ever that you ARE grateful! You
know, I love the quote by Napoleon Hill that encourages us, to “Render more service than
that for which you are paid and you will soon be paid for more than you render.  The law
of “Increasing Returns” takes care of this.”  You may not LOVE your job and it
may not be your life long career target, but you know what? You’re never going to receive
more until you are grateful for what you already have.  Once you accept this truth, the beauty
begins.  This mental shift frees your spirit to work from a place of joy and creativity
that WILL be noticed.  The cash and the advancements will come AFTER you put in the work.  Keep
in mind that the payout may not come from your job.  It could very well come from another
source, but you WILL get paid.  Hold the faith and keep working in joy!
This joy filled perspective is what fueled me, it removed any subconscious gilt of not
giving my all, it killed the disgruntle, obnoxious child inside my mind that was always questioning
if I could find a better job and from there it freed me and renewed my energy to work
and when I was done I was done. I gave more then I received and my freed spirit lead me
to find other sources of income.  You can watch my video on how I used direct sales
to turn our finances around in less than 3 years at the end of this video. Tip 2.  Save
everything, spend nothing, be okay with not being cool.  I was a top producer for my
company and buying cloths at discount stores.  The only name brand anything I owned were
those items I earned as a sales incentive.  My mission was to reach financial freedom
no matter the cost to my ego.  And it was so worth it! Ask yourself the obvious questions
and guys, you know the answers.  Making yourself eat in, wear cloths you already have and using
a flip phone instead of the next great tech invention goes back to SELLING yourself on
being Financially FREE.  And I can already imagine the thoughts rolling around in your
mind. “But I need it for work…. I’m in this industry and I need to look a particular way….
or what would so and so say.” You guys know the “yeah butts” in your mind are tell
tell signs that you have not SOLD yourself yet on being debt free.  Saving everything
and spending nothing becomes easy when you’ve sold yourself hooked, lined, and sunk on the
future that lies beyond working to what? Pay for a stack of bills? You’ve already bought
what everyone else was selling. Isn’t it time you sell yourself on something worth
more then a wild time? This is difficult if you have children, I know!  I’ve lived through
the children’s whining and my self imposed guilt trips by reminding myself that they
may not “like” me now, but I prayed for strength to continue so they would love me
later.  Each time that I felt my resolve wavering, I’d simply go online and type
in “Hungry Children” in the search engine.  And oh my goodness the pictures. I would be
instantly shocked back into the mission to provide a better life for my children. Immediately
my goals were reinforced and I would quickly be reminded that financial freedom also brings
with it the power of positive influence in the future.  You can help more people when
you are first able to help yourself.   SOLD! Tip 3.  Make minimum payments on everything 
and throw all your extra “shopping/spending” money at paying off the highest interest bills
first.  Then move down the line until every bill goes down to $0. Tip 4.  Add a “bill”
for your savings account.  If you are going to pay everyone else, let’s add YOUR future
and savings into the stack.  Make a commitment that you will not buy anything until ALL the
bills for your old purchases are down to $0 AND your savings account has 1 year’s salary
in it.  If you make $50,000 a year then you need at min. at least of $50,000 in your liquid
savings account with $0 debt before you start making purchases and before you start thinking
about investing. What you make a year should be more then what you spend a year.  If you
are making less than you spend then this is a HUGE, MASSIVE problem.  You either have
a spending problem or an earnings problem.  If it’s a spending problem then stop spending!
I know, sounds so simple right? Ya da, ya da. But it really is. Remember the idea that
you can make more to make up? It does not work. Especially if you haven’t fix your head
yet. Because the more you make the more you will spend until you first decide that you
are not going to live that way anymore. Now if you have an earnings problem then you really
need to find more ways to make money. I’m not saying quit your job. Remember tip #1
was to be grateful right? I’m talking about finding another job to add on or another stream
of income. So at the end of this video you can watch my video on how we overcame our
earnings problem through direct sales. I’m so excited for you because exciting things
are in your investing and wealth building future when you owe nothing and have at least
a year’s safety net! It’s exciting times ahead. Tip 5.  Maintaining a HIGH savings
LOW spending lifestyle can be really easy if you keep your spending eyes wide open and
you are vigilant on SELLING yourself always on saving every time that spending monster
wants to bit you!  I always hold up the item I’m interested in buying and ask myself,
“Do I love this $50 worth?”  “Do I love this $100 worth?”  Whatever the price
tag, I always ask myself, “Do I love it this much? Most of the time the answer was No. 
If I’m ever in doubt, I just place the item in my shopping cart, walk around the store
a couple more times and then ask myself the question again “Do I love this much?” 
And do you know the answer often would be NO. Can I afford it? YES. But that’s not
the right question to ask. The more powerful question is do I love this temporary feeling
more than the peace of being financially free? Do I love this high and this rush of buying
more than the joys of being able to help people in need? Remember just because you can afford
something does not mean you should buy it. Retail therapy only gives you a temporary
high anyways.  If you are honest, the impulse to buy is just as temporary.  Walk away. 
Walk away! Make sure you mentally pat yourself or physically…. pat yourself on the back
each time you do.  It will get easier, I promise, easier and easier every time! You
are worth it. Your future is worth it. I hope this has been helpful.  Happy Savings! If
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