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to do is believe it. And if you believe it, it will
work for you and you won’t have to try to struggle
to get anything, it will come on you and
overtake you and put you on the top. It is
designed for that folks. BILL: Hello, I’m Bill Winston
and welcome to another program. The program that
you’re watching is called The Believer’s Walk of
Faith, where we walk by faith and not by sight. Well
we have an exciting program for you today. It’s called
Rising to the Top, Volume II. Now here are a couple of
points out of today’s message. One, through your union
with Jesus, everything that God promised Abraham is yours, too.
You have to remember that. You are a seed of Abraham. Now,
being the seed of Abraham, what he promised Abraham is mine,
too. So in the Message translation, if you go on down,
it says Abraham was loaded. That’s what it says over in
Genesis chapter 13 and verse 2. I mean, one translation says
“he was very rich.” I think that’s the Amplified. Now, what
does that have to do with you? Because the enemy knows that the
day you get loaded, he can no longer dictate to you what to
do. It’s amazing what happens when you get options. And money
many times and wealth. It gives you options. So a lot of times
God’s people are just barely making it when God wants
us loaded. Now it’s not just for you and me. It’s
for us to help other people and that’s what
it’s all about, that you will be a blessing. Number
two, the blessing will produce ideas, dreams, business
strategies, all kinds of things. And the more you embrace the
blessing, the more it will produce in your life. Try to do
this. When you write down blessing, always capitalize the
B. Because we’re talking about the Blessing. In other words,
there’s nothing else like it. Now God gave this revelation to
me. Why? Because He wanted me to give it to you. That’s one of
the jobs of the prophet, is to prosper God’s people. So he gave
it to me, and if it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t be listening
at me right now. Before time was, we were supposed to
meet up right here. It’s time for you to rise to
the top. Let’s go into it right now. Get your Bibles
and pencils and papers ready, it’s a powerful
message. Rising to the Top. BILL: So this blessing is
going to take you to the top. I don’t care where you
start out, this empowerment from God to make you successful.
And the lifestyle of a believer should stagger the imagination
of the world. Why? You should be operating that far above them.
Now as your confidence in this blessing increases, so does the
power of the blessing operating in your life. You’re going to
find that it will do things for you and that’s why we read that
scripture over in Proverbs chapter 10 and verse 22, “The
blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich and he addeth no sorrow
with it.” And we looked at that in the NIV translation,
“The blessing of the Lord brings wealth without painful
toil.” So your days of toiling are over. Genesis chapter 12,
and verse 1, “And the Lord has said to Abram get thee out of
that country from thy kindred, from thy father’s house into a
land that I’m going to show you and I will make of you a great
nation, I will bless you, make your name great, you will be a
blessing. I will bless them that bless you and I will curse them
that curse you and in these shall all families of the earth
be blessed. And then Abraham departed.” What we said in
verse 2, let’s look at that in another translation. We said the
Amplified translation. And just see what he says. He says,
“That I will make of you a great nation, I’ll bless you
with abundant increase of favors and make your name famous and
distinguished and you’ll be a blessing dispensing goods to
others.” So let’s start with this. God never intends for you
to be a nobody. Never. He never intended for you not to have
wealth. He never intended for you not to have talent. Never
intended for you not to have skills. Never intended for you
not to have ownership. Never intended for you not to have
influence. No, he planned on that. And this is what he’s
saying right here. And he said it over in this other
scriptures. In Deuteronomy chapter 7 and verse 14 he talks
about what your position is going to be. He says “And thou
shall be blessed above some people,” how many people?
“All people.” In Deuteronomy 28 he says in verse 1, he said
“If you hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord thy
God and observe and do all his commandments which I commanded
this day that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all
nations of the earth all all these blessings shall come
on you,” come on, “all these blessings shall come on you and
overtake you.” So this blessing, on Abraham, was a
material blessing. And that’s why people start talking about,
well wait a second now, God was talking spiritually. He was
talking spiritually? Abraham wasn’t spiritual. Jesus hadn’t
come. So God chose this man and he chose him when he was up
there worshiping moons and cows. He brought him out of the land
of Ur of the Chaldees. And he chose him and said I’m going to
bless you. Now what is he saying to him? He’s saying I want you
to leave all of that, the many gods that you’ve been worshiping
and get one god and have it to be me. And I’m going to take you
somewhere. Now where I’m going to take you I’m going to do
everything for you. I’m going to take care of you, I’m going to
get you opportunities for you, I’ll get your resources to come
to you, I’ll, whatever you’re struggling with I’m going turn
it around. The difficulties that are in your life I’m going to
turn them around to your favor. I’m going to cause things to
manifest for you. I’m going to protect you. I’m going to
preserve your life so you’re going to live a 175. I’m going
to make it so that things you’ve been struggling with
you’ll struggle with no more. I’m going to make it so that who
ever is trying to hold you back they can’t hold you because I’m
going to promote you. I’m going to make it so that you have
business strategies. I’m going … Remember, whatever he said
to Abraham, he’s saying to you. Don’t confuse your condition
with your promise or with your portion. Because God has said
this is what I want to happen to you. I do not want you to be
without wealth. I don’t want you to be without talent, without
skill, without influence, without ownership. That’s what
he’s saying here. Now our part of that is we’ve got to live up
to it. Now what we said is that you head towards the top you
going to be persecuted. And can you stand to be blessed. So
everything he promised Abraham is mine. In full. Say “in full”.
Okay. Like I told you before, don’t think that just as the
blessing goes on in time, that somehow this blessing loses its
strength. You know what I mean? Like Kool-aid, the more water
you put in there the weaker it gets. Not with the blessing. It
is just as strong on you as it was on Adam. You’ve got to learn
how to use it. All right look at Genesis chapter 13, 13 and verse
2. “And Abraham was very rich in cattle and silver and
gold.” Let’s look at that in the Amplified translation.
“Now Abraham was extremely rich in livestock and in silver
and gold.” Extremely rich. Let’s try the Message
translation. We gonna play with this thing. “But Abraham was
very rich, loaded.” That’s what I want right there. See,
let me tell you, wait a minute, wait a minute. You better
get used to finding different translations because you got to
find a translation that pops. You know what I mean? Because
when it does, you won’t forget it. That a man was loaded. You
all know Bill Winston? Loaded. Come one. I’m just saying, see.
And when it pops like that to me, I can remember it. That’s it
right there, praise God. You all with me? All right so let’s look
at Genesis chapter 14, all right? Genesis chapter 14, I’ll
start at verse 14 and this is when, this is when Lot was
taken by the enemy. The enemy was Kedorlaomer. He was a king.
He was a big bully. Bully. And he bullied everybody. So
he went down and took Lot, took Sodom and Gomorrah, all
the people, all the goods, everything and he and about four
other nations, three other nations, whatever it was, they
confederated together and got them and I mean got out of town.
They had everything, wiped them out. But Abraham heard about
it. His name was Abram at that time. He heard about it.
“Abram heard that his nephew was taken captive and he armed his
trained servants, born in his own house, 318 and pursued them
to Dan.” Now I want you to see this. “And he divided himself
against them and he and his servants, by night, and smote
them and pursued them to Hobah which is on the left hand
of Damascus.” Keep going. “And he brought back all the goods
and also brought back again his brother Lot and his goods and
the women also and the people. And the king of Sodom went out
to meet him after the return of the slaughter of Kedorlaomer.”
Now he didn’t just get whipped. He got slaughtered. I wanted you
to see this because it said, it gave you the tactics that he
used. Now this is very important because if you got to Psalms,
Psalms chapter 144 and verse 1, “He said blessed be the Lord
my strength.” This is David talking. “Which teacheth my
hands to war.” Keep going. “And my fingers to fight.”
One of the things that the blessing gives you is business
strategies. Say amen to this. Now, what happened with this,
you got to understand, that he, meaning David, or meaning
Abraham, didn’t get his teaching from the same source that the
enemy got his teaching. You see here, people go to business
schools. Go to MBA, get one at University of Chicago or Harvard
or get one from the school in England or whatever have you,
you see. But God has a school. Oh, you got to hear me. Look
what he says here, and this is found in John chapter 7 verse 14
and 15 and I’d like to read it in the Amplified translation.
Now I’m not doing all of this for my health. I’m doing all of
this because I’m doing your work for you. After I lay this down,
you need to go study it out and you need to go to different
translations so you can get something that pops in your
spirit. “When the feast was already half over, Jesus went up
into the temple court and began to teach. And the Jews were
astonished. They said now how is it that this man has learning,
is so versed in sacred scripture and in theology, when he had
never studied.” Let’s try the New Living Bible and see what
that says. “Then mid-way through the festival, Jesus went
up into the temple and began to teach. And the people were
surprised when they heard it. How does he know so much when he
hasn’t been trained?” Now this is good now. “He hasn’t
been,” what? “Trained.” Notice in Genesis chapter 14 and
notice what he said in verse 14. “And when Abram heard that his
brother was taken captive, he armed his,” who? “Trained
servants.” Now notice what David said in Psalm 144 and
verse 1. “That he teaches my hands to war and my fingers to
fight”. Come on over to Daniel chapter 1. In Daniel chapter,
see I’m going to light your fire. In Daniel chapter 1. See
all you got to do is believe it. And if you believe it, it will
work for you and you won’t have to try to struggle to get
anything, it will come on you and overtake you and put you
on the top. It is designed for that, folks. Look what he said
in Daniel chapter 1 and verse 17. “As for these four
children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and Daniel, God gave
them knowledge and skill in all learning,” and what else,
“wisdom.” See, he went to school, but God added stuff
on top of it. Look at verse 20, “And in all matters of wisdom
and understanding that the king inquired of them, he found them
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times better than all the
magicians.” Folks, one time can be good enough, but he
didn’t say one time. He wants there to be a clear difference
between you and the rest of the world. Say I receive that. See,
God is so gracious until you can’t get it while you’re awake.
Come on, he’ll give you answers while you sleep. You won’t miss
it. Say I won’t miss it. You are headed to the top. Say I’m
headed to the top. See you can’t miss it because it’s prophetic.
This is our time, saints of God. We can’t miss this. God’s not
going to let us miss it. He going to bring resources to you,
you will not miss this, you will not miss this. So back in
Genesis again, in Genesis chapter 14, So he had
servants trained in his own house so the blessing
helped to train them, and you know they didn’t
use the strategies that were regularly taught
in the MBA programs. Come on now, they used strategies
above the strategies of the world. So the blessing gives
you business strategies. Say I believe that. All right, so
go on over and let’s just see how Abraham did. And in Genesis
chapter 24 and verse 35, “And the Lord had blessed my master,
has blessed my master greatly and he has become great.
And he hath given him,” what? “Flocks and herds, silver
and gold, menservants and maidservants, camels and
donkeys.” So this is Abraham, now. He can’t, you got to
understand whatever’s on Abraham is coming on you. Because it
wasn’t Abraham that was doing this, it was the blessing. So
now we got Genesis chapter 26 starting at verse 12, because
this is Isaac and let’s just look at that, if you would, in
the New Living Translation. It says “When Isaac planted his
crops that year, he harvested a 100 times more grain than he
planted for the Lord blessed him.” Now, I know that’s
pretty easy for you to believe. But what till I add the fact
that there was no rain. Come on somebody. I said supernatural
financial increase. Now put it down. Supernatural financial
increase is coming on you starting now. Boy I’m decreeing
some stuff up here. See here’s the deal, think about it like
this and this will help you. God gave me this revelation and he
wouldn’t have given it to me if it weren’t for you. Now hear
what I’m saying here. I’m saying if he didn’t want me to give it
to you, he wouldn’t have given it to me. Here’s what he said,
what I show you in the dark, shout from the housetops. So he
wouldn’t have given this to me to give to you if the time for
you was not right to walk in what I’m giving you, man. God is
not wasteful. Everything I’m giving you you ought to shout
because this is your time, man. This is your stuff. Genesis
chapter 32 and let’s look at that in verse 10. I want to look
at it in New Living Bible, please. He said, “I am not
worth of all of the unfailing love and faithfulness you have
shown to me, your servant. When I left home and crossed the
Jordan river, I owned nothing except a walking stick. Now
my household fills two large camps.” You can’t hide this.
You can’t hide this. You just walk and the blessing going
overtake you. Say amen to this. Now not only that, “And
Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man
with him until the break of the day. And when he
saw that he prevailed against him, he touched the
hollow of his thigh and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was
out of joint and he wrestled with him. And he said let me go,
for the day breaketh. And he said I will not let you go
except you bless me. And he said unto him, what is your name? He
said my name is Jacob. He said thy name shall be called no
longer, no more Jacob, but Israel. For as a prince has thou
power with God and with men and has prevailed.” Now what am I
saying here? I’m saying that when he left his father, he left
with a walking stick and left broke. But now he’s about to
return. Not only very wealthy, but he’s not longer a deceiver,
but now he’s a prince with God. And I’m telling you, you might
have come into this thing one way, you might have come into
this thing lying, cheating, and signifying, but God’s going to
straighten you out and make it so you’ve got integrity in your
life because the blessing is going to be working on you from
now on. Say amen to that. One more. Look at Genesis chapter
45. You know what happened, Joseph went down to Egypt, his
brothers sold him. Next thing you know, Potiphar got him in
the house, he got him in the house and because the blessing
was on Joseph, the blessing was now manifesting in the house of
Potiphar. Now Potiphar’s wife started making eyes at him and
next thing you know, Joseph gets falsely accused, put in
prison, but they can’t hold you when the blessing is on you.
I said they can’t hold you when the blessing is on you. See.
Because the justice system of God kicks in. Now look what it
says here, now his brothers come down and the reunite and he
loves his brothers and notice he didn’t have any hate. Now they
had hate on him at first but he didn’t have any hate for them
and now they came back and reunited. Now he’s about to send
them back up to the father. Go get your father and tell him to
leave that old furniture that he’s got. You know how people
try to drag old furniture into a new house and, I ain’t talking
about you, now don’t get mad, don’t get no hate. So anyway,
new house, new furniture. Say new house, new furniture. I said
new house, new furniture. Now how do I know that? Because it’s
in the book. I said it’s your portion, he said over here in
Deuteronomy chapter 6 and verse 10 “And it shall be when the
Lord thy God shall have brought you into the new house that
he sweared unto your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to
give you, goodly cities which you build not and houses filled
with good things.” Praise God. And over in the book of
Revelation it said “And God makes all things new.” Praise
God. Put it together. That’s your portion. Right now you
ought to go home and all that old stuff you can’t hardly sit
on it, you have covered that thing with plastic so many times
that under the plastic has worn out. Folks, I’m not telling you
want to do, but I’d do something. I’d take a step of
faith. All right, are you with me? Last place, Genesis 45 and
look here because he’s sending the brothers now on back up to
get their father. In verse 25, I want to start at verse 25.
“Joseph’s brother’s left Egypt and when they arrived in Canaan,
where his father was, they told their father, said Joseph was
still alive and was the ruler of Egypt. But their father was
so surprised that he could not believe them. Then they told him
everything that Joseph had said and when he saw the
wagons Joseph had sent, he felt much better.”
I’m talking about when people see something on
your life, they going to feel much better about
the story you telling. ANNOUNCER: The blessing
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