Filing for bankruptcy is an intimidating prospect. To say the least, you might feel ashamed,
scared, you’re hesitant to take that step because you might think you’ll never have
good credit ever again. Okay take a deep breath, Reed Allmand of Allmand
Law has helped tens of thousands of peoplejust like you, free themselves debt and worry during
his thirteen years in practice. He’s passionate about helping people navigate
financial troubles because he’s been there himself. As a child he saw his parents struggle financially
and saw the effect it can have for a family. That’s what inspired him to become a lawyer
specializing in bankruptcy cases. In fact Allmand Law is one of the largest
consumer bankruptcy firms in Texas and Reed is a board-certified bankruptcy attorney by
the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Many could say that! Allmand Law treats you like a person not a
number because everyone’s case is different. Each client gets a customized plan. You’ll also get a personal coach and point
of contact at Allmand Law who will steer you through the process and answer any questions
you have. For many people maybe you and your family,
bankruptcy can be the best option when faced with severe financial problems in debt whether
it’s from car or house payments, credit cards, back taxes for medical bills. In fact bankruptcy is your legal right under
Federal Law something your creditors don’t want you to know. The best part about Allmand Law is that they
handle much more than the legal side effects may strive to give people not just a fresh
start after bankruptcy but a head start through follow-up programs after your bankruptcy. Their clients complete a financial management
course where they get tips on how to reestablish their credit after filing bankruptcy. As you can see you’ll be on solid financial
ground sooner than you thought possible. And if you’re worried about how you’re going
to pay for Legal Services, if you’re already having financial problems you don’t have to
be. At Allmand Law they have plenty a proven strategies
for paying for a bankruptcy even if you’re broke. You can be in the driver’s seat with your
debt and financial issues. You do have options. If you’re afraid of lawsuits with creditors
or you’re facing the loss of your home or struggling to make ends meet because of debt,
don’t wait join the thousands of people who change their lives for the better with the
help of Allmand Law. Take Stephanie Dalan who says “From the very
first meeting I think within the first five minutes of the meeting we knew that this is
what we needed to do we felt at ease like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders”. For Starla Sharpe who told us “The attorney
we worked with, he took his time he answered our questions. Everyone here has been really nice and basically
embraced us which was nice because we were scared and embarrassed”. As you’ve learned Reed Allmand and his colleagues
at Allmand Law help good people get through bad times. Get started today by calling 877 842 2901
to set up your financial empowerment session which is a free in-office consultation.