Yeah, I do believe this house is abandoned and right across the street as well, there’s one They are a troubling familiar sight in and around Cleveland missing posters for young women Gloria Cheryl de Ashley the list goes on another common sight around here abandoned houses it was in these two that Michael Madison allegedly left the bodies of two women police say he was inspired by Anthony Sowell a Cleveland serial killer who targeted women and is now on death row they shouldn’t have all these abandoned houses But it can creep in and watch you at night You could be walking out shooting the data, and they snatch it up. There is nowhere near the amount of funding in place now That would be needed to take care of all these vacant and abandoned structures It would be well over 50 million dollars foreclosures are a big reason for all the empty structures the average per-capita Income in East Cleveland is 16,000 dollars per year many of the vacant structures are from the early 20th century and are too costly to rehabilitate even if there were buyers My last experience here wasn’t the greatest so I’ve been hesitant to come back, but I Don’t know we’ll check out check out this spot All right It’s looking bright here As you can see there’s Bones already Here’s another one There’s some more bones baggies right here And some more bones Oh Oh my god And I’m in for a doozy I kind of suspect To find some more stuff just like that All right, I’ve got to be really quiet because I’m not sure if I’m here alone So I Kind of want to stay alert I think this house is abandoned also Man nature is starting to take over Oh Newspaper December 3rd 2009 Is the last date on this one And October 4 2009 on that one And I don’t want to touch anything in this house, I would look at the The date on the magazine I think there was another set of stairs. Well. Go check the upstairs off I wonder what was uh in there kind of pet they have It looks like they had pets and they have weaves also Some fake Jordans All right, I think this is a child’s room Surprisingly is the cleanest part of the whole house? Alright guys, I think I covered the whole entire house I’m gonna try to get into the house next door, so we’ll see how that goes Alright guys, this is the other house Thanks to it If you could see the entire basement is flooded Part of this house has been damaged by the fire Awesome or big blondes And sweeper yeah, they had to leave everything there was they got no choice As a gas can over there, that’s kind of scary give it a situation I Know this looks like somebody’s kicking a spot Wicker chair Alright guys, let’s see what’s in here? All right guys um yeah, due to the condition of the home, I’m gonna go ahead and Exit this place and try to find some more abandoned places in the area Sorry my phone is ringing but uh yeah, I’m gonna try to get into some more properties And I will catch you in the next video. Thank you for watching