So today I’d like to introduce our two
new juniors Guys if you just want to quickly introduce yourself I’m Jet I’m Linus We’re going do the quick Q&A questions with them So guys firstly,
Football or Rugby? Its a hard one but I would say football Football for me too Brilliant, which teams if any do you guys support? I am a Chelsea fan Everton for me…… kind of OK, what’s your favorite film? Favourite film, I would say Goodfellas I would say Princess Mononoke Okey dokes Favourite takeaway? Chinese Thai What famous person would you like to meet? I would say Dave Chappelle, he’s quite funny I’ll go for Paul McCartney Interesting and what about an interesting fact about yourself? Interesting fact, I’ve been saluted by royalty twice Wow! I have never eaten meat – ever Lastly what is the most scary thing
about being an office junior? Perhaps that you have to do something right for
someone, so making a mistake Fair enough, you don’t want to make a mistake I’d probably say getting the post
out on time OK great Thanks very much guys it was great to meet you