Yesterday we were at Gamescom 2019 to try
out the VR games that are coming soon! We tried many games there that we of course
want to share with you! So here are 6 VR games that we are looking
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VR videos like this one! And now, let’s dive in. Number 1. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency Brought to you by Neat Corporation and in
collaboration with Fast Travel Games comes the second installment of Budget Cuts where
the story continues straight after the first game. It is a stealth action-adventure game in a
cheeky robot world with cartoonish graphics. What’s different this time is that you will
be in a different environment. You will not be in the office anymore like
in the first game, yet you will be outside jumping from building to building. You will also get a bow and arrow which won’t
have an unlimited amount of arrows, making it challenging and forcing you to play as
stealthy as possible. This version is more focused on action and
giving you the options to choose how to play. The devs told me that you do not need to play
the first game to play this one, but it is recommended. So far, I enjoyed what I’ve played. The bow and arrow mechanics feel polished
and realistic. This version is pretty similar to the first
game, so if you enjoyed that, I recommend checking this one out. The game will be available on PC VR and will
release before the end of the year. Number 2. Down The Rabbit Hole This game is set in the Alice in Wonderland
universe, including the characters. You will play with Alice and one of the Armored
Cards. But I’ve also met the smoking Caterpillar,
the Cheshire Cat and the King of Spades. The gameplay is done beautifully. You will see a panel in front of you with
Alice and the Card in a 3rd person perspective. You control them using your controllers by
drawing a path or you can choose to use the thumbsticks to move them. As you move from one panel to the next, a
new panel will emerge. You will be going back and forth in the panels. I played the part after Alice has jumped down
the rabbit hole, so each panel gets you deeper down the hole. The demo I played was about looking for butterflies
and to find them all; I had to do a variety of creative puzzles. Sometimes the game shifts you to a first-person
perspective for puzzles and talking to characters. It also seems like a side scroller at first. However, you’ll notice that the rabbit hole
is all around you. You will be turning, looking up or ducking
to find a clue or get a closer look. I think the devs made smart use of the power
of Virtual Reality with this game. The story and voice actors are very similar
to what you’d expect from Alice in Wonderland, giving you that nostalgic feeling. Down The Rabbit Hole is a game brought to
you by Cortopia Studios and will be coming to PC VR, Oculus Quest and PSVR. While you are watching this video, don’t
forget to leave a like if you like it so far. Number 3. The Walking Dead: Onslaught Survios is bringing The Walking Dead: Onslaught. A game based on the universe of the TV show. You will be able to play the actual characters
of the series, use their iconic weapons to slaughter the zombies, which are called Walkers
in the series. They even got the real voice actors, which
is pretty fantastic if you are a fan of the show. In the demo, I played as the protagonist of
the show, Rick. I got to try out several weapons, even the
iconic Negan bat that he called Lucille. I’m especially impressed with the fighting
mechanics in the game. It is very polished, allowing you to choose
what you want to do. Yea, it’s very gory as you can see, but
there is dismemberment, decapitation and it all feels accurate. Wherever I attack, I’ll see where I wounded
a Walker. I can even grab their necks and then choose
to put a knife through their brains as the people in the show often do. Blood spatters are dynamic, showing exactly
where I shot and each weapon has their own weight and power which is nice. In the demo, I ran through a pretty linear
map where I walked outside and inside several rooms, while collecting fuel for XP and ammo
for my weapons. The further I went, the more weapons I found. At the end, I was met with a wave of Walkers
until Eugene brought a van out to take me away. This part gave me an arcade feel. The devs told me you can level up your characters
and choose between multiple characters of the show. You can also play the campaign in co-op with
others. As a fan of the series, I am very excited
for this game since it feels like a full game and not just a tech demo for the series. The game is coming out on PC VR and will release
in the fall of 2019. Number 4. The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets Here’s a nice change from the zombie action. The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets is a cute
puzzle game brought to you by Fast Travel Games. In this game, you play from a 3rd person perspective. In front of you, you’ll see a cute little
world that you can spin around where you have to solve puzzles to find all the Stolen Pets. A lot in this world is interactive and feels
alive. It’ll make you want to touch everything
and explore. It’s very adorable. The map I played had a puzzle where I had
to solve what to do with a teacup, a candle, and a teapot to get a pet. The other pets were either hiding in a bush
or were in a tiny treasure box that I had to open by pushing a couple of buttons. The puzzle I played wasn’t very hard if
you think logically and just explore! Throughout the game, the story is told by
your grandfather, giving you a very homy feeling. The devs told us that they want to make this
game casual and relaxing. If you can’t solve a puzzle, you can just
move on to the next map to check that out. There will be different endings too, like
a full ending if you find all the pets. If you don’t find all the pets, you’ll
get a different ending. The Curious Tale of Stolen Pets will release
on PC VR, Oculus Quest, and PS VR and will release this year too. Number 5. Phantom: Covert Ops Brought to you by nDreams. A stealth VR game with unique locomotion mechanics. It’s a seated game because in the game you
sit in a tactical kayak on the water. So to move around, you have to peddle as you
would in real life, and that feels fantastic! It’s realistic too, if you bump to the edges
of the river, you’ll have to push yourself away with your peddle to get back in the water. The kayak comes equipped with a sniper rifle
and bombs. So you can choose to go the stealthy route
or go gun blazing. However, you won’t be able to shoot all
the enemies since you don’t have enough ammo. The game encourages you to go stealthy. Phantom: Covert Ops is a game well done. The locomotion mechanics is very comfortable
to play; it made the game so immersive that I almost forgot that I was at Gamescom. I’m looking forward to the release. The game will come out on Oculus Quest and
Oculus Rift platforms and will release this year as well. Number 6. The Wizards: Dark Times This is Carbon Studio’s second The Wizards
game. We enjoyed the first game a lot because of
the way you cast spells. You have to memorize and use arm gestures
here to cast a spell. This second game is the same! Like if you want an ice bow, you need to put
your arms together from outside in. If you want a fireball to shoot from your
hands, you need to press the trigger button while turning your wrists from down to up. There are many elemental spells to cast, each
with their own gestures, and each has its own speciality. For example, ice will slow down an enemy or
freeze them after a second hit. It’s all very logical and the devs told
us that you will be able to combine elementals later on. The Wizards: Dark Times is a single-player,
story-driven adventure game. And a beautiful game. The devs have done the work to improve on
the graphics. The spells look fantastic and dynamic. The map is not open world, but you’ll follow
a path. You’ll encounter many different enemies
and puzzles to solve that feel big. If you are into magic, this is a game to play. The game will release in the first quarter
of 2020 and is coming out on PC VR. So I will be posting videos of the gameplay
of some of the demos that I tried at Gamescom in the upcoming days. So if you want more information on the game
or just see more of the gameplay, then definitely check those out. And let me know in the comments down below
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