What? Another Dupixent video? It’s only
been two weeks! I had a Dupixent emergency I had a pretty bad flare-up
about two days after the last injection So, how am I feeling today? Well I would
say overall I’m probably in the best condition that I’ve ever been in.
This time I’ve had quite significant peeling again you see the redness here.
Still peeling through layers of skin There’s yeah there’s like my peeling stuff
around my chin area. This is the most obvious, but also on my forehead around
my eyes like the panda area. It just got worse and worse over the past two weeks.
it’s not peeling and there are so some red areas. They’re just a little bit
tender but like baby’s skin because these areas just peeled off. And then in the last couple of days the skin has cleared up a ton it’s basically the best it’s
ever been it does feel like nice soft Dupixent
skin that’s baby smooth it has a very nice texture and other than I just
scratched this so this isn’t even a rash my skin from head to toe is basically
perfect now. So what happened? Dupixent does cause some people to have flare-ups
especially on the face but that’s not really what happened to me
the flare-up was the worst on my face and on my neck but it also occurred in
other softer areas of the skin such as behind my knees in my lower abs and even
under my armpits so it doesn’t quite fit the face flare up that other people
report and being allergic to Dupixent was the possibility that scared me most
because do pixon has literally changed my life and I’ve never experienced any
eczema treatment that’s as natural and as soft and as healthy as with Dupixent
so I was really afraid that depends on wasn’t going to work and as things got
worse and worse over the past two weeks I got one more scared that I was
reacting to Dupixent, but when I kind of did a skin press doesn’t just kind of
tugged at the skin the skin felt like it was intact underneath and you feel like
was falling apart but the skin quality itself like you know tugging at it I’m
feeling the elasticity of the bounciness the skin still feels pretty good so
still not sure if it’s like a negative reaction to Dupixent it doesn’t
seem like Dupixent was destroying my skin it was just a lot of peeling a lot
of itching a lot of burning on the surface and it was pretty intense I
hadn’t felt this kind of itching and burning sensation on my skin since
starting to picks it almost two years ago
at my dermatologists office today just trying to figure out what all this
peeling of redness and itchiness has been about but now that my skin has cleared and
it’s doing better than ever what’s the other possibility that was
causing the flare-up well my personal theory is that it’s an accelerated
topical steroid withdraw or steroid withdrawal. Dupixent does help the skin
heal and basically what topical steroid withdrawal is is a natural healing
process what that the skin has to go through to heal all the damage that the
topical steroids and steroids in general like Prednisone. the damage that
these steroids caused even on like the very first thing you see I’ll be
competing about steroids is especially print a zone is that it thins the skin
so it is causing damage to the skin because I had damaged my skin a couple
weeks before the last injection I took probiotics that caused me to have
a big flare up trying probiotics again had the same effect and I had the same
reactions I was flaming up pretty severely my skin was even leaking just
my nose is pouring but asthma was pretty bad all the skunky stuff is coming out
of my eyes actually earlier today I dig my eyes out of all the crusty stuff I
was collecting huh and then I had to take prednisone as
well as use some topical steroids to calm things down calm the probiotics
reactions down I’m just wondering if it is because of the damage from the
probiotics and or the Prednisone and the topical steroids that I use that my
skin was pretty damaged and when I gave myself the latest Dupixent injection
it seemed like do pigs it was helping my skin heal and it just had to go through
like peel through six layers of skin over the past two weeks to reveal this
nice healthy skin underneath whence the skin is really damaged especially the
deeper layers it’s just it’s just not gonna clear by itself it has a peel
through all these layers and that’s what big part of topical steroid
withdrawal is doing let me know what you guys think and if you guys have had
flare-ups with depicts int or you’ve if you’ve had a topical steroid which I’ll
just kind of see how my experience here compares with yours
you guys I’m editing this while I have the flu that’s helped made it I am too
shady with my information sharing my experiences and hopefully helping you
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