he’s right where you are right now and
we like your calling all of our attention to right here right now
because this is where all of your power is this is where your turning point is
where you can turn upstream or downstream so we want to say to all of
you something really worth writing down is I am where I am I am where I am and
what that mean what we mean when we say that is you are in your physical format
right now living the culmination of the way you’ve been flowing energy
so what’s manifesting right now in terms of everything in terms of health in
terms of clarity in terms of finances in terms of relationships everything that
is unfolding right now is as a result of what you’ve been thinking about and what
you’ve been doing with your gap relative to that so what you’re living is is we
just want to say it just is it is and there’s no point in fussing about what
is Esther said to Jerry the other day at a very poignant moment in a conversation
in a restaurant Abraham never bails us out of a jam and Jenna sort of looked up
from his salad what do you mean and Esther said haven’t you noticed that
Abraham guides us about improving our energy which improves things down the
road but Abraham is not big on telling us what to do in order to solve
something because in truth nothing that you do is going to change anything very
much right now because what’s manifesting now must manifest now
because it’s a result of how you float earlier so follow this picture a little
bit so I float it and now I’m living it and now as I’m living it I’m flowing it
so if I float it and I’m living it and I’m irritated about what I’m living then
I’m flowing more of that and then I’m living it and if I’m irritated about
what I’m living then I’m flying so somewhere you got to break the evil
spell so to speak you’ve got to break the cycle of that and you have to do
something different with your energy than you have been doing which means
you’ve got to stand in the middle of what is and find a way to feel different
about what is because as you feel different about what is now what will be
will change if you keep feeling the same way about what is then you just keep
projecting it and projecting it and projecting it and nothing changes
different places different faces but the same old essence of your life keeps
showing itself to you over and over again so it’s the same thing that Esther
realized while she was editing a tape and thinking that she wanted to go take
a sailboat into Gloriana Bay instead what she realized is I’m gonna do this
because what is is but I have a choice about whether I grumble about it or
whether I appreciate doing it and while she didn’t have control over the
condition and you don’t have control over the condition of your finances
right now there isn’t anything that you can do that will change anything this
red-hot minute but you have so much control over the way you can mould your
mind to think about it which will generate a different vibration which
will cause a different feeling you can feel different about it and if you feel
different about it now you’ve already been doing that a little bit you said
you went from depression to hope and we want to say to you depression to hope is
a big jump and you say yeah but then I got impatient and I turned and went
upstream again and we say it doesn’t matter at any point you can turn and go
with the flow and turn and go with the flow there’s a game that we encourage in
fact we offered this game to someone who was in the identical situation that you
are talking about and we said take a columnar pad and list everything that
you have to pay out on a monthly basis across this columnar pad at the top of
each column put each item whichever is the biggest one at the far left in
whichever one is the smallest one of the far right and so it was a house payment
and then it was a car payment and then it was another payment and another
payment and another payment and way down on the end was a small little twelve
dollar payment and then we said now look at this and decide that you’re going to
make a game of this in other words right now instead of looking that as this as
debt look at it as your game of getting out of debt your game of becoming debt
free your game of getting a different handle of this your game of offering a
different vibration about it and then we said make a decision that you’re gonna
do your best to pay as much of this as you can and of course you can only do
what you can do but the way you feel about it is everything so now make a
decision that that smallest payment no matter what it is that you’re not only
going to pay it that is due but you’re going to double it so if you owe 12
dollars you’re gonna pay $24 on that and then you’re gonna say to yourself I do
my best to keep my promises to my debtor to my commitments and in some cases I do
twice what is expected and with that action and with that determination
there’s a shifting in your energy that causes you for the first time in a long
time to offer a different vibration about finances now how different is it
is it different enough that two million dollars will end up on your mailbox
today probably not but it’s different enough that you feel different and
different enough that you project something different over here in other
words all that stuff that fortune there is a veritable fortune waiting for you
in your vibrational escrow and by playing that game and softening the way
you feel about money you just moved a little closer in the direction of it and
it is our promise to you you don’t have to play this game very long before you
start going to the mailbox in excited anticipation of the bills that are there
you find yourself being more excited about making a double payment down there
than you do about buying a $500 sweater you would say Oh
instead of that $500 sweater beautiful it is as it is and off in my future it
is and someday I will come and I will buy something just like that or even
more beautiful at the time but right now I would rather take this extra money
that I could put toward that and I’d rather whittle this away and Whittle
this away and Whittle this away and before you know it you have loosened up
the bind of debt and another thing that happens is as soon as that starts
loosening up now you’ve opened the floodgates because now you’re not
holding the money away from you because now you are flowing to debt-free rather
than toward debt can you feel how it works and now money
starts coming to you in surprising ways you get rebates on things and people
rebate your insurance and you win something at some little raffle and you
play bingo and you win and you get an impulse to buy a ticket a lottery ticket
and it pays off and somebody offers to take you somewhere and buy you a nice
dinner or someone offers something else to you that’s that that has dollar
equivalent in some way and suddenly you begin to notice that hey things have
loosened up all over the place I’m spending less I’m making more my debt is
becoming smaller the difference between what’s coming in and what’s going out is
a much more comfortable place I feel entirely different and now the universe
says hey how do you like that sweater and you say oh I think I’ll take that
home and you don’t feel guilty about it because you do it from a place of
financial balance rather than imbalance just say I forgot to tell you something
before you do are we gonna go upstream or downstream ah this is huge then don’t
do it oh no you want to hear this cuz well it’s your book upstream or
downstream you want to go upstream or downstream don’t do if you want to go
downstream you want to go with the flow are we going with the flow or are we
going against the flow with this story you’re gonna go with the flow
we’ll see hmm you’re not sure which way is up and which way is down oh well it’s
the checkbook thing all right okay in your book which I loved by the way and
the reason I didn’t do that first exercise you told me is cuz it felt too
hard but I could do the checkbook where you start out with a thousand a day and
today I have one hundred and thirty thousand dollars I have given money away
I have so much retirement I have bought everything in the world I
could think of buying and I every day I do just see here’s that here’s the thing
remember how in the book it talked about different processes are applicable given
different vibrations in other words if you’re if you are feeling buried with
debt then to play the game where you’re spending
all of this money what it does is amplify your awareness of what you want
but it doesn’t do anything about releasing resistance and so sometimes
you can just you can make the way you feel feel worse in other words we say in
the book again and again if you begin to play a process and it’s fun to do then
keep doing it but if it if it’s starting to make you
feel tense and uncomfortable then we don’t encourage that you go further so
is a game fun to you well it was tilt tilt you know a month ago
no a week ago because what it was happening was I would say oh I could
take you guys on this trip and I’ll pay for it all because I 130 thousand
dollars today and then of course I felt sad because they don’t have that really
so it must not feel very good to me it must not and so that game is not serving
you the reason what that game is about most people do not give much attention
to what they are creating most people are not very good at visualizing and as
we said we want to back up just a little bit because earlier we said something
that is really important about this and we want you to get a strong sense of
this here step one happens without you working hard at it
in other words life just causes you to want things and so you don’t have to
work at step one it just happens step two isn’t your job at all source will
answer and become what you’re asking for step three is where all of your effort
is applied so as you are applying any of these processes every one of them really
is about step three it’s about because step one is already
done and step two is already done so every process is about you finding a way
to stop resisting and start allowing yourself to move in the direction of
what has been asked for and has already been answered so anytime that you’re
doing anything and you find it making you more tense rather than less tense we
would stop doing it we do not think that every process in that book is
appropriate for every person at every time they some of them feel better to
you than others that’s why there so many of them and it is our sense from
what we feel from you that if you will do this call on their bad thing you
won’t find it to be hard to do it’s not hard to do and you will find that it
will give you a different sense of wanting to give your attention to your
finances than you’ve ever had it is our promise to you that it will turn things
around for you just play it for a little while and see how much better you