[WIU Student Andrew Hoffman]: Alrighty…
Three, two, one… [Text on screen: 60 Seconds with Cathy Early,
WIU Board of Trustees Chair; Honorary WIU Alumna] [Hoffman]: Favorite movie? [Early]: Ahhh… “Big.” [Hoffman, off screen]: Favorite ice cream topping?
[Early]: Sprinkles. [Hoffman]: Favorite holiday? [Early]: Christmas.
[Hoffman, off screen]: What’s milk’s favorite cookie? [Early]: Oreos! [Hoffman]: Lucky number?
[Early, off screen]: Seven. [Hoffman]: Most fascinating place you’ve ever been? [Early]: Aruba.
[Hoffman, off screen]: Favorite place in Macomb? [Early]: My house. [Hoffman]: Skittles or M and Ms? [Early, off screen]: M and Ms…
Peanut M and Ms! [Hoffman]: Peanut M and Ms! [Early]: Yeah…
[Hoffman, off screen]: Favorite actor or actress? [Early]: Ahhh… Tom Hanks. [Hoffman]: If there were a book to be written about you,
what would it be called? [Early]: Uh oh… [laughs]
[Hoffman, off screen]: Katniss or Peeta?
[Early]: Katniss. [Hoffman]: Step on a crack…? [Early, off screen]: Break your mother’s back. [Hoffman]: What did you want to be
when you were little? [Early]: I wanted to be a teacher. [Hoffman, off screen]: Things you could
not live without? [Early]: Water. [Hoffman, off screen]: Mac or PC? [Early]: Mac. [Hoffman]: Favorite board game? [Early, off screen]: Monopoly. [Hoffman]: Biggest pet peeve? [Early]: Whiners. [Hoffman]: Just under a minute!
I’ll take it…