Lottie *throwing a fit* *screaming* *pounding on the floor* Sara: You know it’s very hard to study with you carrying on like this. Lottie: I want my mama! Sara: You’ll see her soon. Lottie: No I won’t she’s dead! and I won’t ever see her again. Sara: Well, I don’t have a mother either. *music box plays* Lottie: You don’t? Where is she? Sara: In heaven, with my baby sister. Lottie: *whimpers* Sara: But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk to her. I tell her everything, and I know she hears me. Lottie: How? Sara: Because that’s what angels do. Lottie: Your mama’s an angel? Sara: Of course. And so is yours. With beautiful wings of silk. And a crown of baby rosebuds. And they all live together in a castle. Do you know what it’s made of? Sunflowers! Hundreds of them! So bright they shine like gold. Lottie: *gasps* And when the angels want to go someplace they just whistle like this *whistles*. Lottie: *mimics whistle* Sara: *whistles* Lottie: *mimics whistle* Sara: *whistles* Lottie: *mimics whistle* Ermengarde: *mimics whistle* Lottie: *whistles* Sara: Uh huh. And a cloud floats to the castle door and picks them up. And as the angels fly though the sky riding the cloud like a magic carpet under the moon and through the stars until they’re hovering right above us. Becky: *sighs* That’s how they can look down and see if we’re all right. And sometimes they even send messages to us. *music box playing* Of course you can’t hear the messages if you are kicking and screaming as loudly as you were. But they always try again. Just in case we’ve missed it. *music*