In 2018 alone, Gospel for Asia was able to give out 8,812 sewing machines, to people who otherwise have no means of providing for themselves. There was a woman who was living in one of the slums in Mumbai. The slums of Mumbai alone, just the slums, not even the city, have somewhere around 14 million people. And that’s like over one and a half New York Citys. She was a widow and she had her two daughters. She didn’t have a way of providing for them. She was renting out a place to live in the slums, and her landlord told her, directly that if she could not provide, She might as well go into prostitution. That same day, there were some GFA-supported workers, who were able to give her a sewing machine. Which not just gave her a form of providing for herself, and for her two daughters, but kept her from going into prostitution. On behalf of those who will be impacted by this, thank you!