HI everybody Dave Sullivan here for the credit
guy on TV this time we are going to talk about the 10 things collection companies will tell
you when you’re trying to negotiate a pay
for delete situation on a collection you see the collection
companies report obviously the information to the
repositories through an e oscar electric type system when they would go to remove it from
your file if they’ve made a mistake in need to
remove something they have to then contacted the rep at the repository in get their
rules so it is a bit of a pain for them in many times I’ll tell you things that
may not be correct in order to get you you know to not
negotiate that into the settlement the debt so the
number one thing I’ll tell you is that their company doesn’t do that in their company does not do that is
really not a valid valid kind of response because they can always correct something is an error so it just means that they either done it too many times in the
repositories give him a hard time about it or you’re talking to someone who doesn’t
have the authority to give that to you so that when you
wanna move up one level in the chain is it really depends on the
amount of the negotiations so if you’re negotiating a twenty dollar collection still be very difficult to get that removed but if you’re negotiating a 2000 or 3000 dollar collection there obviously going to want to work
with your one above what the change we get that have an answer number to the OT the repositories don’t
do that which is again not correct Tom if they
were poor something in here they’re going to get it removed so it
just means that they have a policy of the person you’re talking to isn’t all lives in the ass for that the
that’s how they should respond again you wanna go up one level so many times the collection company
will tell you is illegal for them to remove it in actually in the Fair Credit Reporting
Act there’s no requirement that they reported data
so obviously there is no law that tells them that
they can remove it especially it is an error so the fact
that they say that it’s illegal for them to remove it is just another way to make you feel bad
when you’re asking for this so that you won’t obviously you don’t want to ask for
something that is illegal so when they say that as a tactic to make you can’t go
away or move away from that type A the request aboard the third thing is
going to be the repository will allow them to do
that again i cranks is the repository is very open to
correcting errors so if they report something as an error they will very easily remove it so begin
with that goal. the fifth thing is we will not
provide anything in writing okay so it makes no sense to go through
the negotiation for them to tell you they will remove it and
then for you not to get anything in writing. You gotta
get something on company letterhead the says it was reported Error signed by someone at their office and the account number once you
have that that’s your golden ticket, you don’t need them
anymore you can go to the repositories and get this removed that’s what you need so you want the
next five things that collection companies tell you just click
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the credit industry thank you