Hi guys, I wanted to let you all know that I recently joined the Board of Trustees of Active Luton, and I’m really excited about all the all the great things they’ve been working on behind the scenes, and all that we’ve got planned for the future. So if you live in Luton you’re probably already familiar with the name Active Luton. They run sports and activity facilities in an around Luton, and their mission is to get Luton active and to support the community by improving their health and general wellbeing. So some of the great things they currently offer are gyms, indoor courts, parent and baby classes, group fitness, swimming and swimming lessons for both adults and children, and loads more So Active Luton is also working in other ways to help the local community, such as working with Total Wellbeing Luton, and also offering opporunities for those who not only want to work on their physical health, but their emotional health too. So as you will see this is an amazing place and they’re doing great things for the local community, and I’m more than happy to be a proud supporter of them.