– I’m in Hollywood, California,
on the famous Sunset Strip. I’m on my way to see
Aaron Carter,one of the biggest pop icons
in the early 2000s.
– Hey, what’s up, everybody?
I’m Aaron Carter, and this is my crib. Come check it out.I’m 27 years old now,but it all kind of started when
I was about eight years old.My brother is Nick Carter.He was in the Backstreet Boys.And being, like,
a little brother,I wanted to do the same thing.When I first went on tour,my career really started
This is our other yacht.
This is the family yacht. My career definitely grossed
over $100 million, for sure. This is the boat
that my parents go out on. And now I’m basically broke.Like, I’m sitting here in this
[bleep] apartment
because I can’t keep money
in my bank account.
My parents didn’t
put me in charge of that stuff. I was just a little kid
that was– all I did was go on stage
and perform. Before 18, the money goes into
my mom and my dad’s pockets. They’re supposed to be the ones
that handle it correctly.But it went to cars.
It went to boats.
It went to lavish lifestyle.It went every which way
except for in my trust fund.
When I turned 18 years old,
I got hit with a million dollars of taxes,and I had to file
a Chapter 7 bankruptcy
to protect my parents
from going to prison
for mismanaging my finances.Before 18,
the money’s already gone. I’ve been friends with Jayson
since I was 18. I gave him the opportunity
to start managing my career. It’s really Jayson’s first job
managing anything.– Aaron’s job
is to create the art,
and my job is to protect it
with the business.And that’s usually
when we have a conflict.
Two hours isn’t gonna make
that big of a difference, Aaron. – I’m not gonna be able
to work with you if this is how it’s gonna be.– It is difficult
working with child stars
who do not have the tools
or the fundamental knowledge on the business,
and they feel like they do.– Jayson helps me
with finances,
but it doesn’t always happen
on time. – I handle him the best I can. It’s a one-man team
at the moment. – I want to get to a point
where I can build my own family,and I can be a good father,
and I always want
to be a provider.And that is the hardest thing
for me: thinking that it
might not happen.