PARROT TV Amazons – care, feeding, breeding After watching our latest video, you know, in which conditions you shouldn’t keep parrots. [Watch our video “How you mustn’t keep parrots”] So how does the proper cage for amazons look like? [Care] First of all, amazons, like all short-tailed parrots, love climbing that’s why it is important to have a tall cage. Less important is its width. However, since they climb not only perches and toys, but also the cage bars, that’s why they should be mounted horizontally. They shouldn’t be painted. Parrots scrape the paint off, often eat it, and sometimes it’s toxic. In the video “Parrot cages” we provided a formula [Watch our video Parrot cages] we provided a formula for calculating the minimal parrot cage dimentions. However, remember – there’re never too large cages. The bigger cage the better. This cage meets the requirements of being proper for amazons Except for its scanty equipment and only one thin perch, turned by carpenter. These active parrots should be provided an access to various toys. They willingly play with them spending nice time. What’s more, their cages and stands should be provided with perches of proper thickness, [Watch our video “Choosing a parrot perch”] made from natural wood. Except for toys, these birds should get also deciduous Trees branches, which are used by them to proper claws and bills care. All amazons love bathing. It’s essential for their health. [Watch our video How to bath your parrot?] During hot summer periods you should spray your parrot with water or enable it bathing every day. In winter spray your parrot amply twice or 3 times a week. Then its plumage will be of much better quality. All amazons come from subtropical zone, where there is much more sunlight than here, in our zone. That’s why, if you have such an opportunity, [Watch our video “Care for your parrot in summer”] let your parrot stay outside as long as possible. Walks enabling sunbathing are very important for these parrots. They have a positive impact on their health. In connection with it, so that a parrots can stay… So that they’re safe, you should use harness. During winter time [Watch our video “Care for Parrots in Winter”] enable them to absorb a UVB spectrum from special light bulbs, which have a big, positive impact on their health state and overall condition. [Feeding] Feeding and care of your pet is really important, when it comes to its physical growth and health state. An improper diet causes hepatic disorders. If it occurs, you have to examine your parrot and necessarily change its diet, which will be proper to your bird’s liver. Amazons require a little different way of feeding than majority of other parrot species. First of all, you can’t limit their diet only to dry mixture of seeds. It’s not enough. Seeds should be supplied, but as a diet supplement. Raw vegetables and fruit should be essential in these birds’ diet. It is important not to supply of fatty oilseeds in their diet. Oilseeds cause obesity, and it is always dangerous for bird’s health. That’s why, when you supply, for example, sunflower’s seeds, sprout them before feeding. Supplying sprouted seeds [how to prepare ‘germinated seeds’ you can learn from “Parrot feeding-part 3–Enriching diet”] is beneficial to birds, because they are more easily assimilable, and enriched with vitamins. These parrots diet should also be supplemented with animal products. That’s why, we should supply them with hard-boiled or congealed eggs. What’s more, it’s good to give them from time to time lean, cooked, not salty poultry meat. They should get lots of various greenery. They love the dandelion, and the chickweed, which is all parrots’ favourite plant, cooked pulses, and deciduous trees branches for chewing, from which they like gnawing and eating bark, and leave buds. [Upbringing] Amazons belong to these parrot species, which can be tamed as well at older age. But it will be the best, when you get a parrot as young as possible, which is already completely weaned, but it hasn’t had other guardians before. Kept in groups in aviaries these parrots can be quite loud. However, if amazons are properly brought up, they will be much more quieter as pets. If an amazon gets to your home as a very young bird, it will stop emitting its natural voice in relatively short time, and will entrance you only with sounds heard in your surroundings. [Watch our viedos “How to teach your parrot to talk?”] With time these very intelligent birds are able to associate certain situations with sounds they emit, and then we can say that they are able to say something pertinent. Hello! Hello! Who is so pretty? Who is so pretty? Eric? What is this? If properly brought up, and taught how to commune with a human from the beginning, they don’t show any aggression. First weeks of stay in a new family are extremely crucial. You have to pay attention not to respond in a positive way for a bird to all its unacceptable behaviours. [Watch our video “Good manners”] When a bird will attempt to force you to act in a certain way, using its body language, or emitted sounds, and you know, you won’t be able to offer this in the future, pretend that you just ignore it. Don’t react in any way, all the more in the way, which is expected by your pet. If the bird notices that its attempts fail, it will cease. And then for many, many years it will be a really amazing friend. And your mutual relations will be very close and on high emotional level. PARROT TV