COMM: It’s a far cry from thee sun-drenched west coast of America, but Adriana Peral has
swapped her comfortable Californian lifestyle, to marry the Indian farmer she met online. ADRIANA: At first stepped out the plane, I was so shocked, but over time I got used to
it. COMM: The couple’s whirlwind romance began in February 2013, after forty one-year-old
Adriana, and twenty five-year-old Mukesh met via mutual friends on Facebook. COMM: Within nine months the pair had married in a traditional Hindu wedding, and started
a new life in rural Haryana, Northern India. COMM: Back home in Mersen, California, Adriana worked as a receptionist, and loved going
to the gym and partying with friends. But her new life with Merkesh couldn’t be more
different. ADRIANA: Let me show you my lovely home here in India. This is the bed, and this bed, it
doesn’t have a mattress, it’s just by string. COMM: Now Adriana is a traditional rural housewife, and for husband Murkesh, her commitment is
proof their relationship is for real. COMM: Crucially for Adriana, her mother in law Bimla Devi, has given the pair her blessings,
and even endorsed her housewife skills. COMM: Adriana and Merkesh, are now hoping to start a family, and one day move to the
US. but until then Adriana is convinced she made the right decision to follow her heart. ADRIANA: I love my life here with Merkesh, here in India, and I wouldn’t exchange it
for nothing in the world.