the tabloid started referring to you as the terrible twins of yoga where did that come from the terrible yoga or whatever that was that had to do with we were managing the two studios and we were moving to Utah to open up another studio but then there was a couple little like financial things where it just got really expensive to run the whole studio with us not being there so I think there was one negative thing was said on a Facebook remark and that just brought the first social media of negativity which really pretty much like destroyed our spirit and our heart so you both wound up taking bankruptcy right why because it was basically like the little bit of like that that we had but nobody ever didn’t get paid from all the years I wrote checks it was that one time that was late the median said that when you guys left you left people without paying them and left members without refunds you went to Utah and you opened a place there it seemed like things changed when you got to Utah because you guys get arrested several times and there are police reports that say you were kicked out of a Utah restaurant for drinking fighting and threatening the owner that you would have the Mafia killing that’s what’s in the police report a lot of weird things happen in Utah that’s when we were starting to be followed that’s have Loida type people but you did get arrested yeah and they said that according to the police that you fought with each other and your car crashed and there was hair pulling involved what happened when they said the hair pulling I don’t know I don’t it said the twins refused to admit they had been drinking they allegedly wreaked of alcohol and were stumbling around and they were crying screaming and out of control and they were both charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct that’s true I mean that’s not well I mean it may not be true but it’s true that’s what the police report said you don’t remember anything about that I actually don’t I don’t you moved to Hawaii in December of that year right 2015 why Hawaii because it’s a place that been before in our life and I just thought it was a very spiritual beautiful place and then on Christmas Eve of 2015 you guys were cited for disorderly conduct and you failed to appear in court so there was a bench warrant issued for your arrest that was because we were talking when when I spoke with that gentleman he just said that when we were having a conversation we were talking too loud and so that’s what it was at some point you changed your names you and your twin were born Allison and and Adele when did you change your names Florida Utah or Utah it wasn’t trying to hide her or anything like that it was we were working on publishing some books we had some harassment quite a bit of harassment when we were in Utah from strangers basically from Florida but then for that sit like that security that’s when we changed our name nothing was trying to be like hidden