what we’re all here to discuss about
today our passions and what our interests are and things we want to
accomplish in 2019 again my name is Maribel so my personal goal for the year
a resolution kind of intertwines with the social impact goal and I’ll start
with that one because it’s so important I’m trying to have an environmental
resolution and I have a couple of steps in what that looks like but the first
step was becoming a vegetarian my objective for 2019 is to run more
events for the humanity hub this is a not-for-profit thing we do is how we can
really bring back individuals to the basics basics of communication face to
face communication instead of using third parties for us to decide on
anything really we have to go back to the basics of communication and knowing
people as much as possible instead of relying on social media for us to get to
know individuals it’s really social impact starts from a locality from one
place and then you do it and that’s how things should be worked on and so what
happens here in DC is different that’s what’s happening in New Jersey in
Chicago in New York in later on once you start going on an international level
and the social impact should start from a local perspective understand more what
goes on understand the issues understand the culture and then move with it and
this is how you are able to create an impact
so my big kind of goal of this year overlaps in a few different areas and so
I’ve been thinking a lot about kind of like my mission my purpose statement we
actually I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Gianna Singh but she’s
like a kind of social impact change change agent and she has a really good
relationship with the program that I’m in so she came and talked to us about
this idea of like establishing your mission early and using it as a way to
make decisions almost like if you’re really on the fence about something and
you’re not sure and you’re having a hard time making a decision seeing how things
relate back to your mission so I’ve been kind of like playing around with some
different things and like what I actually my purpose statement could be
and so one of my like first goals for the year is to really like solidify that
because right now I have like a lot of different things that I’m interested in
and like a lot of different topics that I’ve studied and I’d be happy working in
but figuring out like exactly what what words I want to say are the words that I
can like use in the future to make decisions so I have interested in the
intersection between like refugee and kind of immigration migration issues and
then like gender and economic development which has always sort of
been my interest and so I didn’t always think that those areas were like super
intensely intertwined like they don’t necessarily seem like they would be but
there’s actually a lot of programs that are being done right now kind of in the
in the overlap of those like especially in terms of kind of like women’s
economic empowerment in refugee communities and like financial literate
literacy site type stuff so I’ve actually found quite a few programs that
are focusing on that and so I’m really trying to kind of explore that field as
well I am really interested in education
especially education inequality so I’m really passionate about being able to
bridge the gap between people who do have influence who have the most
influence in their local communities and maybe people who may not have as much
influence using the power and from of information to bridge the gap between
the different types of groups 2019 a social impact goal is to do virtual volunteering for upcoming nonprofits they do not have the ability and
capacity to pay for full-time employees in the areas of HR finance or
technology or any technical field so I am planning to work as a HR
consultant for upcoming nonprofits to various foundations like taproot
foundation catch a fire that’s my long-term goal my social impact related goals are number
one I want to start working on and decide upon like a couple of possible
solutions to the problem that there is currently no industry standard for
quantifying social impact and that especially for social entrepreneurs and
nonprofits it becomes really difficult to secure funding especially at early
stage as compared to like a for-profit a completely different for-profit startup
for example so having industry standard would be
really important you should check out the impact Genome Project because you
have already yeah because they seek to standardize impact metrics and the CEO
who had created that he wrote a book on particularly on how why nonprofits are
struggling getting funding because I mean they’re very very much reliant on
donations right but at the end of the day he’s saying that you should restrategize
as your efforts and sell your sell your impact