Dear, do you really
want to appear in front of everyone now? Think again. I kept quiet 1 year back. Hence, I got punished
despite being an innocent. And my loved-ones
got punished too. Hence, I won’t keep quiet.
I won’t give up. I will fight and win. Injustice was meted out
to us 1 year back. She had no role in that. She is innocent like all of you. And I..
I am with her. If anyone of you abuse her or try to harm her you will have to face
dire consequences. She is so kind-hearted.
Did you see? Our princess is so kind-hearted. She is protecting the mother of her father’s murderer. And she is doing
the right thing. She is doing absolutely right. It is Aladdin
who is the murderer. This lady didn’t do anything. And I am happy that the truth has come out
today in front of everyone. Now, the soul of that liar,
scoundrel and rouge Aladdin, will never come here. Aladdin’s soul.. Aladdin’s soul.. Aladdin’s soul.. Zafar, you want to repeat what happened
1 year back, right? You want to fool these
naive people again, right? But I won’t let you succeed
in your heinous plan. My plan! You had a plan to make people believe
your lie. It was your plan. You are the one
who executed it. And you chose the place too. And there is evidence too. Why are you accusing
me falsely then? You committed the murder
1 year back. And today, it is you
who is doing everything. You! They are the ordinary people
of this kingdom. They are naive.
But they are not fool. They know
who the real murderer is. All of you, what do you say?
Am I right? Yes, we are with
the minister.. Yes, we are with
the minister.. Yes, we are with
the minister.. ‘I need to be very careful.’ ‘If anything touches me’ ‘people will get to know
that I am Aladdin’ ‘not his soul.’ What all of you saw
was not true. A conspiracy is being hatched
to keep you in the dark as it happened last time.
I am speaking the truth. The matter is
getting out of hand. We have to do something quickly. But your hands are tied. I am speaking the truth. Stop! Her love is more powerful
than our spell. If she is with the master he won’t need anyone else. Stand by
the master, Mother. ‘The world may go against me’ ‘but mother will never
leave my side.’ ‘Maybe people do not know
that a mother’s heart is pure..’ ‘After dealing with cheats
and dishonest people..’ ‘I’ve my mother’s trust,
her love’ ‘and her blessings.
I’ll definitely win.’ I swear by the Almighty she is up to something. I wish I could’ve
stood by you, Aunt. Mother.. Go away from this city. Mother? You’ve no right to
call me mother now. Even death couldn’t break
the relation which was between us. And today,
your crime broke that. These people are mine.. This country is mine
but you.. You are not one of me. Till now, I considered you
to be innocent. I thought,
you went through injustice. But after seeing the truth it seems, no punishment
is enough for you. You should’ve received
a horrendous punishment! You were my pride
but from today you’re a disgrace. A year ago the people
labelled you as a criminal. Today, I condemn you as one! Even after death I kept you alive
in my heart. Not anymore. Today, you left me all alone. My son is dead! I have no son! Didn’t you hear me?
Go away! Aunt is extremely
anguished today.. Or else, she would not have been
talking harshly to Aladdin. If you come back
to Baghdad, then.. Lady, let’s go. Forgive me.
I am leaving. Get lost! I promise, that I will never
bother any one of you. Forgive me. My lad has to go
through a turmoil again. Almighty, give him justice! ‘What is this?’ A second bag? ‘That wretch took the contents.’ ‘I will not spare him.’ ‘God Almighty!
This is a magical instrument’ ‘which exposes
the hidden truth.’ ‘This will prove
very useful to me.’ A spirit or a ghost
never bleeds but a human being does. This means, Aladdin is alive. ‘If you help me
in catching Aladdin’s ghost’ ‘or getting rid of him’ ‘then after I get married
to the princess’ ‘I will make you
the minister of Baghdad.’ The danger
has been averted. Where has master gone? What do we do now? We have nothing left
to do now. ‘My plan has succeeded.’ ‘Very good!’ ‘But the game is still
not over, Aladdin.’ ‘Go from here.’ ‘Even death could end
the relationship between us.’ ‘But your crime
has ended it today.’ I have lost today, Mother. ‘You are nobody to me.’ ‘You should have got
a cruel punishment than death.’ You were my world. And you did not
support me today. There’s nothing to see here.
Go home. Truth has lost today. Destiny is also against us. Nobody should have
a doubt on him. May master’s misconception
disappear. ‘You took everything
away from me once.’ ‘Why have you come back now?’ ‘Go from here.’ ‘Leave!’ ‘Mother, I promise you’ ‘that I will prove
to everyone in three days’ ‘that my mother’s
upbringing was not wrong.’ Everyone was against me. My country. My love. ‘The destitute of Baghdad’ ‘and the murderer
of Sultan Shahnawaz.’ ‘Thieves are given
a death sentence.’ But my mother was with me. ‘I have complete faith in my upbringing and in you.’ She believed me. She believed me. People think breath
keeps a person alive. They are wrong. Belief keeps a person alive. Hope keeps him alive. Aladdin had died
several years ago. Today, his belief
and hope have died because his mother
does not believe him. A son’s truth
is told by his mother. Mother, if you are saying today
that I am a liar I am a murderer
and I am a traitor then that is the truth. Your belief has lost today,
Mother. Everything has ended today. Mother, you think I am wrong. But before right or wrong,
I am your son. And you have taught me.. ‘This difficult time
will pass.’ When the pain is smaller
and the belief is greater.