Bringing the metal from that locker in
got a few good old scraps from other things that’s basically what you see is
what I got so bring it in and see how we do today little quick hustle on a
Saturday brass, wire, copper, aluminum, and a little bit of lead we got it all out of the truck paying homage to the mountain of metal lots going on around here today well
with everything out of it and out of my truck and some extra scrap from home
this dollar unit so far just on the metal came up with this not bad and I
haven’t sold stuff yet pretty good return have a good day kids
this bass speaker four speaker system was found and I just posted it up on my
Facebook group this is one item I’m about to sell a second item I posted up
for sale is this Guitar Hero wireless guitar pretty cool looks like it’s in
good shape but like both items I don’t know if they work so they are priced
accordingly this Cabela’s target for like bows and arrows
well arrows mostly is for sale as well it was found in there it’s in good shape
I’ll tell you all the prices for the stuff in a second that I’m asking this
is a bathroom window with the privacy glass that’s dual glazed and it’s an
aluminum frame 32 inch by 32 inch so I looked up the prices for a lot of these
things retail believe me I don’t sell them retail I’m asking asking $80 for the
amp and the window or the speaker system and the window I am asking $40 for the
target and $20 for the guitar but again I’m totally open for offers as you guys
saw earlier the dollar and a couple hours of labor has already turned into
$52 so we’ll see when this stuff sells I really like using my facebook sales page
anyway you know the deal like share subscribe comment like it press that
button thank you very much for checking out the journey get out there and hustle