So I already did a review and a top ten moments
video for Aftermath: Life Debt, but there were so many connections and new little details
revealed about the Star Wars universe, I thought it would be cool to do a video that quickly
covers all of them. So these are fifty new connections and fun facts from Aftermath:
Life Debt. Keep in mind that this video is full of spoilers. That said, let’s get started. Emperor Palpatine was exploring the origin
of the Dark Side before even the Clone Wars began. He did so by placing beacons and sensors
in the Outer Rim on worlds like Jakku. There was a bar on the Death Star. Not an
overly important fact at all, but it’s fun to think about. What other amenities did it
have? A laundromat? A spa? Luke’s relationship to Darth Vader was not
common knowledge. We know from Bloodline nobody knew about Leia and Vader for a long time,
but for some reason I figured everyone knew about Luke.
Rae Sloane makes yet another canon appearance. This is her third book, and she’s also appeared
in the comics and multiple short stories. She’s a fantastic character, I hope John
Jackson Miller is thrilled to see her pop up again and again.
The mysterious admiral from the first Aftermath is Gallius Rax. Some people are already theorizing
that he’s Snoke. I don’t agree with that, but he is a very manipulative and intimidating
antagonist for the Aftermath trilogy. Coruscant was largely abandoned by the Empire,
and fell into civil war. The Imperial Security Bureau is pretty much the only holdout left.
Mas Amedda remained on Coruscant, and had little real power in the Imperial remnant.
The New Republic wouldn’t even accept him as a prisoner.
General Hux’s first name is Armitage. General Hux was also a bastard. I don’t
just mean he’s a jerk, I mean he was Brendol Hux’s illegitimate son. Brendol doesn’t
think very highly of his son, calling him weak and skinny, but does have hopes for greatness
in his future. There are multiple references to the Empire
needing children to survive, foreshadowing the philosophy of the First Order. This connects
back to the Servants of the Empire series and also The Force Awakens and Finn’s story
of being taken from parents he never knew. The Empire formed a Shadow Council to run
everything behind the scenes. It was led by Gallius Rax. Rae Sloane, Brendol Hux, and
other Imperial military minds were members. There are vague rumors surrounding Palpatine’s
death, claiming that he lived many lives. This could be a cheeky nod to his clones in
Legends. To be clear his clones are not canon, thank the Force. I just think Wendig snuck
a little easter egg in. Snap got his nickname from Wedge Antilles
himself because of his nervous habit of snapping his fingers. The Visual Dictionary claims
he got the nickname because of his temper, which is also present in the book. Maybe Wedge
was just being nice when asked why he gave him the nickname.
Han and Leia got married on Endor right after the battle. They wasted no time, unlike Legends
where they took years to get married. There are hints that Gallius Rax has been
pulling strings for a long time, possibly manipulating or at least influencing Count
Vidian from the book A New Dawn. Rax has certainly been around long enough, and connecting him
back to previous villains is a good way to make him more imposing.
The Empire had thirteen super star destroyers at the time of the Battle of Endor. By the
time of Aftermath most of them were destroyed or commandeered.
The Emperor had a personal super star destroyer named the Eclipse which may or may not have
been destroyed. This is at least a partial recanonization from Legends. We have yet to
see the ship, but I think it’s likely they only share a name as another nod back to Legends,
and specifically Dark Empire. The Annihilator, General Tagge’s super star
destroyer from the Darth Vader comic, was overtaken by pirates.
The Acolytes of the Beyond stole a possibly ancient red lightsaber from a museum during
a riot they started. They were nonviolent in the first book, but they’ve clearly changed
their minds. I’m still not sure what they’re up to.
Sloane hunts for clues about Gallius Rax in the wreckage of the Imperialis, the same ship
we see destroyed in the Lando comic. That ship was Palpatine’s personal yacht, and
it was filled with Sith artifacts until Lando blew it up.
The surviving Alderaanians received scrap from the original Death Star to construct
a space station as their new home. They seem to be pleased with that, but I think it’s
kind of strange to live in the remains of the weapon that blew up your planet.
The Black Sun was still operating, and set up a base on Nar Shaddaa. That means they
now have bases on at least three planets which also include Mustafar and Ord Mantell.
Wedge has a limp and other injuries he received in the first Aftermath. He was captured by
the Empire, beaten, and tortured. These injuries could explain why we don’t see him in The
Force Awakens. Maybe he’s retired or incapable of flying in his older age.
The New Republic developed new capital ships by dismantling Imperial ships and creating
the Nadiri Mark One Starhawk, which might be the same ships seen in The Force Awakens.
The Jedi that survived Order 66 made a last stand on a planet called Madar or Morad, Sloane
couldn’t remember the name, but a last stand did happen. I wish Sloane were a better history
student. I also hope we get to hear more about this later.
Sloane grew up on a lawless planet called Ganthel. The Empire’s ability to bring structure
to her home world was what drove her to join it.
The Empire has a hidden secret fleet to use against the New Republic. I believe the Eclipse
is part of that fleet. ME-8D9 has been at Maz’s castle longer than
Maz has. She is somewhat of a security droid that helps enforce the main rule at the castle:
no fighting. An underground Coruscant prison called Leminscate
is mentioned and could be a reference to the Lusankya prison from Legends. The Leminscate
isn’t a star destroyer, and I may be grasping at straws on this one. It’s kind of a reach.
Wicket gave Leia the seed of a sanctuary tree, and she planted it. I love that she and Wicket
had a special connection. Luke taught Leia some Force techniques, which
she practices. Thanks to Bloodline and The Force Awakens, we know her training doesn’t
really go anywhere, but it’s cool seeing her at least take some interest.
Leia first learns that her child is a boy through the Force. She sees that he will be
smart and strong, and tells Han he will be an angel. Is that irony, or is it foreshadowing
for future films? The rancor’s name, and it was Pateesa. One
of the Interludes is about Malakili, and how he’s basically suicidal after its death.
That is until he finds a new purpose. Alien hatred has been strongly hinted at in
the new canon, but it’s outright confirmed here. Sinjir talks about how the Empire is
made up of almost entirely human because the Emperor considered aliens to be inferior.
We also see a Grand Moff hunt aliens and talk about enjoying the meat of other sentient
creatures. Han confirms saving Chewie from slavery was
the catalyst for the life debt, but also claims that Chewie saved him from traveling down
a dark path. I expect we will learn more about this in the Han Solo movie.
Kashyyyk was a worldwide prison labor camp during the Galactic Civil War. Wookiees were
tortured, forced to breed, and used to build some of the Empire’s more heavy duty weaponry.
The reporter Tracene Kane and her Trandoshan cameraman Lug, both introduced in Aftermath,
reappear here. In fact many small characters from the first Aftermath show up again. These
interludes look like we can piece them together to form individual short stories.
There is an area on Kashyyyk called the Black Forest which has been dead for thousands of
years, poisoned by some as of yet unknown event that left its mark. I really hope we
learn more about that somewhere down the line. We really need to get some Old Republic stories.
Wookiee slaves had inhibitor chips similar to the ones explained by Anakin in The Phantom
Menace. They could be used to cause pain or death in rebelling Wookiees.
Wroshyr trees on Kashyyyk can grow so large that they can take half a day to walk around.
I always knew they were huge, but I think this is the best description I’ve read that
helped me understand how truly massive they are.
The New Republic offers therapy droids that are very similar to BB-8 to injured veterans.
Ewoks have also offered themselves as therapy Ewoks. This is silly but could explain how
Ewoks began to spread through the galaxy, as shown in Perfect Weapon.
Leia dreams of Padme’s death, Han dead in the snow, Chewie in a cage, and Luke lost.
Padme’s death has already happened, and Han dead in the snow could foreshadow his
death on Starkiller Base. Chewie in a cage could represent his being in a prison for
most of the book. But Luke lost? I wonder when we’ll see that, or if we ever will.
Evaan from the Princess Leia comic reappears. Chuck Wendig did a really great job of incorporating
canon elements from lots of different sources, and I was glad to see Evaan still having a
close relationship with Leia. Yendor from Lost Stars and Bloodline is present
for the Empire’s retreat from Ryloth, and is immediately nominated as the Twi’lek
representative to the New Republic, the position he holds in Bloodline.
Cham Syndulla is mentioned, but it is unclear if he is still alive. He has been fairly prominent
in the new canon, so I expect we’ll find out more about him soon. If he’s dead I
feel like we as an audience deserve to see that story on screen or on page.
Han and his team steal a Star Destroyer, which is something he claims to have done before.
Maybe we’ll see that in the Han Solo movie. Wedge forms Phantom Squadron from a group
of washouts and weirdoes. This is basically Wraith Squadron from Legends. Even the names
are similar. Phantoms and Wraiths are the same thing. I would be surprised if this wasn’t
a straight up reference, but why not just call it Wraith Squadron again? Maybe the Story
Group has plans for the Wraiths in the future. Crix Madine is likely killed in a mass assassination
attempt on Chandrila, although his death isn’t one hundred percent confirmed. While he has
never been hugely important, I’ll be a little bummed if he’s dead. He was also killed
in the novel Darksaber. Mothma is shot during the same event, and
this could lead to her health issues that cause her to step down as Chancellor. We learn
about those health issues in Bloodline. At this point Han and Chewie part ways to
be with their respective families, although we know they reunite. I wonder if we’ll
ever see Chewie’s family. If we do I hope it’s handled better than it was in the Holiday
Special. We do know from the book Weapon of a Jedi that Chewie’s wife’s name is still
Malla, same as it was in the special. And there you have it! Fifty facts and connections
from Aftermath: Life Debt. Hopefully that helps you get a better idea of the state of
the galaxy and our main characters, along with some new trivia to impress your friends
with. I’ve never done a video like this, so if you liked it or didn’t like it, either
way let me know in the comments! Until next time, thanks for watching and may the Force
be with you!