♪ [music] ♪ It’s me. Addiction. I can’t get
enough of it. I want it all the time. It’s all I ever think of. Wait a minute.
I’m an addict. Guess what? What a gift. The great thing about addiction is you
now belong to a special group of people. Secret societies. AA, OA, NA, Al-Anon,
SLAA, GA, GLAA, WA, UA, Emotions Anonymous. The list goes
on. It’s all free, and there’s doughnuts for God’s sakes. The point is is you
get a whole new group of friends, usually in a church basement,
sometime in a temple. You also don’t even have to stop doing
your addiction to go to the meeting. I’ve been to AA for about 20 years, and
I’d still drink. But I’m welcomed, and I’ve had plenty of their doughnuts.
Anyways, could I get a topper for this? Also, addiction shows that you can
commit to something even if you’ve lost your friends, family, job, and health.
You were good at one thing. It’s like a stew. So many people can’t
commit these days. “Oh, I’m not sure. He doesn’t seem like my soul mate.”
You can commit to cocaine or heroin or compulsive sexual activities.
Good for you. You’re different. Come on, Dirty Dorothy. Mom put
her 401k on Dirty Dorothy. Aw, shit. And once you’ve let go of your
addiction, you can commit to something else like repairing shattered
relationships or making one of those dioramas or needlepoint. ♪ [music] ♪