Hi! Welcome to the Law Offices of Brown and Seelye I’m Sue Seelye and we’re a Washington State law firm that helps good people through hard
financial times We are a bankruptcy law firm… yes that’s what I said Bankruptcy! You know bankruptcy helps
people with Many many many financial problems… you’re
being garnished have lawsuits that have been served on
you……. your car hass been repoed you can’t sleep at night… you’re
overwhelmed with medical debt you’ve fallen behind on your mortgage
payments Well do you know what? Bankruptcy help you through all those
situations and more. Don’t be embarrassed you know every day we have people that
come into our five offices and here’s what we always hear
we should I file bankruptcy five years ago we should have filed bankruptcy three
years ago we should have filed bankruptcy before everything was so
outta control and you know why the reason they didn’t
file bankruptcy well here’s some of the top reasons then it’s
probably the reason why you haven’t you thought you could get through it he
got involved with credit counseling agencies you got
involved with debt resolution agencies what did these people do thank
you money the turkey many month after month after
month in the kidnapping that’s right now you may ask your
friends and you ask your family’s about bankruptcy and we know they’re
trying to help you but here’s the deal they don’t know the
answers a don’t know the answers and you know where to turn well here’s
where you gonna turn you gonna turn right here to the law
offices in Brandon ceiling see we’re a family for sloppy or what
does that mean and means that we want to put your
family first you know we want you to put your family
first you cannot put your family first when you are overwhelmed with TAC when you are struggling with debt when
you feel like you’re being suffocated with debt when creditors are calling you day and
night they’re calling your office they’re calling you when you get
home they’re threatening you they’re serving you with lawsuits ever
want to garnish your wages your employer says and got a regarder
Schmidt they’re gonna take 25 percent your wages
you go home in your cars not there why because it got repoed why because
you are one or two payments behind you don’t know what you’re going to do
about your house its underwater you know you know you owe more than its
what it’s worth your behind on your payments well weekend answer all these questions
for you and more we’re proud over 10 thousand
successful bankruptcy cases you know what we want to make you I’m
not their successful one of our clients so place here’s what we like for you to
do want to take some action today number one we’ve got a lot of videos I’m our website that you’re looking at
right now we’re gonna talk to you in depth about garnishments about
lawsuits about repossessions about medical bills yeah all your
concerts sup number one take a look at the videos we’ve got a lot of information in
written format on the website here same thing we’re gonna go over all right
questions next what we want you to do look at the video as read the
information on the website and then call us contact us make a consultation appointment do any
one to three we want answer your questions okay easy it’s very easy you can contact us 24
hours a day got a contact for send us your questions
working answer them for you and then make a free consultation that’s
right consultations 3 always free it’s always confidential cell thanks for stopping by and looking
at our website today make an appointment at one of our 5
conveniently located offices Tacoma, Olympia, Chehalis, Longview and Vancouver we look forward to seeing you soon let
us help you we want to help you get out of debt and
have a fresh financial start