6 Scientific Tricks That Make Women More Attractive. The following recommendations rarely ever
have a scientific base, proven and ultra studied. The Mexican site Marciano.com.mx was given
the task of drawing up a list of “ten scientific tips to be more attractive”, obtained from
the collection of various studies and analysis. “This is the result of the knowledge acquired
in a laboratory, thanks to a systematic and methodical testing procedure and confirmation”
they explain. That list includes recommendations for men and women, so we have only collected
6 that may be useful for women: 1. Consider the female stereotype. Yes, even in the twenty-first century, stereotypes
are still a great way of attraction. So with women, in the case of makeup, studies show
that those who use it get more attention because men consider it a sign of economic solvency
and even independence. Breasts and buttocks play an important role as the ones that have
large portions are those that attract the most attention and are much more courted. 2. Get enough sleep. Sleep is the recipe for the beauty of the
body, because according to a survey by the Sleep Laboratory of Stockholm, Sweden, people
who do not get enough sleep are less attractive than those that properly rest. 3. Turn up your female voice. Apparently, everything is a primitive affair.
In women, the softer voice is more attractive. In men, a deep, commanding voice is perceived
as more attractive to women. 4. Dress red. Red is key to physical attraction. When women
wear it, men interpret it as a symbol of fertility and sexual availability. 5. Smile! Doing so makes you instantly more attractive.
It is like a natural cosmetic because when you smile you cause impact on other people
and yourself. In fact, in several studies, both men and women have qualified the smile
as a much more interesting quality than other generalities. This was discovered in the study
Integrating Gaze Direction and Expression in Preferences for Attractive Faces. 6. Keep your chin down. Well, they say that the first impression is
what counts and science says that when men show the chin up, give a much more favorable
impression, because it decreases the natural warp of the face, while women achieve that
effect lowering down the chin a little bit. To learn more about the 6 Scientific Tricks
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