America is under threat. We need A Strategy for Passing on a Free Republic
to the Next Generation ————————
AMERICA has a unique pool of voters Our votes have allowed America to become wealthier
than any other populous country. Our votes protected freedom of thought and
religion But Immigration dilutes this pool of voters
o Democrats will eventually retake control of Congress and the presidency, just like
they did after 8 years of George W Bush Then Democrats will be willing to do whatever
It takes to prevent someone like Trump from winning another election
They can rewrite laws to import as many millions as they want and make them US citizens. HISPANIC ILLEGAL ALIENS FAVOR DEMOCRATS OVER
REPUBLICANS 8 TO 1 Does the Constitution limit the number of
foreigners that can get US citizenship? No. Congress can give US citizenship to 20 million
foreigners or 40 million or 100 million. Already, One third of all Mexicans in the
world live in America, and most of those already have US citizenship. before the 1990s, California was a solid red
state that never voted for a Democrat for president besides LBJ
But millions of illegals were given amnesty in 1986 and California’s legislature became
half Democrat which caused gridlock. Gridlock convinced the voters to choose a
savior named Schwarzenegger But he was only one man and he couldn’t convince
millions of voters to become Republicans In America, up to a million more foreigners
get the right to vote each year Now California is the 2nd most liberal state
in America, It voted for Hillary 2 to 1 over Trump
In America, Democrats have been ahead since Trump took office- 9 points ahead as of March
2018. This shouldn’t surprise you because it matches
the 9 point spread in party Identification. 54% of registered voters identify as Democrat
or lean Democrat, only 45% lean Republican. Electing Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama is
what you would expect with the voters we have. After 8 years of a Democrat president, people
started blaming everything on Democrats. But The opposite will happen during 8 years
of Trump, just like they did after 8 years of George Bush. Republicans can’t keep the Democrats out of
power for more than 8 years in a row. Obama spent $2 billion to win the presidency. After Trump won, George Soros donated $18
billion to his leftist organization. This money will be spent to keep conservatives
out of power. Imagine how much Soros will bequeath at his
death! This republic is not Ronald Reagan’s America
anymore. Tens of millions of foreigners have immigrated
since then. In the last 25 years, America has never given
many electoral votes to Republicans. Trump got lucky because he won Pennsylvania,
Michigan, and Wisconsin by less than one percent. But a million foreigners have been given US
citizenship since then. Without one of those states, we would have
had 3 Democrat presidential terms in a row. And every year the greatest generation dies
and another crop graduates from leftist universities. Do you want your children’s future to be dependent
on the kind of federal judges we’ve been getting? 5 out of 9 on the Supreme Court were chosen
by Republicans. Imagine how bad it will get when most of them
are chosen by Democrats. Let’s give up on the idea that we have the
power to always keep the Democrats out of power
and Let’s work to do something that is within our power, to solve the problem. I’m tired of complaining and false hope. I want a solution to the problem. For two centuries, conservatives haven’t been
numerous or powerful enough to keep Democrats out of Office. Despite our best efforts America chose Bill
Clinton twice and Obama twice. We tried persuasion, we tried education, but
the liberals did also and politics is like a religion to them. America keeps moving to the Left. Many issues that Trump is addressing leave
some of Obama’s legacy in place. Even when Republicans win, we only reverse
some of the Left’s gains. Even when our coalition wins DC, conservatives
are not in control because conservatives are a minority in the USA. If we do nothing, we will be under the iron
grip of Leftists forever. So what can we do? –
You know conservatives are a majority in the red states. Now let me ask you: Would you rather live
in a huge socialist country or in a country that is not socialist but is a little smaller? Now think about this. Would merging with Mexico and France make
America stronger or weaker? We wouldn’t want to merge with Mexico because
Mexicans don’t vote for good leaders. And that’s why we shouldn’t want to be in
a union with California or NYC either. I want you to see that the bad voters of the
blue states actually make us weaker. We wouldn’t want to merge with Canada because
they are a bunch of liberals who would block true conservatives from winning elections. But that’s the same thing that the blue states
are already doing: today conservatives have to make a coalition with non conservatives
to win a national election.. So Blue state territory is not worth it because
it comes with bad voters. When we split the USA into two separate countries,
our new country gets half the military and half the federal debt. Our conservative policies will make our economy
grow faster than ever. Our country of red states would still be plenty
big because Half the US military is all we need to defend the homeland and to keep the
sea lanes open and defend Israel. We don’t need to be big enough to rebuild
foreign countries, we just need to be big enough to punish them. Some say splitting the USA into two separate
countries is too drastic, but it is the only peaceful way to drastically reduce the number
of Democrats voting in our elections and keep permanent control of immigration policy. To avoid iron-fisted rule by the Left we must
prevent Democrats from ever again importing voters to outvote us. Splitting the USA can do that. Getting rid of the RINO’s can’t do that because
Trump’s base are a minority. A revival of States’ rights can’t do that
because states are not in charge of immigration. New Laws can’t do that because laws can be
repealed. Even amending the Constitution can’t do that
because blue states are not willing to ratify an amendment that blocks immigration or reduces
the power of Democrats. Even a Convention of States requires 3/4 of
the states to approve the amendments. Besides, Democrats ignore the Constitution
already. John Adams said
Our Constitution was made only for a Moral and Religious people
It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other
Another Civil War is not a solution because the Democrat survivors would still vote after
the war. A Civil War wouldn’t change the balance of
power unless tens of millions of American Citizens die from one party. It’s unlikely that you could spark a political
movement strong enough to get any army to do that to American citizens, when we haven’t
even gotten the Army to deport illegals now. There is no alternative to secession that
will produce a sustainable republic of traditional values
We’ve already tried Trying harder to win elections in the USA and it doesn’t always work
Changing voting rules is reversible Deportation is reversible
I’ve just proven Conservatives can’t hold 50 states. Now you have a decision to make:
Do you want to lose 20 states or lose 50 states? How you all react to this video will determine
which one happens. I would rather have 30 states in the hands
of the people, with freedom of religion, righteous judges, and financial solvency, than keep
all 50 states together and watch them fall into the hands of the progressives. Watch our NEXT VIDEO to see how
at God, we recognize that you established this
nation to be a light. We repent on behalf of our generation that
we have allowed this country to become like nations that don’t serve you. God, see the threats to this nation, .and
make a way for us to preserve a righteous remnant in this land. Let us not respond to fear with hate but rather
with wise action. Let us not respond in hate but in obedience
to your purpose for our nation.