It’s the festive season,
but many impoverished families may not have a very merry
Christmas this year. Reporter Te Hemara Rauhihi
visited a group today that hopes to change that. Santa has come early to
the Rongo family home. They are a family of 10,
nine of whom are children. Poverty is rife in this
area of Auckland. According to social workers, situations like this are common
throughout the country. However, this has been the
hardest year ever for them. This is Darryl’s job which began
yesterday and continues today – delivering presents to homes
in the South Auckland area. 90% of the families that receive
their support are Maori or Pacific. Despite the poverty factor,
parents still search for ways to better the situation
for their children. This will hopefully add more joy to
the Rongo family’s Christmas. Te Hemara Rauhihi, Te Karere.