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uh… the five winners on monday’s show remember that edgy bail
out by the government which many republican said was a complete disaster
at the bad idea the government should be bailing out these companies so on and so
forth and of the government can be spending a bomb is a big spender blah
blah blah yes you do remember that by remember
vividly let’s put aside the fact that the
president obama is a big spender means are completely false is actually uh… overseeing the smallest increasing
government spending since president eisenhower let’s throw that completely
outlets for a second the edgy bailout we’ve now learned has
our into the country the government another two point seven billion dollars the treasury department says it has
received an additional two point seven billion from the sale of engines stock this sale came one day after the
government reported a profit on it for your
investment in the bailed out financial firm treasury says the banks
underwriting the sale have exercise their option to buy eighty three millionaire digit additional shares at
thirty to fifty together with monday’s eighteen billion
in stock sales treasury says the government has recovered about one
hundred ninety seven billion dollars from the company that covers the initial investment of
the one eighty two point three billion plus a return now of fifteen point one
billion dollars to taxpayers that means that after this sale the government’s
taking edgy is less than sixteen percent at the height of the crisis they held fifty three
point four percent avail g they’ve reduced thinkwrap incredibly returned
more and more control of that company to those outside of the government which is
of course big concern for the american right wing pretty nice profit i must say to uh…
to to the government yeah with a lot of people don’t know
about uh… the financial bailouts and but the bailout of the automotive
industry but basically all the money is slated to
be returned to the government based on sense continued success of those companies
edgy we’ve already broken even in gone above and beyond
that rick the other thing is what if we divide it up that profit just the profit uh… to everyone that paid their taxes
in the last four years if you paid or filed your taxes you get a piece of that
pipe i guarantee that that would spur economic growth if
you actually distributed in a way where you are you are getting it to people who
need that money because as we know the same way that when he cut taxes for the very rich they don’t
spend that money if you actually were to take this profit
profit ladies and gentlemen and do fair tax cut for people who need the
money daddy stimulative spending those people are gonna spend that money in
britain right back to work in the economy so horribly it may be fun the military
budget for thirty six hours or just thrown to some feel the military
research project yeah that’s always a good idea brought lewis you got to have
a lot of failures in research before you get the successes i don’t know if that’s the
hundred-percent her uh… i think it is you could have a research program were everything you research is a
success uh… he doesnt hurt care for your picking things to research
how many things you reached is a silly as an affiliate in research you’re going
to try to have the power uh… rickede multimedia simeon you can have a
good success rate project